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Coaltown Throw-In

Saturday, May 25, 2013
Contact info: 

This is gonna be just a simple get-together for some fun-time island polo. I'm thinking one court for pickup one for a lil throw-in tourney...or whatever people are into. Would be great if everyone could pitch in $5-10 (depending on how many players) to cover court and event kit rental. Same secluded spot and fully fenced and boarded double court as the polo retreat last year located at Fourth St & Wakesiah Ave on the NW corner behind NDSS building.
We'll likely be playing pickup friday eve and sunday too, so arrive early and stay late! Email to let me know if you need accommodation. oh ya, its my b-day weekend and my knee is effed and i can't play so bring me beer =)

Check out THE MAP for all your Nanaimo poloing needs. It will be updated as the tournament draws near. Until then you can study up on where to buy beer around the court. =)

BC Ferry Schedules:
Departure Bay (Central Nanaimo)-Horseshoe Bay (NW Vancouver)
Duke Point (South Nanaimo)-Tsawassen (South Vancouver)

May the polo be with you.


Poster radness by Eric Anderson


NDSS Tennis Courts
Fourth St & Wakesiah Ave
Nanaimo, BC

Signed up

beer for jawn. check.
beer for me. check.
polo for everyone. check

ok I'm ready

hey hey! man this sounds great. i don't think i can make it..... any thoughts on doing it another weekend?

EVBP foreva

I MISSED MY BOAT! waaaaaaaaaahh!

oh Jawn.. I'm so sorry..

Had a great time! Thanks everyone! Some great people in Naniamo!!

i'd like to do this again in the fall.
for next time i think it would make for a more enjoyable experience if the teams were mixed to create a more even balance of skill as opposed to the random mix this time around.

Like the throw down?

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Sounds great, I hope to make it out for that if it happens. Had a great time in spite of the ER visit, thanks again for hosting!

its a loverly ER tho isn't it? hope yur feeling better.