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EHBPC 2013 Kraków

EHBPC 2013 Kraków poster
Friday, June 28, 2013 - Sunday, June 30, 2013
Host club: 
Bike Polo Club Kraków
Contact info: 
Court size: 
three full-sized courts, asphalt, 125cm boards, pick-up court

Hello Euro Polo Community!
Bike Polo Club Kraków is honored to be announcing EHBPC 2013 on our own turf!

All the info available at http://www.ehbpc.org/

Tuesday 25th, Wednesday 26th
Court assembly

Thursday 27th
9AM – 9PM wildcard tournament ( final games expected between 4PM and 8PM )

Friday 28th
7.30AM – On site registration and bike check (ref will not allow a team on the court if not registered, paid and bikes checked)
8AM – 2PM first group swiss rounds
2PM – 8PM second group swiss rounds
10PM – after party at FORUM Przestrzenie (Marii Konopnickiej 28) https://maps.google.com/maps?q=50.044766,19.936173

Saturday 29th
8AM – 4PM bottom group games
4PM – 8PM top group games
7PM – Bike Polo movies screening ( movies will be looped – no worries that some of us will be late ) / after party at PAUZA IN GARDEN (Małopolski Ogród Sztuki, Rajska12) https://maps.google.com/maps?q=50.064619,19.927998

Sunday 30th
8AM – 8PM championship finals
10PM – after party at BETEL club (Pl. Szczepański 3) https://maps.google.com/maps?q=50.063631,19.934778

We’re also gathering a group of devoted international referees. If you want to lend a hand, contact Stan at stan@ehbpc.org.
If you have any suggestions regarding sponsors, contact Kamil (here as Krzyyy) at kamil@ehbpc.org.
All the media contacts you'd like to share will go to Marta at marta@ehbpc.org.
We're planning to arrange affordable housing in a very close vicinity to the courts. Maciej is in charge, maciej@ehbpc.org.


Lot by the stadium
Reymonta 22

Signed up

Hey guys, great news, great work, tickets booked !

French euro qualifiers will be held in Toulouse in 9 days, it will be great to know how much slots each country will have before starting it. Like this the competition will be better and the ranking during our 2 days of tournament will have a real sense.

Also, it will be good to know if the wildcard is an open or if there is a number slots for each country (in that case, french euro qualifiers will decide too) , same arguments ;)

Cheers ++

Play polo for Call Me Daddy

I believe the answers to both those questions will be provided in the next day or so.

I hope Cosmic can grab a wild card spot...it's our only way in for this years Euros.

re: flyer


We've updated the description of the tournament. Slot distribution is official!!

Note: It's up there, thus it is not up for discussion.

birds on red..
it remind me ....

how many teams from wildcard will play the main tournament ?

Team Sophie - Switzerland

Hi! :) It's all written :) "Wildcard 9"
so ... 9 Teams from wildcard tournament will play in the main tournament :)

Pajac, The Beardless

Or more, if countries don't claim all their spots

wow so want to play in that swimming pool



Neil - Cross Hares, Manchester UK

The registration is now open!
Register at registration@ehbpc.org
Go onto http://www.ehbpc.org/2013/?page_id=2 for details!


All countries are asked to provide us their slot allocation, please send us an e-mail (registration@ehbpc.org) with list of teams which managed to win the spot ( list should contain also spot type ( main / wc ))

Thank you!! :) It will help us

Pajac, The Beardless

Did you already decided the format of the wildcard tournament, are we going to play on the 3 court for this part of the tournament? Thanks

During this weekend we will finally decide how to do it, but probably yes :)
( 3 courts will be ready for sure )

Pajac, The Beardless

What's about the ruleset ?

We are waiting for info from Florida about new NAH RuleSet ( Kruse ) and it will be the official EHBPC 2013 ruleset...

In case that new nah ruleset won't appear soon, we will need to decide between nah ruleset http://www.nahardcourt.com/ruleset-v3-3-for-the-2013-nah-season/ or WHBPC 2012 one

Pajac, The Beardless

Hi pajac,
I saw on the ehbpc website that you have places reserved at 10€ per days in some hostels but is it per person per day or per room or .... ?
thanks a lot for all this great job !!!!

