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Input for Carolina tornament!

Hello my bike polo friends.

The Carolinas have a ton of new and growing teams and I think now is high time to get an Carolina tournament going to meet our neighbors and have some fun! I want to hear from all of you about time, location, and everything else to make sure everyone can attend and have fun.

We have Charlotte and Winston Salem as possible locals. Both have sweet fenced in single courts that are smooth as a babies bottom. Charlotte is closer to most teams and has good stuff near it. Winston has limitation to no earlier than 1pm on Sundays.

Early August? What works for everyone? I want people from all clubs to attend. Keep in mind this will be a single day event.

1/3 2/3 in region or can we open it up to all SE? It has been suggested that we not turn down anyone who shows a little Carolina flare ;)

Prizes: Small entry fee to be pooled for the winning team has been suggested. Will work on sponsors, if anyone has recommendations I would love to hear!

I'll give this about a week or until we hear from everyone. Then the date will be set and the fun will begin.



This looks like it will be fun. Wish I could attend. Keep it up Carolinas...we need to represent harder!

Awesome playing with you Sunday!
My suggestions are; Two days!, Charlotte, August 18th/19th, keep it simple, cash throw down for each day of play, Appalachia only.
Talked to Nick in Charlotte, they're down for two days of play. A bunch of our crew will be having vacation and I can come for the weekend and help with the jam!
Get up with Nick and I and let's make this happen!
I just sent him my digits, gettem!!

Now in freewheel flavor!!

Wilmington is totally in. With this much notice we can assuredly make a two day event in Charlotte or Winston. I've already talked to the crew, just fill us in with details.


Nick is cool for two day. Will work on other activities to fill in time, maybe poker run, alleycat, and pickup(of course!). This keeps getting better and better.

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

Dont forget about Ga! There isnt a lot of tournaments in the SE and we like to travel for polo.

And 'Bama!

Charleston is in. Hell, I'd say even sooner. Lets party.

It's goin down!

Now in freewheel flavor!!

Savvy Sav is down!


Tallahassee will probably have a few people driving up if you are able to throw an invitational early August as you mentioned!

18th is good for all out teams. If anyone cant make it then let me know before I set the date. Poster coming this weekend as I find time.

I cant wait to hang out with all my SE friends from Florida, Alabama, and Georgia. Let me know if I can do anything to make the travel easier.

Also free HDPE for anyone who comes out. I have pvc saw so let me know what size you want!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

is this going to be open? 2/3 cackalack?

All my SE friends are welcome, the more the merrier!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

I'll be there for sure! Stoked.