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Davis's 3rd Annual Gentlemen's Polo Deathmatch

Davis Friendly July 12-14th 2013
Friday, July 12, 2013 - Sunday, July 14, 2013
Host club: 
Davis Hardcourt Polo
Contact info: 

Davis's 3rd annual Gentlemen's Deathmatch.
1 court (possibly a second) at our infamous blue-cage-of-death-court in West Manor Park.
Friday - Bike and Bar hopping in Downtown Davis with pick up games at our secret location
Saturday - Friendly 3x3 Polo tournament (placement round)
Sunday - Friendly 3x3 Polo tournament (continued)

We will have food, beer, T-shirt screen printing, tall bikes and more!

What you need - Polo bike
What you may want - Canopy, chairs etc.

There is no entry fee, but donations are always appreciated.

Contact us at davisbikepolo@gmail.com with any questions.



West Manor Park
2910 Salem St.
Davis, CA
United States

Signed up

Cant wait!

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Ugh.I signed up for shifts that weekend... Friday and Saturday night.... and then I saw this.

This makes me terribly sad :/

Crab shots.


Hopefully some SD kids will make the trip :P

Keyseroze, if people linger for Sunday we will hold a second all day tournament so you are always welcome, San Diego ya'll are always welcome up here; we can try and find some places for you to stay.

Make it two day otherwise I can't really warrant sitting in a car for 8 hours for 1 day of polo, IMO

Gotta make sure to come on Friday. We'll show you all there is to see of the Davis nightlife. Awesome beer at the beer shoppe, pool and fights at G Street, line dancing at The Grad. You'll see it all! Drunken shenanigans aplenty.

Also there will be some polo I guess

Due to popular demand (mostly Josh) we have made the friendly into a two-day tournament with Saturday being a placement round and Sunday being the actual tournament.

Hope to see you all out there!

Hella yeah Davis ,
Did we miss the First Death Match?????? Soon as I can travel back in time I'm coming back for ya coz The 2nd Death Match was da bomb. See you there for more laffs and goodtimes.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Yes two days! Lets get some Menaces to Sobriety up there!

Davis is about to get TEABAGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
See ya there!


If ya'll need a place to crash hit us on the davis polo email and we have some backyards and decks ya'll can crash at.

Yes Tea! Yes Machine! I think the 1st Death Match was before a lot of us here in Davis had started playing. Pretty sure it was just Eric playing with himself.

This friendly will be the shit. We'll make sure there's music, booze, dancing, free food for those traveling (donations accepted). We'll also hopefully get the tourney up on podium so we can do it right. Maybe we'll take a bike ride to the dive bar up north. I want to see Machine do some line dancing

Actually, it was just me playing by myself; I think I lost too


"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Machine -

The cheapest hotel (near downtown with a pool) looks to be the Days Inn Davis; theres nothing really close to the West Manor but in all honestly, you can drive all of Davis in 20 minutes so nothings far. Check out paintballing here: http://www.davispaintball.com/
I don't know of any GoKarts but I'm sure we can find some nice shopping carts to push you ya'll around in.

Yo, is this still going down?
No action since 6/26 on posts.
Vegas is looking to bring 4 out, maybe looking for two ringers.
Possible teams: Quazi, hesher, [ring]
Cody, Nate [ring]
Anyone interested?
And what's expected attendance? 14 registered on lobp isn't a tournament?
And is that second court locked down?
Sorry to be a dick with the questions, but it's like an 11 hour drive for us.

Do you even Polo, Bro?

Hey LV! Yeah it's still going down, it's tough to track down guarantees from people traveling out. The people we know for sure are Davis, Sacramento, Fresno and SF. Getting a lot of maybes from other cities. So we'll have to keep you updated. I would imagine between those 4 cities it would be 8 teams. Hopefully a team from San Diego? I'm hoping Santa Cruz rolls out with a team and maybe even Ukiah will make a guest appearance if they're around.

That second court is NOT locked down by any means as far as I know. In all honesty if this is anything like last year it's going to end up being more of a bbq drinking, dancing, shit show then a serious tournament. There will be plenty of serious teams there but everybody will be looking to have a good time. It's going to be hot as balls (which I'm sure you're used to) so that'll crank the level down a bit too. There aren't any lights on the court so we'll be finishing around 9pm. Hopefully starting early to keep cool.

Talk to Eric about housing. Let me talk to Joe about letting people crash there as well. I hear he's got a killer house and lawn. I've got a wedding to attend so I'll be MIA starting tomorrow. Quickest answers will probably come on Facebook after that at Davis Bicycle Polo. Eric checks LOBP occasionally as well. Would love to see you guys out here though! But I know that's a crazy long drive

Yeah hey, anyone needin somewhere to stay ley me know. Nine one six seven one Two five Two six zero.

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

And that's why Joe is the man. Thanks!

Im going to try and hit up the cities that have shown interest in coming to get a head count for tourny and food. Abe and I are in the planning stages of getting the second court together, nothing solid for that but it is in the works.

It would be really awesome to play every other or third game instead of every like fifth or sixth, you know?

Do you even Polo, Bro?