~10EUR/night/person. It's a student dormitory, so it's super cheap a third of what you would pay in a regular hostel.

Accommodation inquires and reservation, talk to Maciej Nosal at maciej@ehbpc.org.

June 10th is the registration deadline ( for both main spots and the wildcard!) Only 7 days left from now!!

Pajac, The Beardless

wheeeeeeeee, qualified for the wildcard. Just checking flights now!

Gutted, neither of my team mates can make it now so we have to drop out. I am available to sub, good goalie, strong blocking game and nice smart shot :)

Gutted, neither of my team mates can make it now so we have to drop out. I am available to sub! Good goalie, strong blocking game and nice smart shot :)

What will the format be for the wildcard tournament?

I might be up for coming, krakow, how good are the good times gonna be?! :)

@Hyper Allah
We don't know yet... We need to know 2 things:
1) How many main tournament slots will be to win ( some countries won't claim all their spots )
2) How many teams will participate in wildcard
Then we will design appropriate wildcard format :)

Pajac, The Beardless

Is it possible to know the teams already registered?

Today is the DEADLINE for registration.
Register @ registration@ehbpc.org, details @ ehbpc.org /registration.

We will know all the teams soon.

We have finished the 1st round of registration!
We've got about 20 free wildcard spots and we will fight for about 18 main tournament spots in the Wildcard tournament on June 27th. ( 50% chances of getting in! )

We are launching the 2nd round of the Wildcard registration!
Please send your email to registration@ehbpc.org
Subject: 2nd registration - [team name ]
1) Team members
2) Cities/Countries
3) Tshirt sizes
4) Way of payment ( paypal / on site )
There are no constraints about nationalities etc... 2nd round of wildcard registration is 100% open for everyone who haven't registered in the 1st round.
2nd registration deadline is set at 23:59, June 12th.

Get your teams together and register!

Here you go:

Main tournament
1. One Got Fat, Austria (Django, Marco, ?)
2. Elio, Belgium (Simon, Antoine, Vincent)
3. HÖF, Croatia (MATEJ PAŠALIĆ, ?, ?)
4. BKP, Czech Republic (Dany, Jirka, Martin)
5. LES CHEVALS, France (grégory bouet, tristan puchaux, kostia puchaux)
6. CALL ME DADDY, France (Will, Greg, Polo)
7. DIONYSOS, France (Mathieu, Benjamin, Rems)
8. Histoire Fraiche Gros, France ( Félix, Alex, Anthony)
9. LHOOKS, France (Quentin, Woods, Manu)
10. TRUE DANGER, France (Alex, Luca, Hugo)
11. Warlocks, France (Rob, Seabass, Floris)
12. We Are Animals, France (Salvo, Morgan, Johann)
13. Bambule, Germany (Danny, Daniel, Nico)
14. BamOida, Germany (phil, Flo Muenster, Flo Hannover)
15. Edisons, Germany (Mo, David, Eddy)
16. Instinct , Germany (Clemens Hick, Christopf Hick, Lukas Hoehle)
17. Power Rangers, Germany (Robert, Max, Philipp)
18. Bisons, Hungary (David Varga, Gabor Varga, Luca Groucho)
19. Ikarus, Hungary (Magda, Krisz, Bruno)
20. Guilty Pleasure, Ireland (Kropa, Johnny, Tomas)
21. BAM!, Italy (Punch, Luca, Dodi)
22. Bike Pollo, Italy (Scimmia, Pas, Suino)
23. Lone Eagle, Italy (Edoardo Oboe, Edoardo Noro, Francesco Noro)
24. Latvia team 1, Latvia (, , )
25. Apollo 3, Poland (Maciek, Przemek, Kuba)
26. Poloski, Poland (Stan, Sikor, Olej)
27. psycho.tropy, Poland (Balcer, Adi, Kuba)
28. The Beardless, Poland (Madej, Pajac, Rudy)
29. Estrondeira! , Portugal (Duarte, Mosaik, Vitor)
30. Easy Rider, Romania (Ferko, , )
31. Nacional II, Spain (Pablo, Ricardo, Adam)
32. Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition, Spain (Mickael Polaina, Jordi Guiu, Sebastian Santiso)
33. Spain team 3, Spain (Rupert, Max, Alejandro)
34. 50 Shades of Daverage, UK (Chris, Jamie, Dave)
35. Depth Charge, UK (Cameron, Ed, Ali)
36. EAST LONDON ARMS, UK (Sean, Iain, Mayeut)
37. Gettin Wild, UK (Josh, Hayden, Lee)
38. Spring Break, UK (Adam, Ryan, Jono)
39. Tres Locos, UK (Benjamin Beagle, Antonio Cervantes, Fin Stabbath)
40. Gak-O-Gak, Ukraine (Kasatka, SK, Black)

