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Epiphanie 2014

Saturday, February 1, 2014 - Sunday, February 2, 2014
Host club: 
Rouen Bike Polo

Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd of February 2014
Saturday : 16 teams tourney
Sunday : Double elimination, 16 teams
place : Stade Saint-Exupéry | Rouen (same as every year)
court: outdoort rink hockey with a roof, so we can play even if it rains or snows, or whatever can happen but don't forget your bonnet and mittens.

Principle of the tourney and gifts

It's easy: No gift = NO POLO
Each team brings a gift for another one. So each team will receive a gift from another one.
(Your gift has to be signed => « from 'team name' »).Keep in mind that a team is composed of 3 players, it's always hard to divide 1 item between 3 persons.
At the end, each team gets to pick one of the gifts under our Polo Christmas tree.


Throw ins at the court, Bike fixing, beers and other crazy stuffs at guidolines new workshop !!
6:00pm=> guidoline's new coffee/bar

8:00am : Meeting at the « stade St exupery » court and Breakfast (Free coffee and pastries for players)
9:00am : Begining of the Swiss Round (5 rounds, 10 min games)
12:00am : Free Meal for players
7:00pm : End of the Games
8:00pm : Gift exchange PARTY at O'Kallaghan's (same bar as every year)

8:00am : Meeting at the « stade St exupery » court and Breakfast (Free coffee and pastries for players)
9:00am : Begining of the Double elimination (top 16 teams from the day before)
12:00am : Free Meal for players
5:00pm : End of the Games


Registration will open on Thursday December 19th at 12:00 (GMT+1) meaning 11:00 am in London (GMT)


The countdown refers to the server clock (GMT+1) so everybody will be alowed to fill the form at the same time.
When the countdown is over you can REFRESH (F5) the page and fill the form


Saturday: 16 teams, 5 rounds of Swiss Round, 10 minutes Games
Sunday: 16 teams, Double élimination, 10 minutes to unlimited games


we can house everyone

Registration fees

25€/person (to be confirmed)

Registration includes:
Saturday and Sunday
breakfast at the court
warm Lunch at the court

One Meal at the Pub for the GIFT Party (Only on Saturday night)

More infos: http://www.rouenbikepolo.com/?p=infos


Stade St Exupery Rouen

Signed up

Nice :-) looks amazing

Poloroid from Vienna are looking for a third.

less than 3 hours to go !


Teams Registered for the Epiphanie 2014 are:

#1 Hooks
(Quentin, Mo, Woods)

#2 Monseigneur
(Maks, Robin, Greg)

#3 Bike Boloss'
(Nico, Momo, Flo)

#4 FAF
(Fred, Anton, Fabrice)

#5 Albatar
- Silvio
- Rems
- Lucas

#6 Poloroid
- Mateen
- Gert
- Flo

#7 Gang
- quentin
- lolo
- Dani

#8 The Beardless
- Pajac
- Rudy
- Madej

#9 cmb
- luca
- joshj
- will

#10 Outlaws
- Jon
- Dodi
- Pix

- max
- shane
- tom

#12 Des us Tank
- Dany
- Jiri
- Lca

#13 Apaches
- Lucas
- Ronan
- Brice

#14 GM5
- teo
- alex
- quentitn

#15 BBP
- Antoine
- Dan
- Vincent



#17 mondial
- emmet
- adam
- snoops

#18 Robarconor
- Rob
- Marc
- Norby

#19 camembridge
- Max
- MAt
- tbc

#20 Les chacals
- Ben
- Yorgo
- René

#21 bigote
- dams
- keke
- mass

#22 MM
- germain
- tony
- Ben

full list:

HAve a look at the new NA Rule set as we'll be testing it !