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Desert Polo Invite V

Arizona Bike Polo
Saturday, February 9, 2013 - Sunday, February 10, 2013
Contact info: 
Court size: 
2+ courts; 130ft x 60ft, surface is blacktop parking lot

Come celebrate 5 years of DPI and overdose on sunshine and 70 degree weather! Please save the date and plan to join us Feb 9th and 10th for our 24 team, two day tournament.

Registration: $45 a team at http://www.hardcourtbikepolo.org/polo/main/tournament/102.html

Housing: Since none of us live within reasonable riding distance of the court, I would suggest getting a hotel nearby if you won't have a car. Here are some nearby hotels. I'd recommend getting a place on Apache Blvd. The Light Rail runs there and can be taken to the airport and downtown Tempe:

- *Machine Approved* Ramada Limited Tempe, 1915 Apache Boulevard, Tempe, AZ, (480)736-1700, http://ramadalimitedtempe.com

- Map of Hotels nearby

If you have a car we may have a few options: drop me an email.

Rules: NAH


Grace Community Church (North parking lot)
1200 E Southern Ave NW Corner of Southern and Dorsey
Tempe, AZ
United States

Signed up

Will this be the SW qualifier?

Pete, are you asking cause your curious or planning on attending. Family in Scottsdale and could host a team if you're interested.


Portland Bike Polo had a blast renting a van and bringing 3 teams last time. I'll try to rally the troops.

Not a qualifier, time for a new SW city to step up and host 2013 qualifier.

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

Great News, I get to attend my third DPI in a row so I'm looking forward to it. PM me if you're interested in teaming up.

Gotta talk with my work, but I'll probably be able to go.
Anyone want to team up?

jonboy wrote:

Gotta talk with my work, but I'll probably be able to go.
Anyone want to team up?

Jealous. Every time I look in a tournament thread, you're going to it. You must have a sweet job to be able to afford to travel so far and have time off. I need to get into whatever profession you're in. more polo, less work.

Not really, I just saved up money and leave when I was deployed and started budgeting polo travel after that.
Also, I rob banks.

No Doubt! Jonboy travels to every tourney, life's short Play Polo!


Got the ok from work. How set are the dates? I want to buy my ticket this weekend.

Date is solid. See ya Feb 9-10!

I am 100% going
Team up perhaps?


Let me hear back from Jamelyn. She said she's on the fence whether she's going or not and if she does decide to go, I agreed to let her pick our third. If she ends up not going, I'm down to team up with you.

Still want to team up?

You know it!


Dope! You me and Jamalam.

Jamalam? I have no words.

Crab shots.

Oh I spelled it wrong?

Well no, I guess technically not since I just got my name changed. Also, my new middle name is Falcon, by the way.

Crab shots.

Como will be making an appearance!


Bring Kruse. We need a permaRef on court A. We will provide him a comfortable chair & pay him in High Life.

Free Agent here. If there's a duo out there lookin to complete their menage, email me if you think we would be a good fit.

alex AT alexdash DOT COM

Thnx Poloverse!

im Game if you're interested !

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

Might be in for this, or Puerto rico.

Should be fun.

A blast from DPI past. See if you recognize any faces from the very first HCBP tournament in Arizona on April 25,2009


I love this game

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

February can't get here fast enough...


Free agent here!...any one need a strong third?

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

Free agent. Any older players want to make a Team? N.O.D.? Mike? Mailman? I'll bring the beer.

It should be fun...RIGHT?

Why older players?
Did you get sponsored by Life Alert or Depends?


DEPEND on the fact that IF we put a team together, you'll have to work real hard to beat us.

It should be fun...RIGHT?

Dave......Your life alert depends on respect for your elders. Now I may reconsider not playing.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Now we're talking...Come on Big J!

It should be fun...RIGHT?

I seem to have woke a sleeping giant. Few things excite me more than getting pounded on by experienced men. So I would welcome it.


Jeff DLP couldn't handle playing with the "young" guys in Vegas I guess. And Dave watch your bars, you know how the DLP likes to hang on!

I am positive he just wanted me to take him for a ride.


Oh, look who's talking - - Robin Almost 40! Another few years and YOU could play on a Geezer Team.

It should be fun...RIGHT?

Oh, I am a young 38! When I get over that hill i can play and be an "old guy". I did like the idea grouping teams in terms of ages.

Looks like Seattle moved their tournament to the following weekend. Maybe we will see more Seattle peeps after all.

