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We play Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evenings, and Sunday afternoons, at Dufferin Grove Park, unless it's hockey season. Rookie nights Wednesday 7-9pm.

September 2007
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So we know all o' you are probably reeeeally tired after worlds, why not come on down to KW for a nice relaxing tournament this saturday and sunday? Refreshments and a great playing surface are our promise! Fun prizes and good times only if you really want 'em!
3-person built teams or singles
accomodations will be available to all.
Register here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0AlKxsXj-kZ5jdG96ZzZrYzRBUmhP...

Stay on target!

i'm back in november everyone! gunna get a real person job or something, 9-5 or whatever. i guess it'll be getting close to indoor polo time? or maybe we'll get that indian summer. I'm going to try and hook up with the bangkok polo guys if they're still around while i'm here.

Northside qualifier?


Hi Toronto - Havana Bike Polo has a request for you. My niece and her partner are bringing down two bikes to donate to our club and neither of them is comfortable disassembling them and packing for flight. Is there someone in the general Kensington Market area who could help them out? If so, please e-mail me, cranmills(at)gmail.com.
Many thanks! I look forward to YOUR visits!

I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones.
- John Cage

hey toronto,im tom from bangor,Maine.we went to the burlington LAST STAND III,and made frends with some of you guys.i thought i remembered them saying they were from toronto? just thought id say hey to y'all.do i have the right club?

polo to the people!

I'll be making an appearance on Sunday. To clarify, It's the Dufferin Court, correct?
Brought my cross bike, so I don't plan on playing.


Lovely Torontonians,
Trade your city smog for pulp mill smoke.
You're all invited to Thunder Bay this August;

any info on northsides?

I didn't get her name but I just spoke with a really nice lady at Scadding Court who is in charge of scheduling the electrician to come in and adjust the timer on the lights.

She said she hasn't had the guy in this year yet, but it's comin' up soon. I told her we usually start playing at 6pm and we'll play for as long as they're able to keep the lights on.

She said she'd get in touch with her electrician and "it might take a couple of days" but we should have lights soon!


cheers guys, see you then.

i worked in bikes on wheels for a summer a few years back, so may know some of your faces.


hi, i'm coming over to toronto at the end of august/start of september for a week or so visiting family. i'd like to play a game or two but won't have a bike - if i show up at a game, is there any way i could borrow a bike and mallet?


shouldn't be a problem!


hey dan there's usually an extra mallet or two. i get back from europe the 29th, whatever the sunday is. there's not usually extra bikes but sometimes you can borrow one.

hello toronto bike polo!
miss you guys!

Dude! We miss you to!