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Desert Polo Invite

polo flier!!.jpg
Saturday, April 25, 2009


Phoenix, AZ
United States

Signed up

Ah, the old copper star. makes me long for my days in the Sonora.

Good luck with your tournament, folks. The price is right. Let us know how a triple elimination works and then works out, won't you?

Chicago Bike Polo 2003-2008
St Louis Bike Polo 2008-now


We're not planing on a whole lot of teams with this short of notice, so triple elim. should work out. Pumping up local interest in polo is the main point of the tourney, but everyone is welcome!

VERY interested, how many courts do you guys have for this? Are they lit at night? Also, what area code is this place? jk about that last one heh heh

Were playing on a double tennis court which one side has been converted to a roller hockey court, and we just put boards across the middle of the 2 courts to protect the ball. If we need two games at once we can turn it sideways and play parallel the net of the tennis court. And yes they are lit at night till about 11:15pm.

Thanx for the 411, we will be in touch Plair!

This kid from LA is comming out for this one!

are there any other cities interested in representing in this tournament?
say san diego, sf or maybe portland? the more the merrier.

it seems like LA needs just one more player to rep a team in this tourno.

reverend phil, where you at?

LA will be representing!
I am building my team!
Draft picks from differant parts of Cali will be stepping up with me.

if any players/teams from austin read this thread, we cordially invite you, though im sure its quite a haul by car.

Do you have any sponsors for this event?

^^^just our own wallets.

How many local teams do you guys expect?

two to four teams made up of AZHC players, phoenix grass polo will have one or two teams, and we've sent invites to flagstaff and tucson grass polo squads.

Just posted pics of our new court on the myspace! Check em' out!


The court looks nice!

bump, i sent invites to several teams across the west, hoping to hear from them soon!

It will be tough getting alot of people because of the Youngbloods tourny and the ESPI tourny. Looking forward to playing with the AZ crew.

^^ya we knew that getting into it, but still wanted to get something going... next year we have discussed putting it on in the winter so everyone can enjoy some of the great weather here in AZ.

This is my first year venturing out of California for polo. Looking forward to meeting you Arizonians.

fuck yeah, its good to see new cities throwing tournaments as well as seeing one of our old regulars continuing to play in a new city. we miss you marco!!!

This is looking more and more doable...


this tournament is only three weeks away!!!

so far it's looking like a 6-8 team tournament.

grab your duckets!

Lost both team mates for this. I am sure I could mustar somthing up.

yo joey, i played last night for the first time in a month. planning on gettin back in the swing of things (sundays) just not this one cause family stuff - ya kno!
"so lets talk about Arizona"


Break'in spokes & bones

i thought i already recruited you....

He told me he cant do Saturdays.
Lets do this Hammer! Send me an email.

Call me Quinn

*Email sent

Break'in spokes & bones

Woo-hoo! What's up, Marco? You always deliver. Good to see yer spreading the polo gospel.

you know how i roll , just trying to stay busy. In L.A. for the Velo city tour on Sunday. Brought my polo bike to see how these guys do it here in L.A. Hope to play Weds, Thurs, and Sunday after the track. See you at Rizzo in two weeks . [RIDE OR DIE]

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

Send me an email with your contact info. and will make sure you play on all of those days.

The Polo Rink is located at 11455 Magnolia blvd. in North Hollywood just east of the 170 fwy; exit Magnolia, on the north side of the street. Sunday at 4PM we start, and the lights are on til Midnight. The 310 game is at Mar Vista park on Thursday nite, starting at 8pm. We'll probably be there too. Oh and dont forget to bring Sunblock and water for the Velodrome, cuz there is no shade there!

well i just got back from Mar Vista from Silver Lake real fun on a polo gear.L.A. polo site said Weds at 7 . Thx Dude

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

That's brutal. I'll get on that update, Mar Vista changed their nite to Thursday just a couple of weeks ago. Yo call me, {ate 1 ate, ate zero two - five sicks nine zero} and I'll drive you there tmrw nite if yer interested. If u take a redline train to North Hollywood tmrw, from say Sunset and Vermont (the closest stop to Silverlake) I will drive u to their game and back. Whaddaya say?

We play on Fri. in Claremont.

Good luck Joey, I played with Marco on Thursday and watched him hassle El Pistolero on Sunday. He's well trained, with plenty of speed...


"We don't need no education"

Hey Marco good playing with u man... Good games yo... wish i can make it to the tourney...

"We don't need no education"

so whats going on with the LA team? will you guys be able to make it this saturday?

Some of us will, just workin out the details, we'll keep u posted bro

I was looking forward to this one. I am not going to AZ after all. My dream team can’t make it. Bummer....