Super stoked for this tourney! I can hardly wait.

Whats the housing situation looking like?

I put some housing info in the tourney details above. We don't have anyone living near the courts so I think the best bet is the get a cheap hotel nearby. The courts are in a safe neighborhood.

Any news on registration? With only 24 teams, we're not buying plane tickets until we know we are registered. We've missed a couple of great deals already. Flights aren't looking good currently...

Like we were going to turn you and TG away... Buy those tickets. Registration starts in a couple hours.

So sweet of you! Just booked flights at a decent price!!

See you soon AZ (said with a Canadian accent) bike polo!

Sorry for the delay, there will be news about DPI V with in the next 48hrs. I cross my POLO hart.

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

Registration begins in a couple hours. Let me know if you have any difficulty. http://www.hardcourtbikepolo.org/polo/main/tournament/102.html

Need a team! Second year player, started getting some decent results last fall--4th at the Cascadia Co-ed and 7th at Ball Whacker's.
My tickets are booked so I won't be flaking except under extraordinary circumstances. See y'all in February!

Someone needs to pick this guy up! We don't call him Twigs for nothing!

me and brandon want you. you come highly recommended. I'm definitely coming down although brandon seems to be on the fence with his travel plans.

Gah, yeah Brandon was in touch but then kinda dropped off the radar... Me and Sarah from LA were planning to team up but I don't think we have a third yet? I dunno, I'll send you a PM.

Looking forward to this one - is it gonna be at the same courts as last year?


Yea same place

discount code: azpolo15
for 15% off @ state bike co.

Just bought my ticket. Stockpiling sunscreen.

Would love to split hotel with as many people as possible.

I'm down for some good ol hotel male bonding.

sorry guys, I have to cancel my plans to make it here (as much as I wanted to play with the jagwolves).

Fuck you, dude! No bailing!

I was hoping scooter could afford a ticket but it appears he can't go either. sorry kruse, I won't be able to see them crown you mvp and tall george dick of the week.
.edit. if you want to find some sponsorship money for scooter to attend, send it over to him. teaser: he's probably gonna play freewheel this year. no promises though. send the checks before flights go above 400!

Utah is going to make an appearance. Since we are somewhat neighbors. I and two others will be coming down with a car. Down to split hotel costs, sleep on floors, make breakfast for people and have a warm break from the freezing snow here. Then maybe stop in Vegas after for some post polo fun if anyone wants to join.

Sweet! Always good to see Utah. We trace our grass polo roots to Utah.

DENVER will be there. Lets go!

DENVER will be there. Lets go!

Putting this out there...
I know it is way cheap most of the time to fly into Vegas.
Any one intrested in carpooling to AZ from Vegas text me so we can chat about it.


Do any AZ people have 2-way radios? I have my own personal one (small handheld motorola) and then some larger radios from my work.

Basically it would be really helpful for the refs on court 3 to have radios so they can relay the score back to Mike/Chris. Let me know, I can bring my small one if you guys have some too or bring the larger ones.

~Looking like a great turnout~!

Do you guys have any shirts left from last year? TSA seems to have taken mine out of my luggage. Damn feds!

This is a great idea Robin. If you could bring 3 or 4 radios for us to use for the weekend, that would be great!

We have some last years tees. I'll set one aside for you.

Got a room reserved at Super 8 on Apache. 2 queen beds. $282 from Thurs-Mon. They say the have a heated pool and hot tub. If anyone wants to get in on this, hit me up five12-7zero9-69zero5

In. I really didn't need to read anything other than 'hot tub'.

Crab shots.

Looks like I'm gonna cancel the reservation for super 8 and mosey on over to the Ramada. We got two people so far, anyone else care to split the cost with us?

Ramada on Apache?
Three from East Van looking to book a room...

Yep. What day do you guys get in?

I wanted to know where everyone will be staying.
I want to stay at the place with the majority of the players.


i liked the ramada that we stayed at last year! i think thats where brian, kruse, and i will be staying unless anyone else finds a better deal with a hot tub?

Looking for a third...

Hey, I'm going to be in LA for work Feb 6-8, so I was thinking of heading to Tempe for the weekend afterwards, you still looking for a third?

Q Dawg who is your other teammate?

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

Unless Jagwolves miraculously make it out, it's Lou from Vegas

i thought the old adage was a tournament will only be as good as its poster. im concerned

I play for hugs

I've seen the poster. The tournament will be excellent!

