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ESPI 2012 NYC: Eastern Conference Championship

Saturday, April 14, 2012 - Sunday, April 15, 2012
Host club: 
Contact info: 
Court size: 
Two venues: The Pit (45m : 30m), Moffo Rink (45m : 25m)

Use these maps instead: The Pit, Moffo Rink.

ESPI returns to its roots: a true Eastside Invitational, as the name says. Clubs battling it out for the title of Eastern Conference Champion 2012 will be New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Boston, Washington DC, and Richmond VA. This event is being produced as part of the new Bench Format series, which will include an event in each North American region and determine qualifiers for a potential Bench Format Continental Championship event, which would take place late in the season.

Rosters: Each team is limited to a maximum of nine players for each match. A club may bring more than nine players, but must scratch down to nine or fewer for each match during the event. The players on the bench and the scratched players can be different for each match. This is entirely up to each individual club. A club's "master list" of members can contain any number of players, but they must all be members of the club in question. A player may not be a member of more than one club. Clubs draw from their master list to form their bench for each match. The deadline for submission of master lists will be Saturday, 07 Apr 2012, 24:00 EDT (08 Apr 2012, 04:00 UTC).

This tournament will consist of a preliminary round-robin and a single-elimination KO round, with seeding determined by the results of the preliminary round. Schedule and more information are available at the ESPI2012 website: http://redmenace.su/ESPI2012/


The Pit, Moffo Rink
Chrystie & Broome Streets ; Cherry Street & Catherine Slip
Manhattan, NY
United States

Signed up

oh yeah

MAN DUDE!!! When you thought it was safe to enter the pit.

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

This is going to rule.

Can I play

Seriously, I'm gonna be in NY this weekend already and I want to play

This is only for people from the region.

you can be a ref brian

Well my point is what is a 'club' and how do I become a part of one that is able to play in this tournament?

A rough approximation of what a club is: a group of people who play together regularly (weekly?)

Since you don't play with any of these folks more than a few times a year, you're not part of the club.

So one of the best players in the game is going to be in NYC the same weekend as one of the oldest, best tournaments in the game is going on, and he won't be able to play in it. I mean, he won the tournament under the same name last year, albeit it was managed much differently.

Polo's over. Bunch of people pretending it's hockey, making all these rules of eligibility, ruining people's fun.

let me know how sarcastic you're being so I can figure out how to reply

I'll answer as if he is serious. This ESPI is a bench tournament separate from the Eastern Qualifier for NAs. Call them what you will, I'm not here to debate that. You guys get your state-based Battle for the Middle West, and we have our club-based ESPI.

"You guys get your state-based Battle for the Middle West, and we have our club-based ESPI."

Seriously. How is this hard to understand?

Everyone understands it.

My above post was mostly joking, although I was probably drunk and it didn't come across very well. Whatever.

By the way, the midwest has plans for plenty of city-based play after the NAH season is over. Just because we're having ONE state based tournament in Bloomington doesn't mean our intent is to never play city-style.

BoozeKruse wrote:

.... one of the best players in the game....

you know, thats just like, your opinion, man

DC is accepting applications, but you've been in the pros for awhile. You'd probably have to clear waivers before you could be sent down to the minors.

I think this trade should happen, after all one of DC's own is playing in the Midwest Bench.

this is definitely going to sound like i'm being a prick, and it's not my intention, however:

i think everyone is aware, but if not, it needs to be noted that players are only eligible to play for one club for the entire season. i don't know which of DC's own you're referring to here, but if that player plays for one of the midwest teams in the midwest event, they won't be eligible to play for DC at the ESPI. once they've played for some team, they're stuck with that team for the year.

this is just one of the reasons that every bench format event requires participating teams to submit full roster lists prior to the event, and the organisers are meant to publish these rosters. one responsibility of event organisers for bench format events is to collect and cross-reference club rosters for their event against the rosters from previous events. the idea here is to maintain the integrity of club identity. if players are able to shuttle between clubs week-to-week and event-to-event, the entire thing starts to break down. no one's being shut out, but everyone has to play with their club in their regional event.

what he's referring to is Pierre, who lived in madison when the tournament was announced then moved to DC for an internship although he still has Wi residency, Sven is just tryign to come up with ways to try to DQ him cuz MN is scared of WI. so what your saying is that Pierre if he plays in the MW bench is inelligble for the ESPI DC team, if i am reading this correctly. seems to make sense to me.

