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ESBI 2015

Saturday, July 25, 2015 - Sunday, July 26, 2015
Host club: 
Court size: 
Pit & Mofo Rink

Tournament will be held July 25th and 26th.

Registration is Open NOW to all in region teams. Out of region teams will be able to register as soon as July 1st. There is a 5 player minimum for each team. Team rosters may consist of more than 9 players but only 9 players can be dressed for each match.

*Clubs cannot register more than one team unless they have a full "A" team of 9 players*

Start times are still to be determined. Games are going to be approximately 50 minutes with a very short half. Lunch will be supplied both days but teams should have enough time to supply their own food options if needed.

July 25th: Reg Party will be at Lucky 13. This is an awesome metal bar that one of our female players used to work at. They sometimes have live music and go go dancers; super fun, won't disappoint.

July 26th Saturday Party: East River Bar- We did this last year and it was great. Cheap drinks and a back patio to cookout. Free BBQ for players. Veggie options will be available as well.

We will do our best to provide all housing, if you have non polo friends in NYC please stay with them if possible, space is limited here.

Once again we will be keeping stats as well as having players take care of all reffing and goal judging. Teams will be asked to provide 3 players each, after their match, to ref, goal judge, and keep stats. If you don't provide these services, don't expect them to be provided for you.


United States

Signed up

Just scheduled my hepatitis and tetanus vaccines for this

Shelley_Lucifer wrote:

Tentative Dates for ESBI.

When do you expect the city to approve/deny your permit apps?

might go coast to coast for this one.

I want in, this was so fun last year. I hope I get to play despite my northside status.

Things and feels.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Update: Dates have been confirmed!

I have court on that saturday. i really miss you guys and really want to go. once i played and my team didn't come in last.

is there gonna be a rando team formed for this? I like that rink...played '09 pre-worlds pickup there and loved it! I never forget a hockey court.

Are we letting in any out-of-region teams or players? Rules for teams? I liked having our TO friends come fill in spots on team last year, but I wasn't sure how we determined who goes where.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

I sure hope so, I bought plane tickets because I love this tourney so much.

Got the Boston invite in the mail today for this... Sick!

Could we bring two teams?

you can bring ten. still won't matter.

Sure won't. This will be an easy win for philly this year.

Edit: Oh fuck, I can't go that weekend.

Oh good, philly might have a chance now.

(Wish you were coming. We missed you at the open.)

Can't or wont.

Are other regions letting out of region teams go to their bench qualifier? Just wondering

Only 2/10 regions have dates for their bench qualifier so I'd guess that most regions haven't thought about it yet.

Just to give you some background to this. We didn't want regions to hold an extra bench tournament, if they didn't want to.

So we want to be super flexible, so that it matches what you want to do as a region.

You can choose to invite out-of-region, or not to. If they come, you can let the qualify, or you can exclude them from the ranking for that purpose.

It's totally up to you.

How do we register?

Edit: I found reg here: https://www.podiumbikepolo.com/register/ESBI2015

whycome ain't nairn team done registered ceptin' one?

Invite only. All the rest of the invites musta got lost in the mail

I think y'all scared everyone off!

I don't know anything about this particular tournament, but I'll be on the East Coast and have no obligations during those dates and am super stoked to play.

If anyone needs/wants me for a team, please let me know.


Topher - DC will be sending a team.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang


/ / / B A D V I B E S / / /


Whoops double post but scoop shots are still wicked stupid.