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san cristobal de las casas

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sancris bikepolo, chiapas, mexico

January 2011
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South Central
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doble poner

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

Hey! Estoy in Xela, Guatemala ahora y yo quiero visitar y jugar algún polo con ustedes! Cuando ustedes juegan y allí existe un bicicleta para un hombre muy alto? Tal vez yo voy a llegar en uno o tres semanas. Estoy muy emocional jugar. Todavia tienen un torneo en Abril?

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

Hi, hope poeple are still playing polo here. Would like to throw a tournament here with your help JAN.2012. You can contact me at azpolo@gmail.com I sent this message to all the polo clubs in MEXICO.hope to hear from this club. I HAVE A POLO DREAM

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

hey, sorry for the late reply. i put up a tournament here in san cristobal back in december and i'm planning another one in april. let me know if you want to help or get involved somehow, and of course you're invited. cheers.

Hey Joaquin! Amazing to see you've made it happen!!! I'm back in San Francisco playing shitloads of polo. If you make it to SF look me up, you can stay in my guest loft anytime for free.


(415) 867-4716

Team Gravypants... Quite possibly the biggest assholes you've ever lost to, since 1897.

Undefeated World Champions since 1997

scizors! fuck yeah! will do! cheers

by the way, that was also me (i've just realized i have 2 accounts, one from where i was in paris!)

Yeah! bike polo en Chiapas, que chingón!

aweeebo, a ver si organizamos un torneo y se vienen. saludos

Hey pues el próximo fin de semana, el domingo 6, hay un torneo de bici polo aqui en Guadalajara. Además el viernes será el Red Bull minidrome y el sábado el alleycat Rally en Rila. Si te prendes por acá te podemos hospedar.

chido. gracias. pero otra vez sera porque ahorita no puedo. saludos