The comment was made with my tongue firmly in my cheek as its been made clear by the organizer that these kind of shenanigans are OK in this particular Bench tourney.

you did manage to blow up our spot pretty well, though.

If I was pierre I'd say fuck wisconsin and go play in the pit.

What can I say, Jake really knows how to dish out the zingers.

Sven's voice is not the voice of MN. Most of us understand the situation and are just fine with Pierre playing for WI.

Edit: Let the club reps sort this out.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

photoshop your face onto this picture

welcome to the club

I wish that I could draw so that thing would go away forever.

print the shirts

brian if you're going to be in nyc that weekend anyway, it would be great if you want to at the very least come and hang out. if you wanted to be more involved with officiating or any other tournament operations, that's even better. completely up to you, but let us know.

as for your question: are we to understand that you're seeking to defect from the milwaukee club in order to join one of the eastside clubs? as it says in the tournament description at the top of this post, every player is eligible to be a member of only one club. there are no trades. club affiliation is binding for an entire season, and there are no free agents. the midwest event is happening the previous week, though as i understand it's being organised based on state rather than by club, which does represent an incongruity. that is regrettable.

fuck yeah

Glad your putting this on, Adam.

<<~free agent available

Bike Polo is Our Language,
Good Will is Our Motto,
Friendship is Our Goal.

Play More Bike Polo Together!

No Baltimore? Baltimore bus!!!
You takea me richamon righnow!!

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

baltimore never responded to the invite i sent them.

You just made me change my club affiliation. Baltimore is dead to me...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

You know Tommy's in a neck brace, right? I mean, you played in a neck brace, but that was above and beyond. Miss you.

Yo butch...dumplings all day long...we might
have to come out of retirement for this one..this sounds like fun good job Adam...

Anyone bringing stickers or anything?

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

News, everybody!

The rules are UP. find them here: ESPI Rules, and be sure to look at the tournament format and minor exceptions to the PDF document at the rules page.

With all the discussions going on about the V2 Rules Draft, are you planning on having a lock down date for edits prior to ESPI? I find myself getting confused on if changes are being made prior to the tournament, and I'm trying to familiarize myself to the best of my ability.


Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

yes, actually. good question. i'm setting the deadline for that exactly the same as the rosters deadline. so by late saturday night the final version will be up at http://redmenace.su/ESPI2012/rules.pdf and you can expect no changes after that.


Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Were will the ESPI beer fest be Saturday night?

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

Friendly reminder to all the clubs coming to battle with each other and with us for Eastside supremacy:

the deadline for submitting your rosters is approaching! it's still unchanged from what's written above, but if you need another reminder it is Saturday, 07 Apr 2012, 24:00 EDT (08 Apr 2012, 04:00 UTC).

send them via email to me at menace@redmenace.su

i will add links to the ESPI page (http://redmenace.su/ESPI2012/) with each team's submitted roster as they arrive, so you can see who your competition is and prepare accordingly.

DC, Boston, and Pittsburgh have submitted their rosters, you can find them linked from the ESPI2012 website. RVA and Phila, you guys still have about 1,5 days to send yours in, then everyone has a week to look at who they're up against, check the schedule, and get themselves prepared.

these teams are all looking pretty damn good, it's going to be difficult to win this one.

where's ny's roster?

deadline hasn't arrived yet :)

p.s. full disclosure, i'm actually not tasked with composing our roster. that's a job for specific other members of our club. they are aware of the deadline, and our roster will be published within it.

hi adam just sent our roster, thanks.

everyone's roster is in and posted! good job guys, thanks!

everyone was over 24 hours ahead of schedule. the deadline is still the same, so if you want to make any changes, you still have until 24:00 today to submit them.

otherwise get psyched, this should be a ton of quality polo games.

the final version of the rule set is up at http://redmenace.su/ESPI2012/rules.pdf , with a couple of errata which will apply specifically to this event:

- §2.2.2 - Goal size. The nets used at ESPI 2012 NYC measure 200cm : 100cm.

