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Derby Debauchery Weekend: Alleycat & Polo Tournament

derby flyer
Friday, May 6, 2011 - Sunday, May 8, 2011
Contact info: 
Court size: 
Two tennis courts, end to end. See map.

UPDATE: One-day Tournament, 30 Teams.
Please pre-register if you can by sending your entry fee and team info via PayPal to jimmy@fuckgas.org
Also - If you need housing AND have a tent, please send us an email. Weather should be excellent and we have a lot of yards to camp in.

The Oaks Day Alleycat.
$5 entry.

Derby City Debauchery Tournament.
$30 entry per team

We have an awesome after party planned as well. It's worth the drive I swear.

SUNDAY - May 8th:
Hangover Recovery Ride/Sunday Funday Polo at the courts


If anyone needs housing, let us know at louisvillebikepolo@gmail.com

On a sadder note - unfortunately this ends up being the same weekend as Ladies Army 3 ... but we hope to see plenty of peoples that want to party and play polo all through the weekend. If you can't make one, try hard to make the other.


Louisville Polo Courts
900 W. Muhammed Ali Blvd. At the corner of 10th Street
Louisville, KY
United States

Signed up

bourbon yes


it will flow like water... tasty, brown, alcoholic water

talk shit and burn bridges

Fuck you guys for having this DURING the derby!

I already promised my lady we'd go see the horses run...

Those are some dangerously skewed priorities.

REPENT your sinful ways. For the next month you must play left handed.

Hahaha, don't worry, Michael from Louisville helped convince me/her to go to the Oaks on Friday instead.

I still might show up in my fancy derby threads though!

thats unfortunate for you zach. very unfortunate indeed. hope you have fun watching a bunch of assholes waste money betting on the lots of animals bred to run in a circle for their idiotic enjoyment. your only real choices are: ditch the derby, do this instead OR get so wasted on mint juleps you puke on the twin spires as pictured above.

keeping polo sinful.

same weekend as LA3....tisk tisk jimmy. No bad girls will be there...

...those days are over.


we knew that going in. i (michael) was in austin a while back and had to break the news to them there that these would align. its not our fault they chose derby weekend for LA3...

keeping polo sinful.

i know jill, it really is the most unfortunate of scenarios. however, the show must go on and trust me, there are plenty of bad girls wandering the streets derby weekend.

talk shit and burn bridges

Major bummer that LAIII and this tourney are the same weekend. You guys HAVE to host this exact tournament next year! I have always wanted to go to Louisville during the derby after I turned 21, because it always falls on my birthday weekend. Anyway, you guys party hard while us ladies kick each other asses in ATX!

Midwest is best!!

wow you are tempting me!

do it!

talk shit and burn bridges

There's a perfectly untainted case of beer from Pittsburgh with your name on it if you do. Cold, fresh, safe for humans... all of these things. But seriously, come to this so I can get the humiliation over with. I don't want it to happen at Midwests and I'm probably flying to Slayerfest, if we got accepted.

hahahahahahahah the humiliation!. slayerfest is cancelled. if i cant make this we will make a huge spectacle of you handing over the beer on the podium! ;)

ooo I wanna go

do it.

keeping polo sinful.

Better have some beers for me

Get rad

are you coming up for this bob?! we've got beers for days

talk shit and burn bridges

if you really do make the 1000 mi journey i promise you won't pay for alcohol all weekend. at least not with money.

keeping polo sinful.

ARRG you guys are killin me. cant do it but i will make it up there to party and polo this summer

Get rad

boys, you are gonna miss the ladies so much this weekend. i just know it. have fun because we wont be there to keep yall in check....
wish these events didnt coincide really.

mo, i totally agree on all fronts with you. we're planning on doing a fall tournament for halloween too so keep that shit open!

talk shit and burn bridges

Memphis might bringing one team. Still not 100% sure yet though.

Count on one team from Cincinnati.

did GR make this original list of 24? want to make sure we're in so i can prep my liver.

yep. i wouldnt worry too much. all the major players from the region are on the list, we opened it up a little more in case there are any late additions or people that just show up.

keeping polo sinful.

Can we see a list of teams that have paid already? Or even a list of those that have RSVP'd?

only if you bring a case of yuengling's black and tan

I never know what PA beer people like/can't get out of state. I'll see if we can't make this dream come true... though I can't promise that any beer we bring will make it through Friday night

can i get in on the yuengling list? hell, i'd even be down for some of that lions head

talk shit and burn bridges

I will try to bring at least a couple cases of Yuengling. Party where ever I'm staying!

put me down for a standard 12 pack!!

how about both.


keeping polo sinful.

bobby z is our third

Frontier Airlines just announced free or $20 fee for bicycles packed in boxes on their airlines. Basically if you don't buy the economy ticket they will fly your bike for free.

They are also having a "Get out of town for the Derby" sale.

So you're coming sven!?!?

Naw... there aren't any good fair for a quick escape from Minneapolis. If I could get there for under $200 I could afford it. I wish!

Pre Reg Submitted!

we're seemingly at 28 teams now although lexington hasn't done much to confirm interest... basically a couple spots left and this shit is shut down.

hide yo livers and open yo mouf, derby weekend is gonna be ugly

talk shit and burn bridges

I'm putting my money on Dialed In. Who's the bookie?

i am! gimme twenty bucks

oh my fuck! if anyone was on the fence about coming in for this you should do so if for nothing more than the after party. details are dialed and it is going to be amazing

talk shit and burn bridges

Got a team from Lexington

FINALLY. bring more. any amount will do, we have a random assortment of free agents coming.

keeping polo sinful.

boom boom boom!

so excited bout this.

Anyone possibly looking for a last minute third? You'll have the advantage of being the only team with a set of tits that didn't make it to ladies army. I haven't made it to many tourneys out of the southeast but anyone from these parts would give me a recommendation. For my polo skills, not my tits.

there should be some randoms showing up i would hope. if you show up we should be able to find you a team. if not, there's a shit ton more to do...

keeping polo sinful.

all right then. See you tomorrow. I'll either be sitting in goal blocking your shots or sitting on the sidelines crushing mint juleps.

you need a place to stay? send us an email at the link above (our polo email) we can find you some place if you need.

keeping polo sinful.


talk shit and burn bridges

sill hoping to make it to this with 2 fingers crossed....

take the ferry over, maybe we can squeeze you in

grand rapids will be rolling in late tonight. where the party at?!

any idea about time on saturday?

alex we'll likely be at nach bar (969 Charles Street) or playing pick up in the garage (416 W Chestnut Street) just holler when you guys get in and we'll direct you to our location

saturday start time - noonish

talk shit and burn bridges

this week end was awesome thanks kentucky


I was hoping for more debauchery...

But really a great weekend. Thanks!

i know floppy. we were just so tied up with the last minute details in obtaining the courts we couldn't get about 99% of the things we wanted done. halloween will be better

talk shit and burn bridges

thanks for putting up with us kremin. and remember, DO NOT DRINK THE CONTENTS OF THAT TROPHY. feel free to sprinkle some on Brian's chin though.

keeping polo sinful.

Thanks guys that shit was fun


Thanks Louisville. Great people and an even better tourney. You guys must have been witch doctors to stop the rain.