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South needs more tournaments!

We got the advantage of having warmer weather in the winter, so let's take advantage of it! More tournaments!

Yeah you do, have an inner region tournament series like Texas is. Its super easy and lotsa fun

Get rad

Sounds good to me! I need to get back in the swang of thangs!



What SE clubs should host second 2012 tournaments?
What SE clubs haven't hosted a tournament yet in 2012? (Tampa, Orlando, Savannah, Athens, Atlanta, St. Pete...?)

MIA is going to host a tournament over Winter, but we're leaning towards early 2013 instead of late 2012.
September is PuertoRico and Memphis, October is Mobile... What about November?

im on board!

polo in knoxville? for real?

maybe early november? or early december? wait too late and we start getting into holidays. let me talk to some heads and maybe savannah could put something on!!


Working on it ;)

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

The HoeDown was the jam here in Asheville.
Glad to meet a bunch of southern peeps!!
We've got some plans fro winter shit and some mad spring balling!!!
Going to ATL this weekend!!!

Now in freewheel flavor!!

Maybe I'm a little biased here (cuz it's closer) but I would love to see ATL/Athens throw a shindig! From what I here polo exists there

ps Orlando hosting a tourney, there would be so much booze it wouldn't get past the first day!

Let's Murderlize Them

I've started thinking about doing something in early 2013 if we can get our current court worked out. Probably a small one-court tournament, but we'd have lights and a roof. Maybe a lock-in tournament? I dunno, right now there is a lot more talk than there is money to fix up our spot so just playing it by ear.

Throw a tournament to raise money for the court! We done care if there is a big hole or a gap in the fence. When you set the date I want to come so let me know!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

tally will be hosting hippolo 3 of course. end of february, save the date!

i'm there!

we have feb 9 & 10. all invited! http://leagueofbikepolo.com/torneo-de-bicipolo-80%C2%B0

pre-hippolo tournm. :)