WHAT!!!! you have to be kiddding me, get yer ass to AZ n kick some ass!!! I mean play nice.


Northern Standard

hey dog too shorts on our team. your dream team here man!


Two aztec warriors and a ninja.
I like that.
I'll call you guys tonight.

Joey, lets roll.
fuck a dream team. me (eli) and matt are ready to roll.
give me a call. 8184548200. i got your number from joker, but maybe i wrote it down wrong. um let s do it goood.


yeah joey u cant flake now.. its Mark, Too short and u..

"We don't need no education"


also, one of our players has offered a place to stay for the LA team. he has a bunch of couches, and his dogs are super chill.

Hey Dus Thank u so much some Players are gonna need a place to stay.. Figure it out when they are up there.. Thanks again DUs......

"We don't need no education"

thanks to all L.A. polo crews for the good games and great times.Nothing better then playing polo in another city. Thx joker for the rides and beer. Ready or not Philly and New York here I come.(RIDE OR DIE)

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

Pistolero is The 'Tiger Woods" in L.A.. Real talk

EDIT: This is David talking, just to let everyone know

hey joker plays for rocks the white kind

two asshole's don't make it right"
BUTT three asshole's make a good team"

aw hellyeah. there is some hot regional action goin on this weekend!

its victoria BC for me, Dus but ill slaughter something with style for yalls in AZ.

Did you see that Josh Wonderthighs (one of the freshfaced young boys that came to AZ on the Westward HO! bike porn tour) is now
organizing polo in fucking alaska?

Could Joey be in the running for a Bikepolo.ca west coast emmisary of the year?

Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"

Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"



Thanks for coming out everyone! I had a blast. It was a good turn out for the first AZ bike polo tourney! Expect another in the future.

Here are pictures from the tournament: Picture's Here!

and more photos

and even more

visit http://www.everythingeaten.com/index.html

Tim in LA 818


Me. I flew down myself, and won it 3 on 1 the whole time. Thanks for a great tournament, Marco. See you Wednesday!!!!!!!

818 818 818 DOMN8! LA v. LA for the final match.
Congratulations boys!


@ Jonny

Notice to Appear(tim-eat, Joker & Pistolero) from LA won 1st.

2 Aztecs and a Ninja(joey,too short & mark) from LA won 2nd.

Grass Assault from Phoenix won 3rd

Tim in LA 818

just wanted to say thx to everyone who took part in the DPI. sorry for not posting who won faster. thx tim-eat for doing that and to everyone who posted pictures. And as for you Mark Cap will see you at Rizzo around 7ish and see how your new 3rd is. can,t wait for ESPI-4 3-2-1-POLO!!!!

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

just wanted to say thx to everyone who took part in the DPI. sorry for not posting who won faster. thx tim-eat for doing that and to everyone who posted pictures. And as for you Mark Cap will see you at Rizzo around 7ish and see how your new 3rd is. can,t wait for ESPI-4 3-2-1-POLO!!!!

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

To Marco and all of AZ: Job well done. We really enjoyed your spot, especially the boards you guys built for us. We all had a good time, and look forward to the next one u throw. I hope all the grass players had a good time, cuz if they did you'll have a deep talent pool. Also, to other warm weather cities, if u hold a tourney in heat, consider icing the balls. I've noticed they get squishy in heat, and start to handle very differently. Kudos to AZ; they swapped cold balls from the ice chest for each game, and it made a big difference. And Michael, the youngster from Grass Assault, he is going to be the Rookie of the Year for 2009.

You forgot to thank them for not catching you. You did'nt play clean. In one of our games I counted 3 times you road in the direction of the tap out cone but did'nt touch it. Instead of touching you wanted to be sure I did'nt get the ball. Must of been real desperate to win.


haha idk about rookie of the year u guys killd us.. you guys deffinetly got ur game down .. i fo sure want a rematch tho haha..

You kids killed it!
I have 2 boys that are 9 and 12.
Next I will play against you with them.
Keep having fun boys!

I stole the "ball icing" from hockey hahaha we had never done it before the day of the tourney. Worked well.

Yeah Alex next time touch the cone... U damm cheater... And Shooting them wild shots trying to win that way.. u suck Alex Dash Hater.... hahahha

"We don't need no education"

Sooo predictable......

Hey Joey, guess what? David, Tim and Me are going to AZ!

HEy Marco Thank u so much for showing us a great time down there.. It was and awesome Tourney. I had a great Time Playing. The Boards for the Court were Great.. Thanks Everybody for showing us a great time ... Also Thank u umm forgot ur name who let us Get some rest at ur house.. Thanks

"We don't need no education"

sounds like it was a blast! im there next time!!! 818 boyz im playin sundaY for sure! bad neck and all!-Quinn

Break'in spokes & bones