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Winnipeg Urban Polo Association (WUPAss)

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Winnipeg Urban Polo Association. The Midwests most isolated Polo Community.

June 2007
Club rep: 
Le Lep
Great Lakes
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Were you aware that only 1 team from Wpg has signed up for the Great Plains Qualifier?(and that team is full of the worst Winnipeggers. Just the worst.)
Don't let them besmirch your average name, come represent your own bad self.


Hey Winnipeg, Thunder Bay would love it if you could make it for this one.

With love,

Winniest of pegs,
You are cordially invited to our tournament;
Yours truly,
Thunder Bay

Is WPG interested in sending teams to Saskatoon for a "Prairie Invitational" this spring or summer?

Calgary is interested and Edmonton is too - so whatchoo say? Wanna rumble?

ok, ill get talking to folks asap. :)

Absolutely we are. I was just asking them about a spring tourney. I would be mad stoked to go to Saskatoon. Bryn if you need help with anything just let me know.

Our polo association is having our first official board meeting tonight I will bring this up then and see what kind of response I get. I bet we can bring a minimum of two teams to this event. Maybe a lot more.

we are going to be meeting next tuesday, and im assuming we will figure out how to throw a big one! so start spreading the word :)

sounds like a good road trip... putting a request in now that it not happen on the same weekend as the Ladies Army tournament (May 6-8)... as i want to come play in Saskatoon

EVBP foreva

All of us in Calgary want this to be a "prairie invite" - so, sorry East Van - you are not invited!

there may be a requirement of an actual winter ;)

Cara is one of us now. Although the internet may say otherwise Cara lives in Winnipeg.

thanks for getting my back... i changed profile so no more confusion...

EVBP foreva


we kept that in mind and there is something else in may.. so we are looking at june 4-5 still trying to secure courts before we get all official.

Thats my birthday weekend. I would certainly spend it in Saskatoon though.


i would definitely be into going to Saskatoon for a tourney. i got family there and was planning a trip in the spring or summer for a visit anyways. AWESOME!!!

Dear Winnipeg,
Thunder Bay is thinking of putting a tournament on at the end of August, around the 20-21.
Is that a good weekend for you?
Thunder Bay

I imagine that would be a good weekend. For us. Kind of far off right now but I will make sure we do not throw our own tourney then. I will do my best to come out if you do it.



dudes, you guys are the best.


Thanks Nick. I think you are the best too.

you can't BOTH be the best. knife fight to the pain!