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EHBPC 2014

Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - Sunday, June 29, 2014
Host club: 
RODE (Padova)
Contact info: 


25/06 Wild card
26/06 Tournament
27/06 Tournament
28/06 Finals + Awards
28/06 Random Tournament + Shuffle play


from 8:00 am to 19:30 Tournament
from 19:30 to 00:00 Aperitif dj-set, open to all free admission.


1 area of 10,000 sqmt
1 tournament
3 outdoor courts in two different locations in the center of the city
1 camping area (on grass)
1 redbull VIP lounge area with pool + table football (4 vs. 4 )
2 free wi fi area
2 cafès for food and beverage meat / vegan / vegetarian
1 workshop available to all competitors
1 area park loungers + umbrellas

More details: www.ehbpc.org and www.facebook.com/events/789462791072680/


Polodromo / Brentelle Padova

Signed up

Just curious about the first day of seeding.

Only 4 rounds of swiss is not very accurate (generally seems to require 5 rounds for accurate seeding).
This seems particularly significant as 12 teams will be eliminated after that first game?!

I was thinking the same thing. Last year there were 60+ teams on 3 courts and it worked out to play 5 swiss rounds for everybody.

Edit: Damn, I just looked, it was only 4 rounds...shame on me...

However, 5 would be great!! Please make it 5 :)

Seeding would be more accurate if there were 5 rounds of Swiss on Thursday. You could then hold 4 rounds on Friday and combine the results from the previous day too.

There were only 4 rounds in Krakow because several teams were not ready to play causing delays.

Yeah... We were planning 5 rounds in Krakow - but many things caused delays...
Anyway, last year showed that 4 rounds are usually not enough, especially when some teams can end their tournament after one day :(

Pajac, The Beardless

Just think that it is a little lame that 12 teams may travel all the way to Italy only to play 4 games.

In NAs and Worlds the last couple of years the minimum number of seeding games before elimination has been 9 or 10.

Are there any subs floating about for the UK's wildcard team? Emyr and John (Manchester and Sheffield) need a third after Arthur has got some weird illness and has been told not to travel.

Two more questions for the organisers.

1. Have the groups been arranged yet, would be great to see.

2. Would it not be better to have an 18 and 30 team split on the friday.
I understand that the decision was probably made due to scheduling groups onto 1 and 2 courts respectively.
But by having 18 teams in the top group it means the top 3 from each thursday group go directly through, instead of having to compare results between groups (which regarldess of seeding will inevitably be at least partially unequal).

Sorry for piling questions on you guys, I am sure that you are very busy and doing a great job.