Was hoping to make Saturday only. I assume the 1-day pass is still an option.

Joel, I can only on play Saturday too. Wanna join forces?

Pretty sure SD is sending at least one team

i'm likely going!!! (99% sure)

Yeah I don't see any problem with showing up only Saturday. It's going to be the round robin day so you'll probably have the chance to get the most polo in anyways. And LV, I would love to get another court going. There's actually a paved space right outside the court that would work well, we just need to figure out a way to board it in. Since we're not charging for the tourney and providing food we don't have a huge budget. But we'll try to figure something out because you're right, it would be awesome to have two courts going simultaneously!

I also talked to Santa Cruz. They want to come but none of them have cars so they're trying to figure out a way to get down. They've got another 4 people interested if anybody could give them a ride! They're the shit so if I were you I would pick them up

Menaces to Sobriety SD is 99% in! Hopefully we can take up two extra.... who doesnt wanna have a lawnmower around?!

Hey folks, I'm working overnights for the weekend (grumble grumble), but if, for whatever reason, you want to stay in Davis Sunday night/need a place to crash _SUNDAY_ , holler at me. I'll be rolling back into town midday Sunday to shamelessly heckle, sleep-deprivation style. :D Hearts, Jamelyn

Crab shots.

Slumber-FUCKING-party! I'm bringing my Mariah and Whitney CDs!

shotgun your bike!

Annnnd IIIII--EEE-IIII will always looove youuuu-ooo-aa

Yes to Whitney and Yes to heckling. I'll bring a bottle of something tasty for the best heckle of the day. It's my favorite part of polo besides the drinking. If your polo heckles suck than I will be drinking it myself!

So here's what we are providing at the friendly:
1 polo court
Hotdogs/Burgers and some sides
Hydration Station (We're looking at 90 degree weather)
Power for music (there is a possibility of a live bluegrass band on sat. and a DJ on Sunday)
Trophy for tournament winner
Screen and Ink to screenprint T-shirts (bring your own, preferably white or black tees)
Bike repair station (Thank you Bike Fourth!)
Places to sleep if people need them

If you have canopies, bring 'em. Chairs are also a good idea. There is a local grocery store a block away that you guys can get beer at - not that we won't have any as it is.

Here is a map to the park: https://maps.google.com/maps?ie=UTF-8&q=west+manor+park+davis+ca&fb=1&gl...

We will start Saturday morning at 10 a.m but I know we're on polo time so we'll see.

'get some!

Could you do a registration with a cap to 14 / 16 teams?! The fresno one day friendly in January had like 20 teams orso?! you know what im saying

Santa Cruz needs a ride. Three people plus bikes. Can pitch for gas. We are fun.

shotgun your bike!

Finally created a page on Hardcourtbikepolo. Register!


Well im going now for sure and im taking matt.r with me so team pedal junkies should be there.

Well im going now for sure and im taking matt.r with me so yeah. Its gonna be an awesome weekend.

Awesome John. Can't wait to have another match!

Register!! Or I'm going to eat your burgers

Also we're trying to figure out how much food/beer to get

ride and team flaked. sad face. its looking grim unless the poloverse can help.

shotgun your bike!

Check out Ridester.com or Craigslist for rides; people are always looking for help with gas. worst come to worse, tickets aren't too expensive for amtrack...

So I just found out that there are two places in Davis that people can stay. Or you can stay with Joe and his cats. But the place in Davis will be in stumbling distance from the bars!

We're at 7 teams only so far. But they're all going to be pretty damn good. Come on SF, make your presence known! Don't you want to take down The Control??

There are some people in Santa Cruz still looking for a ride up if it's possible with anyone?

Yeah, its looking thin :(

shotgun your bike!

Thanks to all the teams who made it up to Davis this past weekend - we all had a blast! Good food and good polo.

Yeah! Thanks to all of the teams that traveled all the way to little old Davis for a friendly. I don't know about you but we had a blast. On the first day we had enough time for each team to play every other team! Here are the results:

Swiss Rounds (Day 1):

1. The Control 8-0 (Forest, Andrew & Ace SF)
2. Crank Yankers 7-1 (Tony, Ben & Marc Davis)
3. ABP 6-2 (Tsunami Sac, Chris SF & Ryan SF)
4. peDal jUNkies 5-3 (Tea, Matt & John Fresno)
5. Is It In Yet 4-4 (Quazi, Hesher LAS & deaddog Sac)
6. Pocket Polo 3-5 (Eric, Zeke & Abe Davis)
7. Los Mas Locos 2-6 (Dan, Trevor, Torv? Fresno)
8. Autumn Bombs 1-7 (Autumn, Tom, Christine Sac)
9. Monster Forker 0-8 (Cody, Nathan LAS, Johnny Davis)

The double elimination tournament started on Sunday. The Control dominated the tournament but there were plenty of close matchups. You guys better enjoy our trophy and bring it back next year!

Double Elimination Tourney:
1. The Control
2. Crank Yankers
3. ABP
4. Is it in yet
5. Pocket Polo
5. Pedal Junkies
7. Los mas Locos
7. Autumn Bombs
8. Monster Forker

Here's a picture of the bracket.