We are just 10 days away and everything is coming together for another great tourney. We try to improve every year and this year is no different. We will have lights this year, so if you're in town Friday there will be plenty of time for pickup.

A special thank you to our title sponsor, State Bike, and also Jinna from Thomas Bike Shop. Their generosity has helped us maintain a high standard and improve this tournament each year.

Anything happening on Thursday?

Sounds like you just volunteered to build courts on Thursday Jon!

Happy to help...as long a there's a beer that comes along with it.

I'm in the midst of an overnight shift... and definitely read that as bear instead of beer...

It was way more awesome as bear, by the way.

Crab shots.

I think we can accomodate that request

Last minute deal here, but as fate would have it I'm going to be in the Tempe neighbourhood around this time...anyone looking for a late addition to their team? I'll be in LA Feb 6 - 8, and then I'll probably fly to Tempe from there Fri night....(if I can find a team)

Make sure to join us for pick up tonight. we have lights all night. Start around 7.


- Sincerely
Olsen Aviles

OK, just booked a flight, its official. That being said, it'd be nice to play.....someone pick me up!!

Thanks Lisa, you know we can use all the help we can get.
Justin, consider yourself picked, play with the Mailman.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Sounds great!! Done!!

What's my best chance to civilization from the airport Thursday evening?

Yo Nick, can help you out with a ride from the airport. I am still in Mexico and will be back in the US Sunday. Email me your phone number and I will call you Monday to talk details. azpolo@gmail.com

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

Hey folks,
Free agent here, pretty well seasoned tournament wise other than I never really travel for polo. Might remember me as a nevernude, silly assholes in cut-offs. Anyways I'm rolling into PHX around noonish on thursday, anyone wanting to split accomidation or anything I'm all ears.


^ Very strong player here. Pick him up!

Do you of you Phoenix cats have an extra bike box laying around or know where I could get one? I'm gonna need one for my flight back home.

Hope you have a big box, I'm gonna put my bike in it.


I'll grab one for you.

Awesome, thanks man.

There are a couple of bike shop in the
area of the tournament so should not be a problem to find a bike box.
if anything I'll pick up a bike box next and hold on to till you get into town.

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

Hulie and Nate need a third now. I'm unable to play anymore

We like to call him Big Lady!
He's got long arms and an amazing shot.
Plus he's from East Van - how can you go wrong?!

Well shucks, way to make a big lady blush.

False alarm the band is back together

HotRod wrote:

False alarm the band is back together

Can't wait to hear about this one at pick up on Monday

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

I still need a third...

Well if I could have the honor of filling those boots I wouldn't disappoint

Well if I could have the honor of filling those boots I wouldn't disappoint. Who's your other player?

Spots all yours good sir, should you still want it. I'm playing with Lou from Vegas, he's a pretty solid goalie.

Brook, chk messages

Not Yet....Not Yet.

From what I heard the Ramada is running low on rooms, only ones left are single king size.


Just got a room with 2 queens at the Ramada. Where were you looking?

Some vegas guys called...


Well Fuck! Our Third is bailing! Any singles want to get between two polo lovers?
Me: tall, right handed, long in the mallet, good bike handler, plays all over the court, looking to dish and score, score and dish!
Her: mean goal keeper, mover, shaker, not a cake baker, has a good shot, throws great blocks, smothering defense, and a great time on the court!

You: Have bike, Know which end of the mallet scores goals. Has done this before, not really looking for first timers cause our experience will just frustrate. No johnny come quickly. Looking for a short term hook up. Reply with details.

That will never work.

Got our system sorted.

That will never work.

Need a third!

Need a favor from those of you that haven't entered your team at http://www.hardcourtbikepolo.org/polo/main/tournament/102.html

Please enter your team or post here so we can get swiss rounds and a few other things sorted before next weekend. Thanks!

I've updated things on Podium so that you can create the tournament at any time, and as registrations come in, you can import the teams from hcbp.org again. So feel free to go ahead and create the tourney now!

Thanks Vince! You read my mind.


Hey polo friends,

Here is our agenda for the next 5 days. If you have any questions post here or send me an email.