- §2.5.1 - Helmets. This will be OPTIONAL at this event. It's your head, do what you want with it. Know the risks, and make your own decision.

- §3.2.9 - Mechanical Timeout. This rule will not apply at ESPI 2012 NYC as this is a Bench Format event. Any player with a mechanical will be required to go to the bench and substitute in the normal way.

- The original §§7.2.1- were deleted. This was the rule about playing the ball with a high stick. Now you can play the ball with a high stick all you want without consequences (unless you hit someone). Watch your teeth.

-This one is not an exception, but the point is to draw your attention to it specifically: § - inner diameter of the mallet head. Since wrist shots are allowed (see next point), our head referee The Commish himself Ben Schultz has declared that he will be enforcing this rule very strictly. He will have a pair of calipers and they will be used on your mallet if it's questionable, so do yourselves a favour and make sure all of the mallets you bring to this event are permissible. The rule says "57mm (2,25")", and if you're clever you'll notice that the non-SI interpretation gives you an extra 150 micrometers for free. Some of you might be using material manufactured to that 2,25" dimension. If you are, get the calipers out and check before you come to New York.

- Finally, you may notice that our old friend the wrist shot is not specifically mentioned in the rules, but that the wording does not specifically prohibit them. At ESPI 2012 NYC, wrist shots WILL count as goals with the following caveat: they must be taken from inside the attacking zone. A wrist shot taken from the defensive zone that goes into the net will be equivalent to a shuffle.

there you have it. it's probably a good idea to re-fetch the new version of the PDF from the above URL, read it thoroughly and get familiar. it will be to your benefit. as i said before, the deadline is about to pass for rule revisions and for roster changes, so you can expect no more changes before the event.

What colors are each club wearing?

-DC is bringing Black/Grey/Red
-I think I saw on Facebook Pittsburgh is bringing Black/Yellow

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Black and Gold son, it's all we know...

Let the record show that I suggested early on that we should just choose 6 colors and be done with all of the potential for fashion faux pas. Like Greg said, we'll have black as our main with yellow as our back up.


Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

PHILADELPHIA, main shirt-light blue , back up color is black shirt

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

NY will have a Black/Red jersey and a white alternate shirt.

Ours also has the DC flag on the sleeves, so we have White/Red as well. Sounds like we may have similar colors. I'll pass the info along.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Speaking of jerseys, they arrived today and are so baller. If it helps, they are more grey than black.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

that does help.

Adam/Menace- any chance you guys are going to stream this event like bloomington for theirs. I would love to be able to watch it, in between doing school research.

i don't think the video feed is going to be running, unless someone turns up last minute with a nice setup and a ustream account, however the matches will be updated live and you can follow on Podium (which is a fucking great app, by the way. vince has done a fantastic job on this). the URL is http://hardcourtpodium.com/follow/espi

RedMenace wrote:

i don't think the video feed is going to be running, unless someone turns up last minute with a nice setup and a ustream account, however the matches will be updated live and you can follow on Podium (which is a fucking great app, by the way. vince has done a fantastic job on this). the URL is http://hardcourtpodium.com/follow/espi

is this going to keep track of who gets a goal and when?

we hope so. it is vulnerable to fuck-ups because a lot of the teams don't have numbers on their uniforms, and most of our scorekeepers aren't going to be too familiar with the players on all these clubs. the Podium adaptation to Bench Format came on very short notice, so it's very much a beta for this event. there are a couple of critical pieces of functionality missing from the app, such as ability to reset the clock, editing of the game log, and a penalty timer/indicator. without those it's a little bit diminished, and if i had known a few weeks ago that we could use Podium, i would have asked all the teams to put some numbers on their jerseys somehow.

but it didn't work out in time for us, so follow along on podium but be aware that the results are not at all authoritative. authoritative results will be published after everything's done. but you'll at least get an idea. at the very least we'll try to make sure the scores are correct. but we can't edit them if they're not, so... yeah.

Actually, I've got the most important of these things working now (reset clock, edit goals).

