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Tallahassee Bike Polo

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"Click it or ticket!"

October 2004
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we play an established tuesday and thursday 8pm and sunday a little earlier, always at the st augustine garage. we'll frequently throw together another night per week, too. three concrete walls, one with boards and lights all night long.

hey guys i was wondering who is going to states in december cause ill be back in the country and am planning on going but i need some teammates?

Hey, when do you all play? I'm new to FL (Gainesville). Looking for games.

You guys should come play polo in gainesville some time or vice-versa. We've got a group that plays every tuesday and thursday around 6, but I think we are going to try to get a sunday game going as well.

Whoops! Sorry!

yes we should! I'll try to see if people would be willing to head over again. i've talked to micah a few times about it, but it hasn't worked out yet.