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Epiphanie Bike Polo Week End

Epiphanie Bikepolo Weekend
Saturday, January 9, 2010 - Sunday, January 10, 2010
Host club: 
Rouen Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
1 court : 30m x 60m (i'm not sure)


Each team bring a gift. and each team will recieve a gift
No sponsor, no soucy, just some polo as we all like it.

The Rouen Bike Polo Club announce the "Epiphanie Bike Polo Week End".
This non official tournament (or faking tournament) will take place in January 2010 from 9 to 10.
The first day, all the 16 teams will play all the day on a court protected from the weather.


The second day, a throw in for all the players even if they are not enrolled.

Launch of inscription, Wednesday 23th Decemeber 2009 at 12h00 (french hour).

The tournament is friendly. No sponsor, no pressure. Each enrolled team will bring a gift that they will sign.
At the end, each team (from the first to the last) will choose a gift from those will be under the tree.


All the players who want to be in Rouen the friday will be welcome by the players of the different teams of Rouen to talk about Polo and Pink Elephants.
time of arrival : 7pm.

9 am : Inscriptions + breakfast with coffee
10 am : Launch of friendly fire !!!!
12 am : A soup with some bread will be proposed to the players.
6 pm : End of the tournament
7 pm : Awards and alcohol a the O'ckhalagan Pub

10 am : Rendez-vous Place Saint Marc where each people will can buy some French food and other things.
12 am : Throw in for everybody wants
7 pm : End of the Week End.

Some players of Rouen can host.
We will try to be the best to host ùmany players but we haven't enough for all the people.
Think about to pay a room in an Inn or couch-surfing.

No local player will can host the Sunday night.

The inscriptions will be launch the 23th December at 12 am (french hour) on this website :

Informations we need :
- team name
- first and last name of the players
- phone number of the players
- date and time of arrival
- housing situation

Rouen Bike Polo
Information : maks (dotbox@free.fr)

from 2€ to 5€ by person.
Coffee + breakfast and Soup with some bread will be offer saturday morning.


And think about your gift !!


Stade saint Exupéry Rouen 76000

Signed up

Bouya bouya

broken egs

Broken Legs

Google Maps Epiphanie Bike Polo Week End

Who designs these Rouen posters? They're always the best tourney posters out there!

last year's happy wheels was designed by Ludovic Villain : http://www.ludovic-villain.com
and this one is from Fabrice Houdry: http://fabricehoudry.blogspot.com

They both work or worked (ludovic) at the Studio Yaralt (http://www.yaralt.com) in Rouen and were the first bike polo Players in Rouen and in France.

Moi aussi j'adore l'affiche! Ça me rappel quelque chose, quoi? Ché plus.

J'allume enfin, c'est la couronne de Basquiat!

Fuck ya DTGP! Let's see some photos now and hear more results!

Photos coming soon, here are the final results

1 er - Dans ta gueule, puceau (Paris)
2 ème - Poloroika (London/Australia/Paris/Greece/ ??)
3 ème - Rolling hoods (Grenoble)
4 ème - Apologies Accepted (Paris)
5 ème - Latin Loosers (Barcelona / Rouen)
6 ème - Les marteaux (Paris / Rouen)
7 ème - MGM (Paris)
8 ème - Les Chevaliers du Camel-toe (Rouen)
9 ème - Broken Legs // DBAA // sAuCy LoBsTarZ (Rouen/Rouen/Paris)
12 ème - Les Rois Mages (Paris)
13 ème - Les Joueurs de Billes (Paris)
14 ème - Rider Kultur (Rouen)

Hey Woods,
I think Poloroika is a little more like


in no particular order.

Is there a list of the names of player in each team?
My little brain has trouble with remembering
so many new people all at once.

I can't remember everyone but it was something like that:

1 er - Dans ta gueule, puceau (Paris) => Hugo, Pierre, Edouard

2 ème - Poloroika (London/Australia/Paris/Greece/ ??) => Yorgo, Agatha, Nick

3 ème - Rolling hoods (Grenoble) Yann, Thibault, William

4 ème - Apologies Accepted (Paris) Marc, Luis, Alex

5 ème - Latin Loosers (Barcelona / Rouen) ? , ? ,Robin

6 ème - Les marteaux (Paris / Rouen) Henry, René, Don

7 ème - MGM (Paris) Matt, Greg, Matt

8 ème - Les Chevaliers du Camel-toe (Rouen) Anton, Quentin, Vincent

9 ème - Broken Legs Simon, Yaralt, Eugène // DBAA Max, Woods, Fred// sAuCy LoBsTarZ (Rouen/Rouen/Paris) Jude, Pounk, Alex

12 ème - Les Rois Mages (Paris) Thomas, ? ,?

13 ème - Les Joueurs de Billes (Paris) Leonard, ?, ?

14 ème - Rider Kultur (Rouen) Nicolas, Guillaume, Charles

Latin Loosers (Barcelona/Rouen) Robin, Pablo, Pau!! I think...¿??
Sexy, polo, beer...amigo!

El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.

super fun tourney and the Rouen folks were plus size hospitable.
We were fed soup and coffee the whole day which pretty much made the whole thing possible,
it was just cold as ass, around -5C/20F all day +snowing. So many good games most notably
there was a bunch of epic golden goal games which kept the crowd warm.
I'd like to see an entire tournament of golden goal games. First to 1, every game.

Its super clear that there are now loads of really good teams in France
which is great, there wasn't even such a huge gap between the top end
of the ladder and the bottom end, every game was pretty energetic. There was no MVP
given but Hugo carried a sick Pierre and a new Eduard to victory...that guy is
a wily bastard sometimes.

I remember after the Paris BFF I was kinda negative and the whole perma
goalie thing and some folks said it was due to the small courts.
Well the Rouen court is way bigger, and wider, most teams tended
to have a goalie but players rotated in and out so in my
opinion this lead to a more open game and much funner to watch. there
was a lot of action with no goalie as well. so yeah, maybe it was the bigger court
although I would still like to see slightly bigger goalposts as well.

the touch of class which deserves mad props for the Rouen folks was the total
lack of prizes (and the low low 5€ entry fee), each team put a gift into the polo stocking
and each team pulled one out. I left town with a bottle
of the local cider and a can of confit du canard. shit yeah!

nice write up, thanks nick. golden goals, keeping the crowd warm. we call them beer points in canada.

great prize, too.

Nick pretty much summed it up here, great tournament, good to see some teams coming from very far (grenoble and Barcelona), and good to play with mixed-up teams (Apologies had a new Goalie, DTGP a new player - sorry kev, and our team and many others were assembled just for that day...)

The idea of presents was very good too!

LONDON: http://bricklanebikepolo.wordpress.com/
PARIS: http://panambikepolo.blogspot.com/


Fuck yeah ! That was a great tournament, the first one for me (second one for my team Rolling Hoods), lots of fair play games, friendly guys from all over europe (and the world, hey Nick, we should go surfing sometimes !), and a special hug for the Simon's Parents who took care of us all the week-end with food and coffee. Loved that fucking tournament !!!

photos here: www.flickr.com/photos/46422155@N02/sets/72157623057491207/

and here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=99014218438&ref=search&sid=1040333...

bump, good video.