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San Francisco Bike Polo

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Polo in San Francisco

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How do I get on a mailing list? I haven't played polo since 2009 and would love to get back into it!

Hey. I am in SF for the day. :)

Hey Guys! I'll be flying down from the frozen tundra of Alaska on Aug 8th and I'll be in town for a week. Would love to play some polo. If anyone could email me some info on when and where you guys play(I know courts and dates change so I just want to make sure), that would be awesome! Thanks, can't wait to meet you cats.


oi, where can i polo with you guys on a monday?

Hey SF Bike Polo,
I'm coming to visit your fair city. I get in tomorrow afternoon & leave on friday. I'd like to play some polo. do you guys play on wednesday?
please email me at bolles.b@gmail.com and let me know what's up.

coffee, whiskey, beer. repeat.

Any lone rangers going to seattle? I need a 1 day sub for the regular swiss rounds on friday...

Wondering if any of yall would want to come down and play this week end or next?
Talked to Machine saturday said he was going to ask but I havent heard back.

Come up to Davis on Sunday. A bunch of players from here and SAC will be playing in the Hockey rink.


t'was lots of fun playing with you guys over the holidays. hopefully i'll make it back out there someday. hit me up if any of you are going to little rock in march. peeace

Hey, Erin from Chicago. I am going to be in town the beginning of Feb and was wondering what days you guys play pick up on? I am going to have my bike with me and would like to get some games in while in town.

Just about all of them, on one side of the Bay or another. I recommend signing up on the SF & Oakland email lists to hear what's going on...you can get on & off the lists as you like. Very cool you can bring your bike, everyone is going to want to check out your shit.

Dear San Fran Bike Polo,

Please keep your goddamn stickers to yourself. I basically feel like you vandalized my gear at the North Americans. Next time we meet, my foot is going up your collective ass.

Love, Mr. Do(osh)

Really? Mr. Do(osh)? This is a joke right? Mr. Douche is complaining about getting violated. It's a set up. I know it. Don't fall for it boys. It will only encourage him.
And if this is not a joke: Stickers? Really? You suck. And your clumsy ass midwestern booted foot will come nowhere near any of our asses. Go fuck yourself and eat a giant bowl of dicks.
Everyone in the world.
"He'll be crying himself to sleep tonight on his huge pillow."

"I'm making it look mean!"

Dude, you kill me! I'm still laughing my ass off! The dude has like a million fuckin stickers on his bike look at the pics of blue ox. They have this new footwear called sneakers maybe you won't fall on your fuucking big ass heed!

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Dear Mr. Do, and other vandalees,

You're in luck! Your affliction can be eradicated with alcohol and a warm damp rag. Just for the record and good name of San Francisco Bike Polo though: many of us believe in consensual sticker exchange. As you've seen, Finger and a few others ... may collectively and willingly bend over for the foot you are offering. Call me a prude, but that's not me.

Anyway, I hope that some people who got a sticker chose to keep it. Or at least regarded it as an invitation to play Polo in 'Frisco. I for one hope to pick up a box of doughnuts somewhere on Hennepin one day, to deliver at a polo court in Minneapolis.

best regards,

Devin (Thank You, Susan)

Credo quia absurdum

Hey guys, anyone down for polo fourth of July weekend? It's my birthday wanna get together with you guys. We picked up three newbies, gonna try and bring them down.hit me up if you guys don't have plans already tryin to keep them fired up about playin.

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

You should join the email list...mo' better way to find out what's the haps.

Do you guys play Saturdays or Sundays? Was thinking about coming to sf this weekend

you gonna be sporting that new whip?

Hey Guys, So I am going to be moving up to the City here at the end of the month and wanted to start getting aquatinted with some of people up in SF. Ive been wanting to move up there for a while now and finally decided to do it on a whimb. So also if you know anyone looking to rent a room that would be awesome! Also I have my degree in Graphic Design, with me emphasis in Applied Arts and Media, mainly Branding and Marketing. so if you know anyone looking for some help that would be awesome. I just need to get to the city!

VVVVVVV And Justin actually just heard you too just moved up there from Chris, well it was a Blast coming tp play with you in AZ... And now well be doing it again here in the Mission...

Thanks Again Guys.... www.ericbloomquist.com

hell ya man. it will be good to see you

Show up to polo and we'll begin the acquaintization process. Monday and Thursday and maybe Saturday, and maybe Wednesday in Oakland (reports of the demise of Oakland polo are pure fiction). Sign up for the email list.

awesome... i look forward to meeting you guys.. see you in july.

So I just got back into the Bay and I have not been following the club for a few months. Are you all still monday/thurday nights? I noted the location change but I cant find the days posted... Looking forward to playing with u guys again.

