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Eastside Thaw 2015

Saturday, March 21, 2015 - Sunday, March 22, 2015
Host club: 
DC Bike Polo
Contact info: 

This is a two day event with no pre-arranged teams. Despite the name, players from outside of the Eastside Region are welcome to join in on the fun.

Day 0, Fri: Check-in. Probably pick-up under the lights.

Day 1, Sat: Shuffle Deck Tournament. No pre-arranged teams. This will make it a good first-time tournament for newer members of clubs, as well as making the even more accessible for single travelers. NAH rules with caveats: The 5pt cap will be removed, wrist shots will be legal, 6'x4' goals, and the bracket will be single elimination.

Setup begins at 9:00am. First matches will begin at 10:00am (with or without you). Bracket should finish around 7:30pm. Lights will remain on until 10:00pm for Court A for people interested in pick-up.

SOCIAL: Details TBD.

Day 2, Sun: Schoolyard Bench Tournament. 8 teams. Each team will have one warm-up match before entering into a double-elimination bracket. Captains will be decided based on the outcome of day 1 by their individual (not team) stats. The bench draft will be done the evening of day 1, and posted that evening (or announced the morning of day 2).

Games will begin at 10:00am sharp.

Winter can mean low turn out for pick-up and low morale. The goal is to have a fun polo event to welcome the spring and start off the 2015 polo season! This would be a great event to encourage new members of your club to come, since they don't need to arrive with a team. It will introduce new players and skills to the clubs, and promote inter-club camaraderie. Maybe find your teammates for ESQ2015?

A back-up date of March 28&29 will be set in case of inclement weather.

Registration will open on Feb 5th at 9:00pm EST. $20.00 per person. Registration will be done by Google form, and the link will be published in advance.

Refunds will be offered through March 13th.

Court Location: https://www.google.com/maps/@39.4115988,-77.4469866,192m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en


Hillstreet Courts
100 Hill Street
Frederick, MD
United States

Signed up

Pick me up for your random team, looking to repeat

Sorry, but you're not going to KRUSE into the championship game again ;-)

Registration site: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1qkq4bOZ7F65rM3hWVrAxZyKDEWuWyCQ6tD0yktJ...

Registrations are time stamped. Do not register before 9:00pm EST on Feb 5th, 2015. Early registrations will be ignored.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

I remember when Alias and I went hand-in-hand to win the first ever Eastside Thaw Schoolyard Bench. Maybe we can repeat it this year. Sometimes it's kismet.

I kept that bench nice and warm. #TeamWork

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

I'm also looking forward to some hard hitting, groundbreaking, journalistic fuckin' chutzpah from the Gallopin' Giant, The Equine of the East... writing unbiased reviews like this... he's basically Deep Throat in this polo game...


Tonight is the night. Remember not to register before 9:00pm. This will fill up VERY fast.
Saturday has a cap of 24 teams, so the first 72 to register are in. After that, you'll be put on the wait list. If people drop, spots will be offered in order of time stamp.

Once I know who the first 72 are, I'll ask for payment. You have 48hours from the time of my email (will be sent tomorrow evening) to pay and secure your spot. After that, I'll begin offering spots to wait list individuals in order of time stamp.

I'll likely post the roster multiple times between now and the event to show who is in, and later how the A/B/C binning is distributed.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Just under four hours until payment deadline. After that, I'll begin offering spots up as available to people on the waitlist. If you're having issues with PayPal, please contact me, and I we can figure something, or give you and extension.

Still expecting payment from:

Charlotte Fagan
Juanma Alaz
Kelly Strosser
Matthew Bobel
Robert Knauer
David Frankhouser
Natalie Hamilton
Jessica Stuart
Keegan Bursaw
Mike Diamond
Ricky DeLeyos
Sean O'Donnell
Matt Krofcheck
Troy Young
John Sanchez
Shelley Smith
Sophie Schildhause
Brian Windle
Cris George
Matt Jacobs
Rob Biddle
Steve Lamb
Anna Stokes
Ben Quigley
Melanie Annis
Michelle Willcox
Steven Beckmeyer
Charles Sprinkle
Francisco Gonzalez
Ian Dunwiddie
Kurt Stolte
Sean McCormick
Shane Morgan

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

are cartoons against the safe space policy?



edit: i meant #jesuishorsey

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Slangin' polo stuff and slang at