Hoping to see lots of duct tape numbers!

so you have! just saw that on the sandbox. that will really help with keeping the clock in sync with the referee, since the referee's stopwatch is the authoritative clock for the game. this makes it easy for scorekeeper and referee to sync up at stoppages.

how does one edit goals?

just click it:)

~the text label was preventing the click, i just fixed that

works great, thanks vince! those two fixes makes it immensely more usable... our feed is 100% more likely to be accurate now with the ability to make edits.

good stuff!

I had suggested at pickup to Coach Lomax that if it came down to it we could all use pin-on numbers, bike racer style. They suck when you put them on, and then you forget about them.

in order to make it easier (read: possible) to accurately keep score, both on Podium and on the printed scoresheets, every player should have a number, and if possible that number should be visible on their back... if not, refs and scorekeepers may shout at you during the game asking for your number, and you should shout back what your number is. politely, of course.

to that end, if any of you guys reading this have numbers worked out for your team members (whether visible or not), post them here or email them to me and i'll map them to your names on the rosters so we can get the scoresheets filled out nice and fast at gametime.

rva- black primary, white alternate. looks like there will be some coin flipping for colors

Sean Phenomenon wrote:

rva- black primary, white alternate. looks like there will be some coin flipping for colors

I knew we should have gone for the camo with hivis yellow for alternates.

boston has green/ white - trying for red spares

Sounds like Boston and Philly are the only clubs that don't need spares.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Show off the sleeves!

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

nice! looking good, boys!

don't worry if your colours are the same as other clubs... that's why everyone brings two. no possibility of a clash, even if you have the same two as your opponent. just wear opposites.

if you really want to fight about who gets to wear which colour, then maybe this will be helpful:

first: if host club (NYC) is playing in the match, they get to choose
second: the club higher in the standings at the time of the match (in elimination round, higher seed) gets to choose
third: thumb wrestle or flip a coin

Someone tell me why Jamie is not on the Boston lineup!

Jamie is always a Maybe...

he is too busy instagramming

raddison wrote:

he is too busy instagramming

Are team/player stats going to be put up on http://hardcourtbikepolo.org/ ?

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

I've been working with zach to make data flow between podium and hcbp.org, so they'll definitely be up there. Probably not instantly, but sometime soon after

the real question is when to the winners of this take on team Wisconsin?

and the winners of the Western Conference Championships! I'd be into trying to organize a one day tournament of champions somewhere. Maybe at NAs the day before or after even.

How could it be at NAs if the WCC is the week after? Or was it the week before...

oooooooooh yeah, we changed the dates! Well, thanks for the reminder.


I am new here and I was wondering if someone knows a "beginners" group. I am crzy about bikes and cycling a therefore I would love to try bike polo! Will be around later on for the tournament. Good luck to everyone who is playing. I will def be around and watch the games.


podium not working. any chance of this getting sorted? be nice to see what's going on. cheers

also, are the full rosters posted anywhere?

shane00001 wrote:

also, are the full rosters posted anywhere?

are you really so bad at computers that you can't hit crtl-F (F is for find!), type in 'roster', then find the link on this thread where the rosters are?

everytime i was looking at the links to menace's website, it always seemed to be regarding rules. must have missed that single instance where it also said rosters were posted there. my apologies for wasting your time.

Congrats Richmond!

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Thanks for letting me play, NYC!
I had a great time.
I look forward to my next trip to "THE PIT"

Bike Polo is Our Language,
Good Will is Our Motto,
Friendship is Our Goal.

Play More Bike Polo Together!

Good job Menace and NYC for putting on a successful tournament, good job Richmond for winning the successful tournament.

If kevin had a good time, then I had a good time. Thanks for being awesome NYC.

See yall in June.

