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Cognac Very Special Indoor Bike Polo Tournament vol. 2

Saturday, January 31, 2015
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Court size: 
16,5m * 31,5m

Lock up your daughters, they're here again! Nimittäin Cognac v2.0 talviturnaus.

Pelit pelataan lauantaina 31.1., joten loma-anomukset kehiin.

Photos from cognac vol 1


Wind blowing to your face, shotgunning you with needles of ice. Cold seeping trough the seams of your clothes. You have lost sense of your fingers a long time ago. Toes are already beyond saving. Wolves howl in the distance. Distance too short for your liking.
Yet you soldier on. You, your bike and your mallet.
You are on your way to Cognac 2.0. To a tournament where polo meets indoors, where heroes meet champions, where new legends are born.
Teams abroad, who can make the journey play admission free.
We dare you!

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Kokkolan Urheilutalo
vapaudentie 1

Signed up

Talk about the tournament -> http://www.yksivaihde.net/site/foorumi/topic.php?id=22826

Instagram&twitter -> #cognac2015

Livestream-link will be posted when it's up and running!

Never let go of the mallet!

Poor connection, but live: http://youtu.be/P_QTI0TNdIA

Never let go of the mallet!

Player portraits etc.:

More photos: https://m.flickr.com/#/photos/94455300@N03/sets/72157650194428128/

Never let go of the mallet!

Hei! Do you guys have any more tournament shirts left? Can I make an offer to trade a Lexington Bike Polo Shirt for a Finland Polo Shirt?

What's your size, Tucky?