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Davis Co-ed Mini-Bench

Saturday, May 16, 2015 - Sunday, May 17, 2015
Host club: 
Davis Hardcourt Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
1 hardcourt, no lights

Davis Bike Polo is very excited to host its first co-ed mini-bench tournament! This is a fundraiser tournament for Ladies Army 7! Come have fun and and support an awesome event!


3v3 20 min games, no goal limit
5 person co-ed teams (need to have at least one lady and one lad on your team)
10 team cap
Fee, $20 per player or $100 per team
Registration on Podium opens April 8th
You must have all your team registered before your team will be approved on Podium

What do you get with your registration fee? $10's of this fee goes to cover food, we provide you lunch both Saturday and Sunday (with lots of veggie options!) and the other $10 goes to fund Ladies Army 7!

To Register

First login to Podium. Now go to the registration page. First, you must register the first 3 teammates. Click the radio button "Register a New Team". Either fill in the blanks for a new team, or select an existing team with 3 of the people on your squad rom the drop menu. Press "Join the .Wait-list". Now 3/5 people are registered.

Persons 4 and 5 must login to podium and go to the registration page. Select the radio button "Join an Existing Team". Select the team you wish to join, and press "Join the wait-listed Team". Once all 5 squad members have joined, your team will be approved and the registration fee will go through. (These instructions were TOTES stolen from the US Open tourney page!)

If you have any questions or problems, contact Jenny on FB or email: jennifer.kutzleb@gmail.com. I know this isn't the easiest method to signup but if you have problems and communicate with us, we'll do our best to make sure you don't lose your spot on the wait-list.

Consumption of alcoholic beverage is allow at our court, just make sure you remember to recycle!


Saturday: Swiss rounds, lunch provided
Sunday: Swiss round and single elimination, lunch provided

Check-in begins at 9AM, games start at 9:30AM. We don't have lights on our court so we'll need to get started on time. Please be on time!

Contact info:
Jenny 530-220-3571
Abe 530-220-3453


We have 1 apartment unit open at our complex (Able is the maintenance manager) where people are welcome to stay Friday night through Monday. They won’t be anything fancy but will provide floor space to throw a sleeping bag plus the apartment are a block from the courts! If you’re interested in staying at the apartments, please send Jenny a text (530-220-3571), email (Jennifer.kutzleb@gmail.com) or comment here and let her know so she can get a headcount. We should be able to fit at least 20 people.


West Manor Park
2910 Salem St.
Davis, CA
United States

Signed up


...those days are over.


In the event we don't make it out to Hawaii!! We will come support!!

Im gonna keep sayin' ... please not the same weekend as Hawaii!

Sorry, dates for this are set -- Taco Tony is visiting and he already booked his tickets =) Hope y'all have fun in Hawai'i, and you are welcome to visit Davis any Sunday Funday!

damn. this sounds fun!


Will this be on podium?? My team is ready to register :)

Chelsea Garcia