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Pomona Bike Polo

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We play Sundays at 10:00 AM at Cal Poly Pomona. Find us on Facebook!

February 2012
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Are you guys still playing? I have a few heads ready to play again.

I went to your spot yesterday and no one was around. Road around the campus for an hour. Did you change spots? The security guard told me that the B ball courts where getting tore down. Email me with details.


What's up guys... What days and times do you play and what's the courts situation out there?

Hey Jouche! Sorry we missed your comment for a couple days. Jinx came out this morning and played a couple of games with us (and rode all over us haha). You can ask her about the court, but basically we play on a really beat up basketball court. We made some side boards for the side of the court that isn't fenced in, and we have some pvc goals. But the surface itself is pretty crappy. We want to make the trip out to LA sometime soon.