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Columbus equinox Tournament

Saturday, September 24, 2011 - Sunday, September 25, 2011
Host club: 


Columbus, OH
United States

Signed up

For starters, bitchin' flyer. Aaaaaaand secondly, where's the Solar Flare sponsorship?

Working on it Lomax. you know if anyone could get that, i can

ya srsly. sweet poster!!!

Im freakin excited for this.

the poster is great guys.


check the blog for the list of swaggggg



DONT FORGET PICK UP FRI! if you wanna come in town friday, we will do a meet and greet again and pick up, then polo all day saturday afterparty in the nite, sunday pick up and hangouts, anything goes

Holy shit Outlier!!! Sarah you're just too good at this...

I do what I can in this life. Pretty good at some things.


I'm going as a free agent! i play goal + D mostly. plz help me out with a team guys~

I'm sure we can pair u up. Haven't heard of anyone needing a team yet. But my ears to the ground for yas :)


i don't think i have a team yettttt...?

oh snap we should totally be on a team! slut dragons need some practice. NOW WHO'S OUR THIRD??

hookers, blow & sausage need one more. myself and cincy-cum-louisville brian.

keeping polo sinful.

You can't trust Brian. He is a loose cannon.

Hey all. Can ypu post up your team on here so we can get an approx for bracket. Housing purposes.

Please and thanks.
Me. Ryan. Bart. Cbus...and I'm housing 3 or 4 teams. Pgh n indy

to us indy means indianapolis... are they actually coming?

Russo, Suckmax, Brad Q-bert. Team name: Rough Touch. Bracket that!

Will do blomax :)

I think the teams from pgh are as follows:
Lomax, BradQ, Russo
WilH, MaxF, myself
Willie, Pat, Dana
BenV, James, ???

Brunner is off scallywagging with them Bloomington folks...

oops zach, bloom is what i should have said...i meant you all :)

Hookers, Blow & Sausage (Louisville) - Michael, Brian, ???
We will need a place to crash. Chris was supposed to say something...

keeping polo sinful.

Ok so anyone who wants to come...should come. if you need housing email me with who you have coming, how many nights, and if you have a favorite here in columbus that you want to stay with and I will set it up. also there have been questions so here are answers: the tourney is sat and sun. no one knows what it will be like, but bike polo will be a big part of it. registration on saturday at 9 am officially, preregister at pickup the night before. let me know if you have any other questions. davidfrnhsr@gmail.com i also respond to telephone calls or text messages. 330.398.1441

One day tourney!!! If it's as small as last time that's about perfect for about five swiss rounds and a double elim tourney... then we can all just celebrate and drink that night without having tp worry about the next morning.

There will be two days of organized polo for sure. wither swiis rounds(way too many) one day and tourney the next or two tourneys one each dasy... either way there will be lots of polo drinking and celebrating. probabaly neither day will you have to get up that early but will not be up that early to get shit started. Come and i will promise you a great time. You can get a hold of me at either (614) 736-0523 or email at brown.3160@buckeyemail.osu.edu. any housing question or you just wanna call when you arrive and start to drink.


i wish i had a cool user name like you guys...

Weekend forecast for tourney is high 70z mid 55z in the nite. I know were all hot but the mom I am says maybe bringa jacket.

Jackets are for Jaggggoffs

Zach and/or Travis...what should i wear?


That's what me and my team are wearing :(

granny panties it is

fine, if you get chilly, you can wear Elias's snuggy :) just wear that cutoff bro

i'm in need of a team. zprobe01@gmail.com

Lou, Karate Jon, and Myself. Crashing Saturday night.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Bloomington is bringing a free agent. She needs a team. Just a heads up.

well...i no longer have a ride to columbus so...can't go? my spot on a team with lucy is up for grabs?

Well Jasmine has a ride..so Lucy, trade a Bloomington girl for a Bloomington girl?

Damn, B-town.

So peter and I talked at polo I am going to house brad's car (team rough touch) and then bens
car.(ben Nico. Etc. )He or someone else will host the other 2 pgh teams. This way no 1 has to sleep on the floor. I can comfortably fit 8 or 9 plus bikes and I need Brunner for breakfast.preparation.We want everyone to be happy and comfortable so we will see you friday to get the rest of housing figured out. Hooray!!!!

so stoked! and everyone will have housing and fun and happiness

But to theother2 pgh teams. If u like floors. You are more than welcome :)

IMPORTANT!!! IF YOU ALL CAN BRING WATER BOTTLES. I REPEAT WATER BOTTLES. to conceal alcohol, that would be lovely. their is on osu football game so there may be police wandering around

i am getting 20 bottles donated from consider biking but to be safe, bring one

one more thing : I have answered some questions here and it links to fbook, read it please as i am going to be insanely busy the next 5 days. hugs (everyone) and kisses (not everyone)



Last minute wrap up q and a
contact #'s for housing
Peter 614-736-0523
David 330-398-1441

team rough touch
Ben pghs car load of 3 or 4
and clev team sat nite only

I love you all but it just wasnt meant to be, i can't fit you/bikes, i know you wanted to hang with the PARTYpancake house...but you need to contact david or peter

tonite we will be at the LANE HARDOURT lane ave courts by WOODRUFF AND CURL DR at 8p til whenever....come, pre reg, play, sign your waiver, drink beers, find a team if you dont have one, cuz you all are killing my phone battery until i get home at 3p

tomorrow at 10a tourney starts, be there please AT TUTTLE HARDCOURT ON OAKLAND BY THE REC CENTER. afterparty sat nite at RMBC clubhouse

Sunday wrap up.

anything else you can text me or the above contacts


thanks c bus. my ass is still raw from all that polo. let's get that bench minor team practicing for the spring...

when pigs fly.