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

Full results?

hey everyone... i have a stack of scoresheets from every game that i haven't even looked at yet, but at some point i'll get some more comprehensive stats up in this thread. for now i'm starting a very busy week in a not-polo-related sense, and i feel like i've been hit by a truck, so i'll give you the barest of essentials in terms of results:

1. Place: RVA (qualified for Continental Championship Tournament... if it happens)
2. Place: NYC (qualified for Continental Championship Tournament)
3. Place: Philadelphia (qualified for Continental Championship Tournament)
4. Place: Boston

Final score in final match: RVA:NYC 12:11

Seedings after first round were: 1. RVA, 2. NYC, 3. Philadelphia, 4. Boston, 5. DC, 6. Pittsburgh (4 and 5 may be transposed, i don't remember exactly. it's not super important anyway as they ended up being paired in the first elimination match and Boston won it in OT. doesn't get any closer than that.)

as for podium, i'll talk to vince and try to figure out what went wrong there. at this moment i have zero knowledge of the situation.

other bits of minutiae: an RVA vs Team Wisconsin match only makes sense as a pure exhibition, and does not fit into any logical framework, since they are completely different species. Battle for the Midwest was not a club-based event, and Team Wisconsin is not a club-based team. i heard a rumour somewhere that the midwest is planning a club-based regional event analogue to the ESPI. is that true? if so, your top 3 teams would qualify for the Continentals, along with the top 3 from the ESPI, and the top 3 from any other analogue regional events which take place this year. it will only happen if we want it to. i'll tell you for sure that all 3 qualifiers from the ESPI would attend, so if we want it to happen, let's make it happen.

RedMenace wrote:

i heard a rumour somewhere that the midwest is planning a club-based regional event analogue to the ESPI. is that true?

yes. i think we need to have a long discussion about what constitutes a "club" though.

so there is some sort of "city based" MW event being planned ?????

a little bird told me it will happen this fall. i can say no more.

can this little bird let other MW people in on these ideas, or at least MKE, or at least me, I like to be in the know...haha

check yr email.

There was a little bug saturday morning, and after that I'm not sure but nobody entered any stats.

I only finished support for Bench last week, and was adding things up until Friday, so we simply didn't have enough time to really get things organized properly. It'll take a dedicated scorekeeper throughout the whole weekend to make this work. Luckily, thats an easier job than getting 100s of games to start on time:)

I'm going to be using it at practice here in Portland, and we'll be ready to go by next Bench tourney.

pfft you all just scurred of WI

I hope all the stats and score-sheets for the weekend will end up being posted.

This weekend was a lot of fun and congrats to Richmond.

polo o muetre

Pierre just wants to see if he ended up with more than 20 goals against Boston Saturday. You killed it this weekend bud.


JT wrote:

You killed it this weekend bud.


I hope Nick's jawbone hurts a little less than my elbow, haha. Glad he took the liberty to put me back in my place, too. Great tournament, NYC. Cant wait to chase all you around and get knocked down some more at the Frederick megacourts in June.

Jaw-on-elbow contact is in clear violation of NAH Uniform Rulebody Codeway, § 8.3.1 re "Headbutting". A penalty should be assessed in this situation if the referee is not already occupied awarding game misconducts to people heckling from the basketball courts.

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

You don't have to with until Frederick in June to get knocked down. I'll be your Huckleberry.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

This ruled.

Photo gallery: http://urbanvelo.org/espi-2012-bench-minor-polo-tournament-photo-gallery/

I mean... photos are cool... who's got the vids?!?

Vitamin Water?

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Thank for a awwwwsome weekend NYC POLO.
Way to stay strong RVA till the very end, good job BRO's

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

Just a couple photos. Feat./ another 7-part slideshow of Nick making the ball do whatever the Jedi mind trick commands.


anyone seen stats yet from this?


JT wrote:

anyone seen stats yet from this?

Got some images from the weekend: http://ryanstonephoto.com/2012/04/bike-polo-2/

damn those dc jerseys look good

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

very very nice photos dude! you should shoot polo events more

I left my 2 mallets there, any chance a NYC found them?

any video footage from this?

the only recent videos i've been able to watch are some west side videos, and the final from the south central qualifiers.

i'd like to take a break from westside-cascadian finesse and see some east side shit.


Anyone have any info on the dudes who were walking around interviewing people and getting releases signed and all that? I never got to ask them what they were working on.

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

They were somehow affiliated with Vitamin Water, and filming for something relating to the 2012 Olympics in London.
That's all I could get from them, they said they would be in contact.

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Friendship is Our Goal.

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