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CMWC Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament

Friday, June 13, 2008 - Monday, June 16, 2008
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Court size: 
1.5 tennis courts per court.

Teams of cyclists use a mallet to pass a ball and score without setting a foot down. Bike Polo was a demonstration sport at the 1908 Olympics. Now, messengers have helped re-vitalize the sport with their own brand of hard-court bike polo that is taking the world by storm.

Border Warning! Anyone who’s passing through or into the U.S. by air must have a valid passport – even U.S. citizens returning home. At the moment, passports aren’t required for ground travel, but they’re a good idea. Canadian and American passport authorities are backed up, so plan ahead!

TO REGISTER FOR CMWC 2008 TORONTO: info@cmwc2008.com
Registration: $75 CAD until March 15, 2008. $100 CAD after March 15, 2008.


Toronto, ON

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