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Want to be a Northside NAH regional rep?

NAH elections are coming up. If you want to run for a regional rep position, declare your candidacy here in a comment.

Deadline is February 27th at 5pm ET. Voting begins the next day by club reps, and closes March 7th 5pm. The results will be available on March 7th in the evening.


I guess I get to be the first to declare candidacy. I served as club rep for Winnipeg for several years and worked extremely hard to put Winnipeg on the bike polo map as well as to foster the development of the sport in Winnipeg and the prairies in general. Throughout my years in Winnipeg I was a lead organizer for many Winnipeg only tournaments and events as well as 2 tournaments with players from across the country. I moved to Toronto in August and have since been involved in organization with BPTO for Fall Ballin (small involvement), and the upcoming Great Lakes Winter Classic (large involvement). I have been playing bike polo since 2008 and have traveled as much as my budget would allow. I have been consistently appreciative of the effort put into bike polo by the NAH regional representatives and would like to help continue the growth, organization, and forward momentum currently experienced in north america today.

I do not have a ton of free time on my hands as I am a full time student, and working. I will however commit to doing the most I can in the time I do have. I would be happy and comfortable with any of the roles outlined by NAH.

So to clarify as Allan suggested I feel I would be most suited to the position of Board Member or Tournament Rep. I would be comfortable with outreach but it is not as preferred a position.

I want in too.
I've been doing some organizing in Montreal since I started playing polo, including being one of the few leads for all of our tournaments (including one Qualifier tournament). I've been travelling as much as I can to try to meet as many people as possible.
I want to help out as much as I can with the NAH, since I want it to be easier to play, more consistent and generally as much fun as it can be.

I do have some experience with organizing stuff as well as a foot in the fundraising world, and I have more predictable free time than I have ever had before now that my company has stabilized this year. I'm pretty sure I can do a lot of stuff and help out the world.

All of the different Rep positions appeal to me, though the NAH Board and Outreach positions seem the most interesting of the three.

Plus I have a full set of teeth now. W3rd.


I guess I get to be the third to declare candidacy. As a precursor, I have no experience being a club representative, but I am very interested in becoming more involved in NAH at any level. I have had only minor roles in multiple tournaments over the past 4 years due to my busy schedule as a student. I have recently finished school, and am now looking to spend more time on the polo court as well as providing regional direction for the sport.

I began playing in Winnipeg, and have since moved to TOronto 3 years ago. I have traveled within the region every year, and am only planning on increasing the time spent travelling and playing from here on. I am interested in getting to know the poloverse on a broader scale, and providing any assistance I can in moving HC Polo in the right direction. I can also commit the necessary time involved in any of the available positions, and look forward to becoming more involved in the sport in any way.

- Aaron

I will make northside dues 800 dollars and lord over you like the demi-god I am.

Everybody gets a free joust (Once annual dues are submitted) and I declare the Northside NAH rep gets an annual stipend of four thousand dollars. I could use the money.

I will implement rule changes that encourage all levels of cycling skill (Pedals tied to shoes equals a bike from now on) and all team names will have to be cat related.



I think I could offer support as a regional rep for "outreach" based on the description for that role. I would like to see more inter-club relationships built in our region and find ways to promote the growth. That said I don't think I have as much time as other candidates. I could be a vice-outreach rep. or outreach rep. interested in more discussion with others on this.

To clarify again I am only running for outreach rep. and if not chosen I think it would be helpful to still be considered by whoever is in that role as a resource and help. Outreach in such a large region I think would be better served by a committee. I can outreach in Southern Ontario but Michigan, Quebec, Nova Scotia etc. are better served by someone local to those areas. I am in Kitchener and have an interest in promoting polo in southwestern ontario. I also have an interest in finding ways to better include clubs like Thunder Bay and Halifax that are less connected to the poloverse. I am curious if there is any forum for discussion on this. My fear is that anyone that gets into the role of outreach would only have real impact if there was a network or committee of others interested in outreach from other areas. One step could be getting in touch with club reps to find interest. But I suppose it is up to the outreach rep to be creative and find ways to outreach creatively. I am up for the challenge.

niell. thanks for stepping up ! I think a great place to start making connections is here on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/132967193542938/?fref=ts, inviting more people to this group and using it as a place to promote polo events, and point people to dicsussions on the LOBP website.

I too would like to run.

This year I will be the Ottawa Club rep and will also be running for regional rep.

I feel as though acting as a regional rep would work fluidly with the position of club rep. Obviously an additional work load, but I feel as though working in both rolls would be mutually beneficial. I also feel as though it would be an asset to the region to have representation from various cities, strictly for the purpose of broader representation.

