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Duval Dirty Bike Olympics

VERY EXCITED about this,....Savannah should have two teams coming down and probably some more people for all the extra-curriculars if they aren't on a hard court team. Any registration fees? is it 3 v 3? Is it chopper jousting? chariot races? so many questions....so many questions

kiss my dick

Details for the polo tourn...we need to plan in advance!

thanks for registering! we've got a few places to crash if you need. The tournament details have been laid out on the website for the whens and the wheres. i'm Troy Sharpe and my phone number is (904)803-8762 if you have any questions or if you need to get a hold of me once in town. Cant' wait!



i hope you are still planning on a huffy toss!

yo doodz! i want some details on this bad boy. I would like to make my way south for this one, but I want to know what im getting in to.

Is this a 2day tournament?
Does registation cover all the bike events and partys?
Not on Face twat, so need some info
Are you a mexiCAN or mexiCAN'T?

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

CAN. but the Ameri-kind. There's a website for the event complete with registrations, rosters, and descriptions of all the events being hosted. If you need places to stay get in contact with us as soon as you can. (904)803-8762 or email me at fullmoonride@gmail.com



2 day tournament?, yes it is, we'll have pick-up on friday too., registration fee's will be moderate, we're having a fund raiser this weekend to keep it cheap, come out for pick up, bbq and sprint races if you can this sunday. side events will be cheap (1$-5$) or free. yes it will be 3v3, we'll have two fully boarded courts, and food vendors at polo.

can we add a court and make this the southeast qualifiers plz

Mobile's planning on bringing two, probably three, teams to this. Can't wait. Looks like the panhandle is turning into the place to be this year.

just an update: the fundraiser went well with 75-100 in attendence throughout the day. we will have the final schedual for ALL the events and event locations very soon, more info: http://904fixed.com/?p=1172


Hmmm. This is tempting. Even more so I feel I should be here due to the fact that we invented bicycle chariot races! Maybe cutthroatbiicycleclub will have to come dominate or ill just play polo....

I'm pretty sure we're not FWENDS!!!

kaycie and myself and this gentleman will be there.

ew gross cherri is coming, not in

it's a good thing mista marine, 'cause I'm taking your teammates and gonna win.

Justin Welch and I are looking for a third. Anyone interested?

Yo Justin and Britney, i might be looking for a team.... i was planning on playing with Marco & Tucker from Philly, but i'm not sure if they can make it now.... i'm definitely gonna make it.. should get into Jax on Fri afternoon
perry philly/nyc

oh shit, wrecked again!

My team is also looking for a third for this. You'd be playing with Jacques and Chris from Mobile. We're pretty cool, I guess. Anyone interested?

"we're pretty cool, I guess" ..........that doesn't sound very confident Jacques!

don't let him lie to you, he's not that cool.

ok i'm kinda confused.... would i be playin with Jaques & Chris or on Brit's team.... doesn't really matter to me, you all sound pretty cool to me....

oh shit, wrecked again!

It would be Britney and me.

Or me and Chris, your choice. We've got two teams both looking for thirds. Justin and Britney are two of the nicest people in polo, and got here first, so I'm pretty sure they've got dibs on available players. Bring a friend and Chris and I will snatch 'em up.

there is a registration page for anyone wishing to sign up. Chariot races and jousting will be fridat night along with that dirty shit we do in Duval. don't let the nice clean poster fool ya



all right then Justin & Britney, lets do this thing.... i look forward to meeting and playing with you guys over in Jax.... i actually have gotten a bunch of high school kids interested in polo up here in Philly and they luv to play..... we actually went up to the pit in nyc last sunday and played a bench minor with the kids from EA against the nyc club it was awesome!!!!!

oh shit, wrecked again!

Perry, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but a friend came through for us. Jacques and Chris still need a third. I can't wait to hang out though and hear more about all the awesome things you're doing in Philly. I think you're going to like the southeast, bring your sunscreen the sun's hotter down here!

I posted on your page about this. If you still want/need a team, let me know. Email me at jacques319@msn.com.

sounds great jacques, i'll hit you back soon....

oh shit, wrecked again!

sounds great jacques, i'll hit you back soon....

oh shit, wrecked again!

Hello out there in Polo Land!
I'm a single looking for a team! Hit me up soon!

Barrel Adjuster? I Hardly Know her!

My team needs a third! Who wants to play?

Here are photos I took from from the event. Most of them are from Sunday. Enjoy.


hey Jacksonville
thanks for a great tournament... Oliver you da man, Corey really enjoyed your polo demo in the pouring rain on Saturday.... Brent, i liked those 4 goals you scored in your last game!
if you guys found a couple left over mallots on Sunday (one with US/Canada hockey tape for the grip with a black head & one with a purple ski pole, with a yellow head) go ahead and use them... i forgot em....

oh shit, wrecked again!

The polo demo was like a good half time show! :)

Thanks JAX, excellence experience for us!!! Good organization, good city, good people...