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Santa Cruz Bike Polo

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Santa Cruz Bike Polo. Open to all visitors and beginners.

January 2008
Club rep: 
Brandon Bradford
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Gonna try to make it up there. Beautiful Santa Cruz. Fuck Yeahh!!

"We don't need no education"

There goes the neighborhood!!

Who has Young Tory's number??? I had it, then I lost it, now I need it again! He's moving to SLO in August, and together we're going to build a polo empire in SLO! (kind of). Who has his number? WHO???? WHO?????

hey im new to the area and would like to meet up and play polo with you guys! I also just got a job a at shop and Im looking for a space to stay week to week to hit me up if you have a space or to play polo! emery 209.728.5062

putting southern oregon on the map

Good game last night ya'll, just for anyone trying to figure out when Santa Cruz plays, it's on Wednesdays and Sundays at 8:00pm at 400 encinal, that's at least the winter hours... Great f -ing games last night!

Santa Cruz, where you at?? I went out there tonight and no one was there. Can't wait to play here. Hit me up with updated times and place...

Horray! Updated page!

SCBP Polo Flyer

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Any pick up games going on in SC during the tour de cali??

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Let us know when you get here and we will totally play polo with you!

Yo..I just noticed the polo gig on Sat 15th. I'm in. If you can find a spot for the NOD, I'll leave a day earlier.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Thx..Plans are to be in SC Sunday the 16th. I wanna catch some tour action on Bonny Doon Tues. the 18th. Text or call Jeff at 6023610108.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

yo! change the location to hockey rink.