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Coaltown Throwdown

Saturday, September 11, 2010
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Court size: 
2 x 2 tennis courts

Hey polo brethren,
Maybe you've heard about the great polo thats been happening here in Nanaimo over the past year and how we've been looking forward to the time when we can invite you to join us here for a weekend of play to share our homes and hardcourt. Well, after a bit of pre-planning...its happening. How about some pre-crown pickup starting on Friday Sept 10, a wee mixer tournament on Saturday Sept 11 (registration@10, games start@11), more pickup Sunday, and maybe even some night polo until you drop.

From East Van: Ferry from Horseshoe Bay leaves at 8:30 arrives in Departure bay at 10:10. Its about a 20 minute bike ride to the courts. direct bike route is on THE MAP. ps...nanaimo is hilly.

We have a sweet secluded dual tennis court setup (with boards permanently built into the fence on 3 sides of each court), there will be BBQing and food supplied, prizes, new Nanaimo polo gear and more to be announced as there is reason to announce. Fred is already salivating at the opportunity to take complete control of the boards setup.

Just to be transparent, a portion of your $10 entry fee is going to support Nanaimo Bike Polo and the expenses incurred in the construction of the boards on our second court, which we have temporarily subsidized in order to make this tournament happen...hence the JOUST CAUSE. The cost of these boards will take a couple of tournaments/years to pay back, but i think you will see they are well worth the investment in order to facilitate more polo being played by more people more often...people like you.

Please RSVP individually (as opposed to as a team cuz its a mixer) and let us know if you are an A/B/C player and if you will need housing.

Check out THE MAP for all your Nanaimo poloing needs. It will be updated as the tournament draws near. Until then you can study up on where to buy beer around the court. =)

Bring devices to conceal your beverages and also some refillable containers for water.

If you have any questions or especially snarky comments please send them my way. May the polo be with you.



Tennis Courts Behind Nanaimo District Secondary School (NDSS)
4th and Wakesiah
Nanaimo, BC

Signed up

Olympia should be attending.


sweet! shoot me an email with deets.

I'm going to ride/camp/bum around the island for a few days between this and the Crown. Who's in?

i hear there is some fledging polo action in parksville too...altho you might have to wait another decade or so before you don't feel guilty about making them dab.

we don't dab in parksville

....... __o
.... ( )/( ) \o

Ace and I are planning the same thing... let's chat...

EVBP foreva

Actually Chris, for that week you won't be doing any bumming around on any islands. You'll be training with Bob and I on a windswept court in pounding rain wearing weighted anklets&bracelets preparing for THE tournament of your LIFE!!!!

Now let's have some FUN!!

Take it Sleazy

Resistance training polo on the beach?


Take it Sleazy

Yes bro.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

hey you creative out of towners...bring your polo related swag to trade/sell. there will be a table available to hock your wares.

i think i'm able to make this.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

sweet! i'd be hard pressed to find someone of equal heckling abilities to fill in on such short notice.


i can arrange a shuttle for folks coming from or through Victoria from Seattle, Olympia and beyond...if there are enough interested. the island sucks for bike transport.

Jawn, can you please email me contact info for Steph?

hey Lisa!

find me at eatgreensdrinktea@gmail.com

see you next weekend for the throwdown.....

Thanks lady. I am a little up in the air about Nanaimo at the moment - have a lot going on. However, don't count me out just yet. And Tom is in for sure. I'll be in touch!

so it seems like i might be the only olympian coming. is there anyne that can help me out with a ride? i could get to seattle or victoria through public transit. or maybe someone is coming from portland?

maybe...keep you posted

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

what? really? we got a karaoke machine in anticipation of zack rockin it all night long!

ohhhh reeallly???? i just so happened to be well versed in the karaoke-verse. you wont get me off the thing

Take it Sleazy

the only rule is every song has to be about nanaimo.

oh! you mean like..."sweeeet ho-oooome nanaiiiimooo!!"?

Take it Sleazy

rapping along to GFK's Daytona 500 sealed the deal. pass the mic to tommy at the next party.

2007 - King of The Juice

Tom and I will be doing the guitar line for the theme to Top Gun all night long.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

I'm usually the quiet one, but I kind of love Karaoke

Meg, I think someone hacked your Bike polo account. They're spreading lies about you being quiet.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

ok, so there's not really a karaoke machine, but we do have a mic and dj lefty magic taking requests.

but how will my heart go on?

2007 - King of The Juice

make it happen olympia. bring j-baby some american ciggys while your at it.

i am coming to this as long as i can push ace from behind on his bike

two asshole's don't make it right"
BUTT three asshole's make a good team"

yankee comrades... be warned... booze and smokes cost twice as much up here north of 49...

EVBP foreva

that means bring some for us!

omfg. I like you more IRL.

2007 - King of The Juice

i would really like to go to this thing but i need a ride. i'm in olympia but i could get to seattle.

Muffin, I'm sorry dude!

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Come on seattle and help your little brother to the south out! This tourney is going to be sick! (Nanaimo is super easy to get to from the Vancovuer-horseshoe bay ferry, it takes you right into town). You'll be thanking Jesus you came to this tournament. Trust in me.


Seattle isn't really attending this in force, and the one car that was going had car trouble and needed a sub. As a result we are already crippled for space. I'm so sorry.

Thanks everyone who came to the Throwdown, Nanaimo's first ever tournament, and for making it such an awesome good time, Nanaimo was graced by your presence. Goodtimes.

twas a wicked turnout for a first time tournament. 11 teams. thanks to everyone who came out and played and thanks to the skies for not raining on us until the last game was done! my goal was for everyone to play as much polo as possible, to have your your tummies filled with as much food as you could eat, and be free to drink beer and be obnoxious (if you were so inclined) while not being hassled by cops or worrying about where you're gonna pee next. i think that mission was accomplished. next year its gonna be even better. tell the world. as for the podium and all...

1st - Cody, Dan, Martin
2nd -Camilo, Jawn, Steph
3rd - Erin, Fred, Medic Mike
DFL winning team-emerson, meg, shanon

male mvp - trevor (came out from winnipeg!)
female mvp - kiersten

here's a link to some pics taken by Glen Dunsworth, a photographer from Lantzville (just north of us). http://duny.smugmug.com/Friends/Nanaimo-Bike-Polo-Tournament/13727616_dp6xJ

if you have any pics, please flickrize them and post the link!

congrats martin, ya got one!

Thanks for a great weekend! It was a lot of fun, and an amazing morning after breakfast. Good work guys and gals.

Kiersten wrote:

and an amazing morning after breakfast.

Teamwork made the dreamwork

2007 - King of The Juice

Thank you Nanaimo, for a rad weekend of Polo. Every game I played/watched was super fun and the food/hosting was superb. Thanks Luke and Steph for the awesome hospitality! I owe you guys a meal.

See you all this weekend!!

Take it Sleazy

Awesome weekend all! Special thanks go out to Fred and family for the polospitality, Jawwwwwwwn for the organization, the community of Nanaimo for pitching in, and everyone who played! Fun games all around! Woot woot! I now know, roughly, the size of Bottles' penis.

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

do I gotta send the futons out for cleaning?

I had a blast this weekend, played some of the best polo of my life with Erin (Vic) & Mike (Sea).
Hosted Martin & Chris, who taught my 7 and 9 yr old 3's, can't wait for the call from the school.
Would have them back tomorrow.
Can't wait to do it all over again next weekend at the Crown ~ See y'all there!

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.... ( )/( ) \o

ya good times, thanks NANAIMO

EVBP foreva