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Epiphanie Bike polo Week end

Saturday, January 28, 2012 - Sunday, January 29, 2012
Host club: 
Rouen Bike Polo

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of January 2012
Saturday : 20 teams tourney
Sunday : Double elimination, top 16 teams of the first day
place : Stade Saint-Exupéry | Rouen (same as every year)
court: outdoort rink hockey with a roof, so we can play even if it rains or snows, or wathever can happen but don't forget your bonnet and mittens.

Principle of the tourney and gifts

It's easy: No gift …. NO POLO
Each team brings a gift for another one. So each team will receive a gift from another one.
(Your gift has to be signed => « from 'team name' »).Keep in mind that a team is composed of 3 players, it's always hard to divide 1 item between 3 persons.
At the end, each team gets to pick one of the gifts under our Polo Christmas tree.

Guidoline will be open from 11:00 am to 10:00pm to welcome all the players, have some polo on the court, and drink beers at the workshop
8:00am : Meeting at the « stade St exupery » court and Breakfast (Free coffee and pastries for players)
9:00am : Begining of the Swiss Round (5 rounds, 10 min games)
12:00am : Free Meal for players
7:00pm : End of the Games
8:00pm : Gift exchange PARTY at O'Kallaghan's (same bar as every year)

8:00am : Meeting at the « stade St exupery » court and Breakfast (Free coffee and pastries for players)
9:00am : Begining of the Double elimination (top 16 teams from the day before)
12:00am : Free Meal for players
4:00pm : End of the Games
4:30pm : Throw-ins

Saturday: 20 teams, 5 rounds of Swiss Round, 10 minutes Games=> top 16 qualified for the double elimination the next day
Sunday: 16 teams, Double élimination, 10 minutes to unlimited games

It looks like we can house every one this year.

Registration will start on Tuesday 27th of December at 12:00 am (Noon) (French time – GMT+1).
At the following mail adress:


at 12h00 GMT+1, a “INSCRIPTION / REGISTRATION” Bouton will appear with a Box where you will have to put these informations:

- Team name
- Names of each player
- One phone Number
- Housing request


Registration fees
between 15-20€/person
Registration includes:
Saturday and Sunday
breakfast at the court
Lunch at the court
One Meal at the Pub for the GIFT Party (Only on Saturday night)
IMPORTANT: we will print the shirts directly during the tourney on the side of the court, BRING YOUR OWN TSHIRT SO WE CAN PRINT IT !!


Stade saint exupéry rouen

Signed up

TEAM List:

(12:00:00) 1 : Broken Legs (Rouen)
(12:00:00) 2 : Hooks (Rouen)
(12:00:00) 3 : Goldmember (Rouen)
(12:00:00) 4 : Rouen
(12:00:44) 5 : Mum lovers (Nantes)
(12:00:46) 6 : Vienna (Vienna)
(12:00:47) 7 : Call Me Marmou (Paris-Grenoble)
(12:00:49) 8 : Cocoricos (Paris-Lille)
(12:00:49) 9 : Polokinesie (Paris)
(12:00:51) 10 : L’équipe (Genève)
(12:00:52) 11 : Spring Break (London)
(12:00:53) 12 : Mallet ballet (Cambridge)
(12:00:53) 13 : Utopists (Lyon)
(12:00:54) 14 : Cocktail Polotov (Caen)
(12:00:58) 15 : Cosmic (London)
(12:01:01) 16 : Scp (Paris)
(12:01:14) 17 : Ma couille (Bordeaux)
(12:01:20) 18 : Le BigMac (London)
(12:01:21) 19 : Poloroid (Paris)
(12:01:25) 20 : Tornadoes (London)

waiting list:
l’amicale du poloangevin (Angers)
Warin polo (Brighton-Sheffield ?)
SHAFT PUNK (Toulouse)
Les Rois (London)
Bike à Polognaise (?)
SMOKED MEAT (Bordeaux)
Hackney Goal Slotters (London)
tour de court (Ireland)
Hell’s (Paris)
Sirens (London)
Ehvfxd (Eindhoven)
Nice Touch (London)
Los Coderanos (Bruxelle ?)
Fen Boy 3 (Cambridge)
Poloprospect (Amsterdam)

Free agent here!
Anybody needs a bit of Mexico in their team?

*Somebody please think of the children!!*

Some one pick this guy up (Mr. Carrillo), or else you will be regreting it when your playing against him.

"We don't need no education"

Can you guys put Polo Prospects on waiting list for this one?

Mr. Carrilho, maybe our third wont go (long story). Do you want to play with us? Me and Tycho (if you get a slot?)

Anyway, i will be there :)

By the way, the team list should be bigger ;)



Amsterdam Fixed It ;)

Hey Raul, Yes I can put you on the waiting list if you want, we closed registration because we had already like 30 teams for 20 spots. Even if some team cancel, I doubt you'll get like 10 teams that cancel, but If it happens, We'll be glad to have you in Rouen :)

Hello my French friends,

Sorry but last minute appointments prevent me from going this time :(

Hope we can all be together soon

Have a great time


Amsterdam Fixed It ;)

Hey Everyone,

i should ask for Mateen from Vienna if someone could bring him a Compact Flash or XD Card to the tournament.
He forgot to take one.

I can give you his phone Number but i think it is not so hard to find him at the court.

Greetings from Vienna and good luck

Awesome Week end in Rouen !!

2.Call me Marmou
4.Spring Break
5.Los Cosmicos / Cocorico
7.Goldmember / Mallet Ballet
9.Ma couille / Goal Diggers / Rafale / Broken Legs
13.SCP / Utopists / Le Big Mac / Salma Hayek
17.Rouen 4
19.Mum Lovers
20.Cocktail Polotov