Since my introduction to bike polo 3 years ago I have lived and played in both Toronto and Ottawa. This past year I spearheaded the organization of a tournament "Welcome to the Valley" which was a real swell time. I feel as though I would be happy within any of the positions. However I do feel the position on the board would suit me most. Within this position I would ensure that an unbiased representation of the ideals of the Northside region was put forward regarding all topics.

Also, what would democracy be if only one guy ran for president?

Tout Suit, cest bon, alors, bissou. Imalsobilingual. Thats a lie, but Jesse is!
Vote for Jesse. I am. And me. I'm voting for me too.

Finally we have a real contest here.

Awesome folks ! Thanks for stepping up ! Maybe folks should declare which rep position they want ? or if they are up for any ?

Here are the details also seen here

Starting next week, club reps in each of the 7 NAH regions will each be voting for three regional reps.
•February 27th at 5pm ET: Deadline to update club reps, and deadline to declare your candidacy as a regional rep (see below)
•February 28th: Voting opens for regional reps. Regional reps will be elected by club reps via a ranked ballot (each club rep will choose three candidates and rank them 1, 2, 3).
•March 7th 5pm ET: voting closes. Results will be available shortly after.

About Regional Reps

NAH has always relied on diverse perspectives and volunteer participation from North American polo community. This involvement has helped shape NAH into a global model for organizing our burgeoning sport. This next election marks the beginning of yet another milestone in our development.

North American Hardcourt is holding elections for Regional Representatives in the coming weeks. Now is your opportunity to make a positive impact in how we plan, grow, and change. We need people with a critical - even dissatisfied - eye, but also those with a positive approach and who possess the skills and willingness to make improvements.

To that end, we have better defined our regional rep positions:
•Regional Representative, NAH board - Oversee and manage their region and bring their region's work and ideas to the board. An ability to delegate, organize, and communicate respectfully and clearly is a must.
•Regional Representative, Outreach - This is the Johnny Appleseed position. Assist new clubs in getting started, help build clubs with questions and building membership, finding sponsorship, and nurture inter-club relationships.
•Regional Representative, Tournaments - Coordinate/schedule your region's qualifier, help develop non-NAH tourneys, oversee referee development in coordination with Ref Committee, and develop our NAH series schedule in concert with the Tournaments Committee.

This refinement is a leap forward which will help accomplish the new and exciting plans for 2013 and 2014. It's a great time to get involved. Your involvement could help decide the North American Championships location, assist with rules development, plan logistics for an NAH tour, make your region stronger, develop PR strategies, and so on.

The goal of NAH has always been to organize competition, foster world-class bike polo, nurture interest, and represent North America on the world stage. We want you to continue and grow that tradition.

To declare your candidacy, visit the dedicated thread on each region's page on LOBP.

I am going to throw my name in!

Having worked professionally in the media industry for 7 years, I feel my communication, presentation and visual skills would bring a lot to the table. I am quick on my feet, supporting creativity on demand while still giving attention to even the smallest of details. Although it may seem counter productive at times, I am often the devils advocate, with the intention of bringing light to any road blocks that may occur. I am a strong believer of having all voices heard, equal representation from both the most veteran players in the biggest clubs and the newest players in the smallest clubs. Facilitating discussion and having confident representation to convey that is very important at this stage in our sport.

As far as my polo curriculum vitae goes: I got my feet wet while playing in Toronto, after moving here in 2009. While working between Kitchener/Waterloo and Toronto, I helped Chris Mills start the now flourishing club in Kitchener/Waterloo, bringing my playing experience and extra mallets, a few times a month. Shortly after I helped start a club in my home town of Arnprior, bringing mallets, extra bikes to that crew playing there once a week. Everyone has since moved from Arnprior, continuing to play in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa. Currently, I spend my time playing between Ottawa and Toronto, as most of you know, I spend a lot of time in my car.

Having travelled to three North American Championships (Madison '10, Calgary '11, Milwaukee '12), one World Championship (Geneva '12), I have experienced play in 4 countries, 5 provinces and 7 states. I don't think a candidate should be voted in because of their competitive resume, but this information is helpful to get an idea of the diversity of play I have experienced and the variety of people I have had the pleasure of interacting with.

Assisting in countless successful tournaments, I have taken on various roles including public relations, sponsorship coordinator, graphic designer, treasurer, podium-runner, etc. There is usually lot of transparency when it comes to the name tags involved in organizing an event, so I probably don't need to list the projects I've worked on.

I have a great relationship with the other regional representative candidates, as well as club representatives. Having played with or against everyone on the list. Having been teammates with three regional candidates and three club representatives in tournament play, I can tell you that everyone on this list is top notch both on the court and off. That being said, don't vote for them, vote for me!

Thank you!


Screw that with a write up like Nick's don't vote for me. Vote for Nick.

Hey all-

First, thanks for running!!

Would ya please send your current email addresses to northside@nahardcourt.com?