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North Texas Bike Polo

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Bike Polo in Denton and the North Texas area meeting regularly at Mack Park in Denton.

February 2010
South Central
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You guys having a tournament soon? I heard a rumer.. Im not on Facebook

Biscuits of fervor!

Why, yes, B. We are. Working to address this lack of info now, but we are happily hosting Dentron.0- powered by Instamix Technology this March 27-29.


In the works for next year, spring time I believe. More info will be announced soon Im sure.


Hey guys, this is very late notice, but we are hosting a tourney out here in Lubbock this weekend and wanted to see if you guys were interested in coming. The info is available over at Hub City Hardcourt on this here Internet website. Hope you guys can make it! We have places for everyone to stay too.

I don't see anything for August. Do you guys want to do a Texas Tourney in August before Fall semester begins? We are possibly putting together a 4th of July tourney here. If it happens we will have the flyer up very soon. Let me know, we have people here that are willing to support it!

Also, we are talking with Amarillo and Austin to see if the August thing can happen, as well as getting them in on the 4th of July.

Y'all need to show up for the Wicked Wallop coming up end of May!!!! Plan it now, it will be worth it!!!

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sounds wicked. When, where and how? HCH might be interested in this as well.

Regular pick-up games Sundays and Thursdays 5pm-Dark.

Polo at Mack Park in Denton Tx Sundays 5pm-10pm

Game coming up on sunday the 4th at NOON

Polo at Mack Park in Denton Tx Sundays 5pm-10pm

GAME THIS SUNDAY AT 1PM Denia Park :) seeeee you there. Join us on facebook... North Texas Bike Polo

Polo at Mack Park in Denton Tx Sundays 5pm-10pm

So far so good, many people have been interested in playing weekly so after having 5 people come out even in the rain this past sunday I believe we are going to try and keep it every Sunday and move it back to starting at 1pm, I won't be able to make it on the 14th but will see everyone there on the 21st so don't have too much fun without me :)

Polo at Mack Park in Denton Tx Sundays 5pm-10pm

First ever Denton Bike Polo game will be held at Denia park Sunday Feb28th at 2pm if it doesn't rain us out. So far everyone coming has never played before but anyone is welcome to come join us. If you do Facebook search under events for North Texas Bike Polo :)

Polo at Mack Park in Denton Tx Sundays 5pm-10pm

this is definitely good to see. i know a few of the dallas regulars would be up for playing on sunday afternoon.

that court looks sweet. are there nets on it?