– Build boards

- Finish boards
- pickup polo until 9pm
- Register, check-in, pay at court until 7
- 7pm –10pm register, check-in, pay at Boulders on Broadway (happy hour specials extended to polo peeps) http://bouldersonbroadway.com/
View Larger Map

- 9-10am bagels and bananas, check-in, pay, register
- 10am swiss rounds start
- 1pm-ish Lunch Castro familia (tacos)
- 6pm finish play
- possible pickup until 9
- 7pm-? Casey Moores, $1 PBR and other specials http://caseymoores.com/Caseys/Home.html
View Larger Map

- 9-10am bagels and bananas
- 10am bracketed play starts
- Lunch food truck (Southern - cajun - chicken)
- 4pm finals
- 5 or 6pm Awards/bike raffle/prizes
- 6pm cleanup

Breakdown boards

Dope! Flight leaves in a few hours. See you guys tomorrow!

$1 PBR... America how I've missed you. See you guys for pick-up tomorrow!

I know I am wayyy late but is there any housing at all? Me +2... We will be at pickup tonight. Don't mind a backyard either

Anyone still looking for a third??? Kinda desperate here.

Hope you find a team this morning. Just talk to Chris Altman at the court.

discount code: azpolo15
for 15% off @ state bike co.

N.O.D wrote:

... respect for your elders.


Have fun! Wishing we were there ...

Credo quia absurdum

Giant Squid goes undefeated the whole weekend and wins DPI V. Good job

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

Congrats Giant Squid.. Brian, Joey and Nick!! Also props to Grass Assault for kicking ass. Bummed out that i missed out on this great tournament that u guys (AZ crew) have hosted for the past 5 years. My wife is due any day now with our future polo player baby boy! Also props to the whole L.A crew for putting in work out here and giving it your best out there and repping L.A Hard!!!

"We don't need no education"

Thankyou AZ for hosting a terrific tourneyment. Your club pulls together and really shows with how seamless everything went. It is great our new guys came out, it helps the polo bug take hold.

And thank you to everyone, great playing with you folks!


Hey AZ folks, just wanted to say kickass job this weekend. I was really impressed by how smooth everything ran. Thanks for making my first time in Phoenix so much fun! :)

Crab shots.

Just walked into my APT with post polo blues with the occasional outburst of laughter at how DPI V went down .
High Lights
Seeing Y'all ,Lights , music , action ,Watching Grass Assault , (think my reffing days are over after not seeing Joey checking Mini Mike over the Boards, sorry lads), Hulies Mom feeding the masses, Jenna coming to see us all for her birthday, Marco and Olson dabbing more than Pete Como with a box of Tissues, when he realizes all his posts got deleted from LOBP, The AZ families awesomeness(all generations YOU RoCK) , The Food trucks southern fried chicken , the courts(well swept Marco) , Boulders and CaseyMoores, Joey's first introduction to oysters and hosreraddish, Dillman not dying , me not getting arrested both times, Brandon for not sleeping in my room,Jouche for scoring the best goal of the year ,the level of polo the newbies are bringing , Chris for not killing anyone with his prolific T-boning , Tim (dfl) scoring a goal with his whole body crossing the line, cute polo couples , not getting the call to take the boards down this morning coz it was pissing down(sorry lads hope you got it done) , it not pissing down til today, and last but not least for the mo ............not getting arrested.
PS Did anyone pick up my 3 foot long cable lock.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

"Someone nicked my cable lock!"

DPI-5 now a memory. Thanks to all for sharing our passion.
Machine, yes and yes. The lumber and boards were stacked and loaded by dark in a rare Arizona freezing rain.
Thanks to MiniMike, Chris A. Mike T. Mailman J, NOD and Justin Hot Rod.
I have your three footer big boy.
See you on the polo road or next year DPI-6

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Just home now. Exhausted, but with a huge grin on my face. That you NOD and your fabulous extended family for a fantastic weekend. You folks sure know how to make us feel right at home.

Sorry we left you with rain...


So fun! Glad I could come in earlier and get to know the AZ crew a bit more. You guys put in a ton of work on the courts. Great job. Thanks for everything!

We're glad too and appreciate your help on Friday, Nick. We are blessed to have many members who not only play hard but work hard too. Thanks for noticing our effort and congratulations on 1st place!

I have no idea what I did with my Colorado Bike Polo shirt (clay coloured with purple screen printing). George traded socks and cash for it. If anyone picked it up, I would LOVE to get it back. xo

We'll take a look in the lost and found for you Lisa

Sorry, no Colorado Bike Polo shirt was found. We did find a jacket if someone left theirs

Who ended up with the Gray fixed gear from State?

this space intentionally left blank.

Brandon Carter won the gray fixed gear from State Bike.

A few of my favorite photos from the tourney.

Dillman with a sick donkey punch and a closeup of Grass Assult trying to corner Dillman.