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EHBPC 2010 - Geneva

Friday, July 16, 2010 - Sunday, July 18, 2010
Contact info: 
Court size: 
3 courts of 32x15 m , hockey boards. (+ 1 shorter training court)


Cycle d'orientation Sécheron
1 avenue blanc
Geneva, GE

Signed up

Teams from Catania:
1) Bike Pollo
2) Yokupolu Mayoku

I can't wait... See you soon!

The 2 Karlsruhe Teams will be:
- Shark Attack (Alex, Max & Oli)
- The Candy Colored Clowns (Hannes, Marc & Steffen)

... can't wait to be back in Geneva!

Cheers, Hannes!

No Metz, Schindel and Söhne. No Thomas Metz!

MALICE for the people.

Chukker Norris wrote:

No Metz, Schindel and Söhne. No Thomas Metz!

Hey Matt,

sad but true!
But Thomas is playing with Recep and the other Oli now...

See you soon!

teams from London

1. Malice Internatinal (Andy, Iain, Mat)
2. BAD Polo (Aidan,Brendan, Dave)
3. Cosmic3 (Matt, Todd, Tom)
4. Rotten Apples (Em, Gabes, Rik)

Zaragoza Bike Polo 2015
Berlin Bike Polo 2010 - 2015
London Bike Polo 2008 - 2010

Same four teams in the top four for the UK Champs, but in this order:

1. Cosmic3 (Mat, Todd, Tom)
2. Rotten Apples (Em, Gabes, Rik)
3. BAD Polo (Aidan,Brendan, Dave)
4. Malice Internatinal (Andy, Iain, Matt)

MALICE for the people.

Same four teams as the top four in the London League but in this order:

1. BAD Polo (Aidan,Brendan, Dave)
2. Cosmic3 (Mat, Todd, Tom)
3. Rotten Apples (Em, Gabes, Rik)
4. Malice Internatinal (Andy, Iain, Matt)

Nice that the top spot is a crapshoot. Seems like it's Rotten Apples' turn next.

Hey, whad you sayin' buddy? (Oh, wait, 4th is familiar to you too.)

MALICE for the people.

Teams from Paris :

1. MGM (Marmousou / Greg / Matt)
2. AA (Marc / Luis / Yorgo)
3. Marteaux (Henri / René / Corenthin)

Cheers from Paris.


Teams from Munich:
Tough Shit (Lo, Til, James)
Toros (Eddy, Pablo, Andreas)
A-Team (Sven, Michi, Dennis)

Greetings from Munich

Manchester's teams
Netto Superstars (Marek, Mirek, Chan)
ASBO Polo (Woody, Ste, Josh)

what happen with Adam?

Zaragoza Bike Polo 2015
Berlin Bike Polo 2010 - 2015
London Bike Polo 2008 - 2010

i think he is just choosing to relax for a while

For people who don't have done this yet, I need:
The name of a Capitain per team, and size of shirts for every player.

Teams from Rouen:
1. Broken Legs (Eugène, Yaralt, Simon(c))
2. D.B.A.A (Maks, Fred, Woods(c))

Ciao Geneva, do you know already playground dimensions and official ball type?

We want High density balls for heat weather, and the courts gonna be 32x15m.

Hi Geneva,

we're from Budapest, Hungary

Team name : Budapest Bike Polo (Eva, Harsi, wackor(C)) - (not final)

t-shirts sizes later



The Bisons

I am very happy to see budapest is sending a team.


yes, me too :)

The Bisons

Teams from Barcelona

El Club ( Kico, Tom, Lucas)
24h Polo People ( Alejandro, Pablo, Jordi)

I'd say, all Ms, maybe two Ss.

PS: How much and how do we pay?

Team from Vicenza, Italia

Riding in Circle (Gianluca, Cento, Tobia)

50 frcs per team. like 35 euros for now. but we want money in swiss francs, cause we made the budget before this fuckin falling down of the euro.
For now we don't have any paypal account, so i don't know yet how to get pay. For now... on the spot.

Team from Toulouse: PollOccitan -Alex, le Rem's, Polo- ...

Hi Geneve
team from Fano
Malaforca: Tommi, Jack, Sapo
all M t-shirt sizes

It is possible to know the adress of the civilian protection buildings..? We need sleeping bags?

I'm sure it will be nickel!!

The result is random the performance No

Hey, Every team need to fill this out, please do it ASAP:

the link on google maps is broken.