Wildcard tournament
1. qubic, Austria (Mubeen, Miguel, ?)
2. Krystalis, Czech Republic (Jenda, Eliška, Kruger)
3. Los bigotes hasta las rodillas, France (Mass, Dam's, Kéké)
4. Mère Michel, France (Xavier PESNEL, Tony BIDEL, Germain HENRY)
5. Polorado, Germany (Jupp, Rado, Jan)
6. Reservoir Dogs, Germany (Markus Hölzner, Michael Mundry, Martin Lechtleiner)
7. We love Llorett, Germany (Jan, Hagen, Johanna)
8. 8AM, Hungary (Szőke, Peti, Dova)
9. Gyógyszertár, Hungary (Tamás Csányi, Juliane Drews, Kálmán Rácz)
10. Tigers, Italy (, , )
11. Latvia team 2, Latvia (, , )
12. Dildo Baggins, Poland ( dr, sebastian, ojciec)
13. DISCO POLO, Poland (Sabi, Smyl, Majki)
14. Poloctopus, Poland (Antek, Mario, Janusz)
15. Sabre Cats, Poland (Tony, Nosal, Karsten)
16. Ściana Wschodnia, Poland (Bartek, Patryk, Qavtan)
17. Yokohama, Poland (Agata, Valley, )
18. 3GAG, Romania (, , )
19. 5G, UK (Andrew McRae, Neil Ruddock, Emyr Derfel)
20. Dead Rappers, UK (Brendan, , )
21. knuckle Shuffle, UK (Shane, Ed, Ben)
22. London Conspiracy, UK (John Hayes, Zoe Bierman, Jess Duffy)
23. Narco Polo, UK ( Maddie Yuille, Phil Durrant, Paul Kubalek)
24. Tornadoes, UK (Erin Giuliani, Nik Hamiltan, Flo Mehrzweck)
25. Yomoyo, UK (Louis Bloede-macLeod, Jimmy White, Arunas G.)

no teams from Switzerland?


No, which is a shame.

My team can't come since we know the dates and some other get troubles (injuries) or other dates issues... Some also don't take this shit seriously enough.
Anyway, that's a shame.

(Hopefully manu would be there...and tomas too, is a GVP player now, it makes 2)

Team Sophie has one brand new dad, and one who will be dad in a few days, that's why Sophie won't be in Krakow. But I'm looking forward to playing with TORNADOES. Bing

Team Sophie - Switzerland

Hi this is Louis from Yomoyo, in case anyone's able to come and is looking for a team, Yomoyo are a player short?

Just realised, I don't check here very often (well, ever) so can you either email my username at ymail dot com... I actually don't check mail as often as I read Lfgss.com, so if you pm khornight2 on there I'll get your message even faster.


Hey, my friend Zoli is also available to join an incomplete team. He is not quite a pro but has some good skills and tournament experience. We will be in Krakow tomorrow afternoon. Please let me know if you need a player. You can contact me at LOBP or e-mail ferkovacska at gmail dot com.

Hey, I can post now! I'm Zoli, and everything ferkov wrote is true. I need a team. My mail is glovag at yahoo dot com

p.s. why is everyone posting their emails like this?

Thanks for coming guys.

Hail to CMD, the returning champions.


thanks a lot to all the krakow bike polo family for this crazy job you've done all the week !!! jsut an amazing tournament . <3

Bringing this back to life...

Check out Przemek's project! Przemek is our friend (and EHBPC co-organizer) and he was taking all the pictures of the bikes.
Please support and share it with your friends :)

{please share}, www.igg.me/at/bikepolo

& find your bike