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K-dub Polo Club

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Come play polo in Kitchener-Waterloo!! Every sunday and some other times or events.

November 2009
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Northside qualifier??


thank you bike angel <333

hey Waterloo
do you need another for the Toronto bench minor tourney in April. I think i met a few of you guys down in Rochester last summer and i think i played with a couple of you guys in that Montreal bench minor, labor day weekend... anyway, i'm actually from Chatham/Windsor but am playing in Philly/NYC these days, but would luv to play for you guys in this bench minor... can't wait to play against young Adam who just moved to Toronto from NYC... he played on my bench minor team about a month ago at the pit in nyc.....

oh shit, wrecked again!

Friends, Romans, countrymen,
You're all cordially invited to the great northern frontier
Yours faithfully,
Thunder Bay

Hey Guys

New court for us. Check out our info site for more details:

Hey Folks! Thanks for such a great weekend. During the clean up I picked up several items of clothing. If you are missing something post a message describing what you are missing and I'll see if it matches anything in my possession.

Yo kids, come to Toronto first weekend in November


Heads-up! BikeaPOLOoza 2010 happening Sunday, May 2! Details to come later - check here and on the WABP Facebook in late March - early April.

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