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Cleveland Bike Polo

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The Tennis courts Kauffman Park in Lakewood. High Noon Sundays!! all are welcome. we have some spare mallets. you gotta bring a bike

January 2007
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Great Lakes
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Hi! If someone has a warm place for me and a friend to have a lil cat nap on thursday morning, please let me know! I will pay you in Italian bakery. (That is the only thing I know of Cleveland but I'm sure there is so much more!) Thank you!

What up proc I'm in town and looking to get down give me a buzz with deets ! 832 four 7 two 447five peace

Thanks for the couch the other week and taking us to Latitude.. best breakfast spot ever

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

Any time, Joe.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

What up Cleveland. A car full of Milwaukee folks are looking to crash in your town tomorrow night (Wednesday 6-8) on our way to Philadelphia. Can you help us out?

Yeah man, I've got a ton of couch/floor space. Give me a call. My phone number is 440-487-0127. Text first if you can just so I know who's calling me. I'm not sure what time you'll be coming in but we're gonna be playing from 530ish til dark if you want in on some pick-up.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Hey Cleveland, Im coming up from Columbus this weekend to visit a friend. But well anyway I remember talking to a few of you at the Midwest tourney, I remembered that you guys play on Sundays so i figured id bring up my Polo bike and try to play with some fellow Ohioans.


Hey I'm gonna be passing through on drive from NYC to Chicago on december 22nd anyone wanna play some late night polo?


Hi Ace! How long are you going to be in Chicago??


from the 23rd till the 13th or so you coming back?

That's amazing! I'll be back from Cleveland on the 29th. Is your number still the same?


yeah, i don't think i have yours any more though so text it to me would ya?

Anyone gonna be oot-n-aboot today?

Believeland- if i come home for Thanksgiving, can we play some polo?


Absolutely! We'd love to have you here. Are you bringing your bike?

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Turns out, I did not make it back for Thanksgiving, BUT Christmas is a for sure and I believe I'll be around until Wednesday the 29. What days are you guys playing between the 24th and 29th?? I will have my bike if the fabulous Kelly Strosser allows.


Hi Cleveland! My friend Melanie, a bike poloist from Chicago, is in a shitty punk band called Duress. And they're playing in your city tonight!
So go see them! Also I think they might need help with places to crash. LMk if you can help, Thanks

dang, saw this too late. Many of us go up to that bar a lot. Next time give us a little lead time and we can probably help out.

come to milwaukee for some bike polo tourney next weekend not going to be big but we will have 30 gallons of home brew beer goodness. I dont know agout prizes and i dont think it will cost anything. Bring some people its goingto be fun. go to leagueofbikepolo.com for more info


Lisa here from East Van. I'll be in your lovely city the first weekend in October, catching a Brown's game with my dad for his 60th birthday. Sunday is out, but you folks wanna play on Friday or Saturday?

I'll need to borrow a bike and mallet, as I am traveling light.


You Bet! keep us posted!

We play in thursdays and sundays, but have been know to get a game going on an off night when visitors are in town.

Loaner equipment should be no problem this far in advance. What kind of bike do you need/want? looks like a 700c rear brake freewheel in the picture. What size frame?

Okay, I land tomorrow evening (Thursday), so Friday or Satruday could work. I will also bring my brother, though he has only played polo twice, he was our best newbee in Vancouver (he resides in Ottawa). I'll email my coordinates so we can get in touch when I am in OHIO!

Wow, love the bike spec request. 52"; 34x22. But I've ridden 26" on the courts in a 17" and 42x20. I'm easy.
Will keep you posted. I do arrive on Thrusday night, might be difficult to make that as it will be the big surprise and all. Sunday is out because of the game, but glad to hear you are flexible!
Got any ladies playing in Cleveland?? I can throw down just as well with the boys, just asking.

I hope to see a team from Cleveland at the 8th Midwests. One team from every club would be killer!


I know I can't make it, but I'd love to get some guys up for it. There has been some discussion in the group. Nothing certain yet. I'd bet $5 that Bob and Karate Jon will be there at least.

The wife and I just had a baby a couple months ago. My travel is gonna be very limited this year but I'm going to nationals in Madison. Sounds like a lot of the Cleveland crew is coming up with me. Should be a good time. I look forward to finally meeting a bunch of you guys and putting faces with familiar names.

- Fatty

PRoC Potluck Polo Meeting at KJ's house Monday Night 01/25/09. 6:30pm