Sorry for the link:
No paypal account.

we'd like to go on thursday, three of us. we start to go in the early morning from Hungary, question is, can we use these free housing on thursday evening? thanks

The Bisons

The free housing is from 16 to 19 july. So from friday night.
For free housing before Im gonna check if some people can handle some housing...

we pay in Geneva then?

Team from Cambridge UK , Fen Boy 3 ( Will , Harvey and Hayden )
T-Shirt size XL , L and M


youth hostel i believe is full...

any recomendation on cheap hostel?

No cheap hostel in geneva i think...Camping or the civilian protection by the 16.
Im gonna check for private housing for the night of the 15.

thanks for this, i think there will be quite a few anglophones arriving the 15th

i have two question

1. what about nobrakes fixed gear bikes on traffic in Geneva? is it problem? what about cops?
2. championship rules?

The Bisons

wackor wrote:

2. championship rules?

It's really time to know !!!

Sorry for the wait:
Rules (some changes can happen):


breakless forbidden in GVA. Cops can be dicks if they are into the mood. Drive slowly when you see them, it should be ok. Be realy aware about biking cops!


About time-out:
1. How many per team per game?
2. How many minutes max. for each time out?

Less is more, don't know yet.
Maybe 2 minutes max per time out...

Come back with answer.

a question if been asking myself for a long time...will it be possible to ask for a tactical time out, for example, to get together your team or disrupt a bit the rythm of the other team?

and regarding body to body, you say it's legal the use of forearms. In what way? Because if you use a forearm, the chicken wing which is not allowed, is so close to it! Maybe I don't understand exactly... is it like a defensive forearm, just for them not to break your "personal" space?

T-Bonin fault, is it always the player who crash into the other the one that commits the foul right? What about offensive obstructing, like going backwards on a behind move from the other?

use of forearms is in a defensive way to prevent a player who is pushing on you. You can put your forarms against his shoulder.

T-boning.,.. seriously, for me this rule mean nothing. All depend of who make the crash, who is moving and not, and who can avoid the crash or not. I can't realy answer you about that. If a player skid just in front of me, making me crash in him without ohter option, i think that the foul is not for me.

For offensive obstruction, i hate that every day a lil' bit more. But in european polo, that's legal. So for me, no rules about that. But I think that ref need to be more permissive with hard contact if the defensor can't get his way to the ball.
Yesterday i intentionnally t-boning the ofensive player who was screening me, it was a foul, but a lil' one I think. For me, people who play like this need to be ready to get push away.

goddamnit i want to come watch you europeans beast it out

return train from toulouse is expensive!

someone tele-port me plz, kthx <3

that's my shit

Ciao Uolmo,

I'll arrive in Geneva at more or less h. 16-17 on 16th/07

Were we have to go to meet all the organization and players ???

The programme is here: http://www.ehbpc.org/
Gonna meet the poeple on the courts for pick uping all the day.


yall is goofy.

Dont forget:

Solar cream protection
Swiss money (no euros, no pesetas, no pounds etc..)
Good Lock
Safety Bike

pesetas rule!

Zaragoza Bike Polo 2015
Berlin Bike Polo 2010 - 2015
London Bike Polo 2008 - 2010

Dont forget HELMETS!!

REgistration gonna be on friday, on the courts or next to the bar.( 1 avenue blanc, genève).

@ Airport to train station:
Take the train to "Gare Cornavin", that's the only stop you can go just after the airport (rail is under the airport).

After take the road who get directly to the old school, and go up:



Some photos of the courts under construction:
The goals:


Some pictures of this first day of EHBPC !


Broken legs

thanks to eugene....continue to report...
i couldn't be...

peppina from ibiza

For you Peppina :)
New photos on http://www.guidoline.com/2010/07/17/ehbpc-report-samedi-17/

Broken legs

thanks eugene....you're ok,nice pictures ....where i can follow the result of the matches ?

peppina from ibiza


1er : L’équipe (Geneva)
2ème : Cosmic (London)
3ème :El Club (Barcelona)
4ème : Rotten Apple (London)

Well done guys!

El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.

EHBPC 2010 bikes only

Hi everybody,
We want to thank every people who make this wonderful tournament reality:
All the staff for the massive help!
All the players for the massive playing!
The city of Geneva: Délégation à la Jeunesse and Service des Sports, for their financing and hardware help.
LaPati for the amazing courts and best red goals ever.
Chunk for the pink monkey shirts, prizes and their work.
Wainting for the sun for the sun and the glasses.
Dirty hands for the stickers.
Eight Inch for their prizes.

What were the dimensions of these courts?

Small but with good wall it looks bigger.
Best walls I never use.