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San Diego Bike Polo

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Wednesdays at 7pm, Sundays at 3pm - Everyone welcome

September 2009
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Wednesdays 7p - 10pm at the basketball courts or the Golden Hill rec center at 2600 Golf Course Dr. San Diego.

Sundays Noon till ?! at Santa Clara Rec Center Mission Bay

We keep changing our dates and locations. However, we still play twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm. We are playing currently at 27th and K at the basketball courts or the Golden Hill rec center at 2600 Golf Course Dr. San Diego.

It's Fraggle bitch!

I'll be at the navy base in San Diego this summer, hopefully can break away from some polo on the weekends.

Awesome. Follow our Facebook page(Link on our Club Page) for the most recent updates from us. We generally play Thursday nights but if we have enough people that want to we will arrange weekend Polo.

San Diego is a great place to be stationed with tons of stuff to do and a great bike community.

I'm safe and sound serving ol Unckle Sam in Point Loma. Should be able to turn out for ya'lls next pickup. I could use some help finding a decent bike to ride around here.

Hey...welcome! We now play Wednesday nights as well, 7-10pm at the Golden Hill Rec Center, just like Thursdays. Feel free to friend us on facebook too if you're not friends with us already! Check SD Craigslist for deals on suitable polo rigs...whether you ride a track frame or mountain-style, there's usually some pretty good deals.

Utc or Balboa?

according to gmaps, ill be about 5 miles from yalls golden hills spot. easily reached on weekend liberty, ill stay in touch

Visiting SD Nov 14th - 17th to see family (North Clairemont and near SDSU). Do you guys play on the week days? Have a loaner bike )might be able to borrow one from family) and a mallet you'd feel cool with this east-coaster using? I'd really love to meet some west coast players, and since I visit SD frequently, it would be extra cool.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

we play on thursday at 7pm, at the golden hills rec on the basket ball courts behind the actual rec ctr. @ http://g.co/maps/8j535

also on sundays around 2pm in chula vista @ http://g.co/maps/r9kbc

check in with the facebook so we can get a headcount, we're at https://www.facebook.com/SDBikePolo

Mad fun. Thanks for the hospitality.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

hey kids! I'll be in SD for about 10 days at the end of this month. (the 19th I think?) Anyway, I was wondering what's good with your schedules and also if anyone tall rides time atacs and would like to share their whip with a fellow poloist. I'll return the favour someday :D

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

Word, things are a little... slow you might say down here but i will do all in my power to get some games in at the bball courts during the week and the rink on the weekend. And if your down the train ride to la is about 2 hours or so and i usually do that myself....Heres my email.. Antihero1515@yahoo.com .. And heres my number.. 619 201 048six...

I'll be in San Diego this week and would like to join bike polo if it's going on. please let me know how to call someone thanks Stefano

Hi, we play on wednesday nights, info is on san diego bike polo .com. We will be in LA over the weekend.
Thank you

Eric..it was great havin you in Phx and Tempe. Your a good addition where ever you play. You guys stay in touch w us we wanna play in SD.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Hey, so you guys gonna throw a tourney this summer or what? DO IT. :D

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

i'm down we gotta talk to some more people about organization. but def. we'll make it happen!
maybe towards the middle of summer when possible.

Claremont was pretty dope! glad you guys made it thru.
Trevor said you guys might be hosting something soon?
keep me posted i'm down to roll thru for sure.

Holy freekin Polo! Thank you all so much for coming to Az and sharing your frienship with us. Come back anytime and lets play some friendlies.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Ditto...it was a great time. Thanks again for having us...I'm looking forward to a lot more polo with you guys in the future.

It was a blast... thanks for having us..

Hillbilly, I'm here too. Let me know if I can help. Mike Tretter is our Reg Rep from Phx. Great guy and many years of bike polo.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Very cool...and we really appreciate all of the love we've been receiving so far from you and the LA guys. Can't wait to get together.