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Columbus Bike Polo Invitational - Ohio and its border states - July 9 & 10
Saturday, July 9, 2011 - Sunday, July 10, 2011
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Columbus is hosting a tournament for Ohio and all of it's border states, which include Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and hopefully some people from West Virginia. A week after the Fourth of July, Independence Day + 5. Think "The Ohio Circle Jerk" with you border states as the "jerks".



Email to register by Friday July 1st; let us know if you need housing, we have that. Also, there is fun here, come and get it. After party Saturday night, beer sponsors, and an alley cat Saturday night as well for those who are so inclined. See the facebook page for info. Weekend of bikes. Tight.



Columbus, Ohio, USA
Tuttle Park
Columbus, OH
United States

Signed up

No promises yet but Bloomington will try very hard to make this! Spreading the word now.

West Virginia... that means Chauncy will be there, right?

Hey guys, no Illinois? Ouch.

coffee, whiskey, beer. repeat.

It's about geography. Can't argue with maps, dude.


Corn-fed polo? I'm in!

Indiana corn is far superior to Ohio corn!

You'd best hush up if you know what's good fer ya'

If you can dream it, you can do it!

I guess there is an advantage to still having outdoor plumbing

if i can geta ride im there yeah ohio'ans living in pittsburgh

What? No one from Ontario is invited?


damn, 8 + hours away

i know you can't argue with geography (having a degree in the subject and all), but can we come?

In need of a team looking to pick up two people. Hit me up if interested.

Hey man,

If you show up - we we can hook ya up with a team - no worries

I'm still looking for a team if your interested. I just finished
Northsides. I played with people from East-Van and Ottawa.

I'm Jim, from Ann Arbor, and need a team. I'm good. Ask Colin from Lexington. Or Seabas from Seattle.

Hey Jimmy, can you bring the proper Louisville debauchery..

i'm in dude. got any leads for a third?

I need a team.

any grand rapids dude wanna team up?

quinn.... me, you, gregg? i can pick you up on my way to columbus friday night if you need a ride

That would work for me as a team

yes lets team up. and that would be awesome if I could get a ride. I don't know of anyone else going, I'll ask first and then get back to you about ride situations.

no one else from grand rapids is going and i have to drive through a2 anyway so the offer stands

cool, i sent an email to the guys to see if anyone else is gonna make it down.

We have floor space,couch, small bed and AC if you need it.

Hey I don't know if you got the email but me and Alex and heading down tonight and it would be awesome if you still had space for us to stay?

Hey, I know you said you car was a two door, and space was limited, but there isn't any other way I can get down there. So if its still possible to snag a ride with
and Quinn, I would appreciate it. I've talked to David from Columbus, and have housing set up. All I need is a ride down and back. We could split gas, and beer.
Let me know. Jim.

Cincy is a go. I keep hearing that columbus folks love "golden" showers. What the hell does that mean?

when pigs fly.

I heard that the folks from cincinnati enjoy playing the "rusty trumbone", whatever that means.

where is this being played at? how many courts are you guys using? Do we have the courts reserved ?

Bloomington has 1 teams coming. Lets do this!


Hey folks, I'm definitely coming. Alex, can I still snag a ride from Ann Arbor when you pick up Quinn? It would split gas cost further, and I don't believe anyone else (except Quinn) from A2 is going.

Why ain't Adam or Atwell coming?

I don't know why Adam isn't goin...think he's savin up for calgary or something. Atwell's shoulder isn't doin to well so he won't be playin on it for a while.

Make Sam go, that skinny lazy bastard.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

man we haven't seen Sam since the one day he showed up right after he moved from chicago! where he at!

I would liked to have gone but i want to keep my job and and i gotta buy a ticket on the big aluminum bird to get me to Calgary.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Adam's a workin man Quinn. He needs to run his bike shop. Atwell may go, but I don't know if he is anymore since his injuries from NS. Piete is moving
into his new house.

I still need to figure out:

My team
car ride (hopefully Alex has room in his tiny 2-door. We can make it work!)

hmm, maybe, just maybe I can make it to this

you didn't buy that bike just to look at it did ya?

Need a ride to Columbus from Ann Arbor.
Can anyone help a brother out?

this will be the best columbus tourney ever.... FOR ME TO POOP ON!

when pigs fly.

I'm in and will be spooning the L-town boys. Indy is comin' for ya, see you kids Friday night at the bar!

Hey, pretty sure I'm coming up with louisville just to hang out and maybe play some pick-up if it's not too late to find some place to crash. I would have registered but my work schedule just opened up.

Is pick up tonight art the same park?


photo dump...

Part I | Part II | Team Photos

Thanks a ton to everyone in Columbus! You guys (and gal) did a helluva job and actually made me enjoy the state of Ohio.

Best part of the weekend was during the awards ceremony when that fuckin bum tried to get frisky with the girls and Cardinal literally drug him away by the collar. Yeah, good times.

great pics Zachary, and great times Columbus! Thanks for the hospitality!