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Sunday, December 11, 2011
Host club: 
Contact info: 
Court size: 
Fully covered 40 x 20 m / 110 cm height wooden boarding with metal support + rounded corners

Time : Registration from 9:00 / Game from 10:00

Parcitipation : Send an email to taka@ehvfxd.net

Fee : 9 euro per player (27 euro per team)

Beneligue : All participants will be awarded Beneligue points according to their standings.

Condition :
- LIGHT COLORED TIRES are strongly encouraged
- Pedals with metal cages are NOT ALLOWED (Use plastic pedals or SPD without cage.)
- Handlebars MUST BE PLUGGED with plastic/rubber ends (Metal bar-ends are NOT ALLOWED)
- No metal edges (uncut bolt/nut/shaft etc.) on mallet heads

Format : Swiss round qualification / double elimination final round

Teams :
1. EHVFXD (Eindhoven NL)
2. Guacapolo (Brussel BE)
3. 3P (BIelefeld DE)
4. Dub Out (Utrecht/Amsterdam NL)
5. The Wilmsbergs (Münster DE)
6. Jupiler SVP (Paris FR)
7. Comme Papa Dans Maman (Paris FR)
8. MMM (Amsterdam/Enschede NL)
9. Polo Bonito (Eindhoven/Amsterdam NL)
10. Fish Sticks (Antwerp BE)
11. Polo Prospects (Amsterdam NL/Portland US)
12. Simon Says (Antwerp BE)

Sponsors :
- BIKEPOLOGEAR.EU — http://bikepologear.eu/
- Goodbikes.nl — http://www.goodbikes.nl/
- Morse code clothing — http://www.morsecodeclothing.nl/
- Singlespeed.nl — http://www.singlespeed.nl/

Prizes : 1st/2nd/3rd place and MVP


RC de Lichtstad
Sint Trudostraat 1A

Signed up

Yo, I'm thinking of heading to Hamburg tomorrow then crashing your tournament next week. Looking forward to some good times!

Cheers, Tom
Portland OR Bike Polo


Court is fully covered / weather proof with sunlight and ceiling lights.

Concrete surface, perfectly smooth and even. Little slippery but enough grip to play.

Court size : 40 x 20m with wooden boarding (H110 cm)

Full size nets behind each goal to prevent a ball getting out.

Goal : W180 x H110 cm with nets

Courtside cafe opens from 12:00 to keep you warm with hot drinks and snack/lunch.

Parking available for out of towners.


Supreme Champion: Les Simon Says (Antwerpen, BE) > 32 points
Worthy Adversary: Güacapolo (Bruxsel, BE) > 28
Maybe Next Time: Fish Sticks (Antwerpen, BE) > 23
4th : EHVFXD (Eindhoven, NL) >19
5th tied : Jupiler SVP (Paris, FR) > 14
5th tied : Comme Papa Dans Maman (Paris, FR) >14
7th tied : Polo Prospect's (Amsterddhoven, NL) > 10
7th tied : 3P (Bielefeld, GER) >10
9th : The Wilmsbergs (Münster, GER) > 6
10th : Polo Bonito (Amsterdam, NL) > 3
11th : Dub Out (Amsterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht, NL)> 2
12th : MMM (Amsterdam, NL) > 1

Here all results of the final rounds (double elim) and the qualifications (swiss rounds):

Current ranking of the BENELIGUE:
(after three events, Antwerp Kick-off tourney BENELIGUE #1, BENELIGUE #2 - Jambes Open, and BENELIGUE #3 - EINDHOVEN WINTER CUP)

1st: EHVFXD (Eindhoven/NL: Jamal/Lorenzo/Taka) 79 points
2nd : Les Simon Says (Antwerp/BE: Chris/Jaouad/Nicky) 74
3rd: Güacapolo (Brussels/BE: Antoine/Sacha/Molo) 70
4th: Fishsticks (Antwerp/BE: Arnoud/Koen/Simon) 46
5th: Dans Ta Gueule Pingouin! (Paris/FR: Yorgo, Hugo, Greg) 32 *
6th: Swing for the chin! (Antwerp/BE: Niels/Ward/Floris-Thomas) 24
7th: Polo Prospect's (Amsterddhoven: Raul/Daniel/Léo-?) 20
8th:The Hoaxers (Lille/Rouen: Jo pompom, Gui, Dadou) 19
9th: Dubout (Amsterdam/Utrecht/Haarlem: Bram/Erik/Ewoud-Rob-Fish) 18
10th: Polo Bonito (Amsterddhoven: Alex/Tycho/Morti-Rutger) 17
11th tie:
Gibiers (Lille: Florent/Sylvain/Pierre) 14
Jupiler SVP (Paris: Alex/JFran/Floris) 14 *
Comme Papa Dans Maman (Paris: Ben/Léo/Thomas) 14 *
14th: L'Amicale (Brussels: Dan/Stan/Vincent) 13
15th: 3P (Bielefeld/GER: Daniel/David/Niels) 10 *
16th tie:
DTC (Brussels/Amsterdam: Loran, Mortimer, Robbie) 6
The Wilmsbergs (Münster/GER: Ian/Philipp/?) 6 *
18th: DTCuberdon (Brussels: Clément/Loran/Maxence) 3
19th: Young Blood Polo Band team 1 (Tournai: Jérôme, Quentin, Valentin) 2
20th tie:
Young Blood Polo Band team 2 (Tournai: Donovan, David, Steve) 1
MMM (Amsterdam/NL: Masami/Mark/?) 1 *

* If if they register for the BENELIGUE and 'll take part to at least 4 events, they will keep their points at the end of the BENELIGUE. If not, their points of this tourney will be reallocated to the teams behind for a new and final ranking.