Also I noticed that SJ has started playin on 1st and 3rd Wed. nights at SJSU... anyone check that out yet? I live close to SJ so I was planning on going tomorrow.

Yo Monday and Thursday yes. Sometimes Saturday.

Tell SJ that teams in Sacto, Oakland, SF and SC are waiting for them to make an entrance. I'd love to get contact info for someones down there.

Justin: Ya sure...anything I can do to help.

My cat herding-fu powers do not extend to SJ but I'll do what I can.

(My fault for the screwey message order.)

Im on SJFixed.org... It seems like there is one dude "Tree" that has been trying to organize it, and it has been failing lately. Do you want me to try and give him ur info via that site?

I was contemplating trying to scope a legit spot for them today of tomorrow...

I talked to the SJ guys a couple of months ago. Sounded like they we're struggling to get things going. Invited them to come to
our game. Tried to set up a demo day for the area. Died when it hit them. Here are the two emails
Patrick patrick tree miller @ gmail dotcom
Mark mark @ iminusd dotcom
Maybe you can lead them out of the darkness Justin


I will see what I can do haha. I will definitely be out to SF either this weekend or on monday.

Thanks for an awesome day of polo hope to see you all next week and the rest of you guys in portland .

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Any word on polo this weeked? You guys still down for Sunday ?

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Hey Joel, any of you bay area guys wanna get together memorial weekend?

Deaddog- sacbikepolo


Been thinking about it. Planning on discussing tonight at pickup.

I'm talking about just a little polo, not any sort of permit-requiring event.

Yeah let me know, I think mabey me and Scott are willing to come down to play with you guys or everyones more than welcome to come up to sac.

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

We're thinking Sunday and will keep you posted.

yeah, you keep us posted alright


Sweet !

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Hey all, just wanted to say big thanks to everyone for making my visit to SF last week awesome. I played 5 games last Monday on 5 different bikes that i borrowed from you all (might want to get your saddles tested). Also borrowed Jeremiah's sweet Voodoo for some MTB on Sunday. See some of you in Madison, or get your asses to Toronto sometime.

Great to finally put a face and voice to the Master. We talked it over with the basketball goal post and it is willing to make up if you are. It thought you were coming in a little too fast and was not willing to yield. No hard feelings, Glad you had a good trip and we'll see you at NA's


Yo Jeff cruise by L.A and play some Polo with us..

"We don't need no education"

Hey boys and girls. I'm going to be in Santa Cruz May 18th for the tour of Cali, staying with family. Any hints on communicating with the Santa Cruz Crew. They don't respond.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Get to Santa Cruz the weekend before and we'll play.


That is the plan.

Not Yet....Not Yet.


(I'll let you know as I get more details.)

I'm feelin the love. Thx

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Yo whats up S.F.. L.A Love's u guys

"We don't need no education"

Much love back David. Any of you guys going to sneak up to SAC for their mini tourney or stick around for the Inland Beginner?


i wanted to go up there with Joker but Ace is having his first tourney and wanna pay some Respect... I saw i guys are gonna be there and made me wanna go so we can Play with u guys.. Next time

"We don't need no education"

I arrive Thursday the 15th late at night for 10 days. can't wait! staying in the mission and Potrero, see you Saturday. what time?

Things usually start around 7. Burgers ans beer at 6 if you want.


ya food is good. what time do the lights get shut off at?

Lights go out or we get booted by the rangers around 10. Why don't you swing by my shop around 6 and we can grab some grub at Benders. http://treatstreetbicycle.com/ Weather has been great so there should be no shortage of polo while you are here.


count it!

Yo Devin that sounds awesome. We may be able to keep a set of goals at the court soon.

Hey Ben Mascot Smashing Ruckus, and Polo Joel,

I think we should build Drunkies design for net goals into something that can breakdown and fit in a bob trailer. I'll do a chunk of the work / cost and bob them in zero to two times a week if we can get a team behind the concept.

Oh yea - and we need to update this page to Jose Coronado eh.

See you tomorrow,

ps pinyata party?

Credo quia absurdum

if all goes as planned ill be moving to san fran in october..looking forward to meeting and playing with you guys.....till then

Hope it works out man-

Saint Francis te espera!


Credo quia absurdum

Anyone going to be around on the weekend of 3/6? For some Kenball? I'll be in town from NY for the week.

Yes we usually got a Saturday game going. Sunday I like the grass polo. Mondays Thursdays we are whacking and wailing in the Mission.

Let me know if you want on the email list. You can track what's happening while you're in town. Go ahead, let the sfbikepolo love rain upon you.