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ESPI VI - Presented by FUZE® - NAHBPC Regional Qualifier

ESPI VI in Philadelphia 2011
Saturday, June 11, 2011 - Sunday, June 12, 2011
Contact info: 
Court size: 
3 courts, built-in rink 60x136', 2 additional courts 52'x120'

Philadelphia Bike Polo Club is hosting the ESPI VI on June 11/12, 2011, it's OFFICIAL!
Presented by FUZE®
Start time Saturday, June 11 is 9am playing until Swiss Rounds are done.
Start time Sunday, June 12 will be determined by end of day Saturday.
This tournament is on the tour as the East Coast Regional Qualifier.
Held at Rizzo Rink, Front and Washington
100 Washington Ave

I will update this website as well, but the blog will always have everything there.

Registration has started... You can follow the google doc to see who's on the list of regional and non-regional teams here: http://tinyurl.com/eastside-2011-teams
The top 36 regional teams and the top 12 non-regional teams will be the first considered for this tournament, upon payment they are guaranteed their registered spot. Registration will remain open until all spots are filled, so if it's not a complete 36 or 12 then you can still register as regional or non-regional accordingly. Should the regional spots not fill up by April 26, registration will be open to ANYONE regardless of regional status. Thank you for your support so far. Here is the link to the sign up form which will remain active until all spots have been registered and paid for: http://tinyurl.com/eastside-2011-register
Registration cost: $60 per team.

Rules: We are using the standard NAH Rules for the tournament. They can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/3lehgmh
It is your responsibility as a participant to be familiar and understand all rules outlined. If you think you may be asked to ref some games/goal judge or you plan on volunteering for these positions please be VERY diligent in knowing the correct version of the rules. All questions and concerns about the rules will be addressed on Saturday at the start of the tournament.

Permanent hockey rink outdoors, smooth cement surface, rounded corners, 60' x 136', walls 4' tall with fencing above that around most of the court. 5 entry points, with a few benches.
2 additional courts being built out of 1/2' OSB, sides will be 2' tall, ends will be 4' tall, both will be 52' x 120', mostly smooth concrete surface [there are a couple rougher spots that we will be addressing and hopefully can fix before the tournament], one is a basketball court so it's clean and smooth.
Entire area is covered by the highway directly above us, will be nice no matter what the weather, but anticipating it being pretty hot, we will be under shade for the majority of the day.

Sponsors: this list is growing...
FUZE® - www.facebook.com/FuzeBeverage
FixCraft - www.fixcraft.net
Seagull Bags - www.seagullbags.com
Squarebuilt - www.squarebuilt.com
Awesome Dudes Printing - www.awesomedudesprinting.com
Neva Safe
La Carrera Cycles - www.lacarrera-cycles.com
Laek House - www.laekhouse.com
Fyxation - www.fyxation.com
White Industries - www.whiteind.com
Velocity - www.velocityusa.com
Trash Bags - www.trashmessengerbags.com
Spoke Punchers - www.spokepunchers.com
Milwaukee Bicycle Co - www.benscycle.net
ReAnimator Coffee - www.reanimatorcoffee.com
Total Polo Laboratories - http://tpl.bigcartel.com
Sprinks Kinks Designs - http://sprinkskinks.bigcartel.com
Fuji Bikes - www.fujibikes.com
Reload Bags - www.reloadbags.com
Bicycle Revolutions - www.bicyclerevolutions.com
Profile Racing - www.profileracing.com
St.Cago Polo Works - www.stcagopoloworks.bigcartel.com
Fabric Horse - www.fabrichorse.com
Banana Boat - www.bananaboat.com
WeSC - wesc.com
Oury Grips - www.ourygrips.com
Stuart Leon Cyclists Law Office - StuartLeon@verizon.net
Tucker&Bloom - www.tucker-bloom.com
FleetVelo - fleetvelo.com
Fifocycle - www.fifocycle.com
Freight Baggage - freightbaggage.org

Vendor/Organizing area:
So far we have a demo planned in this space, a couple of clothing 'designers', reload bags, reanimator coffee, and [hopefully] a mechanics tent. We are also hoping to have A-Frame stands so we can keep the bikes hanging to prevent the chaos that crowds the ground at many a tournament.
Mornings will have coffee and some kind of breakfast stuff...for everyone to enjoy. Looking into hot food but we'll see. Lunch is on you, but we have arranged for a local food truck to stop by and hang out for both days. They pretty much have everything, and are affordable. See a forthcoming map with other nearby options...
Demon Cats Photography, www.demoncats.com, will be on site to take TEAM PHOTOS! after which they will be posted on their site to share...
If you know someone/something that would be interested in showing, selling, or renting for any other reasonable purpose a space at our event, please let me know or have them email me directly at chandel.espi6@gmail.com

Thanks everyone! More info to be added as it comes in!


Rizzo Rink
Front and Washington
Philadelphia, PA
United States

Signed up

WOO HAH!!! Got you all in check!

fuck ur face

blog updated with photos of the rink and court layout. check it out.


looks awesome

always on top of her shit....
that's how she rolls...

...those days are over.


Hellz yeah cant wait for some Philly ESPI!

ahhh why is this so close to mke and bench minor?? i wanted to go to philly this year FUCK!!

what missin the chance to be number one in the puker comp???

I'm pretty sure we're not FWENDS!!!

i feel yeah bro. If NAH tournaments had there shit together a month ago non of this would have happened. qualifyiers should all be on the same day and should be little shit tourneys that mean nothing other than securing your spot to go to NA's. It really sucks that theirs 6 great tournaments happening in a 5 week period and nothing happening in july. maybe we should move slayerfest yet again


i'm really sorry you guys. krem and i talked about this the other day, and paul from nyc and i have talked already about it. they should have been all on the same weekend. regardless of what the haters say, it would still have given a varied attendance at NAHBPC. This is something that should be considered for next year.
mke I know you already moved Slayerfest once...and people might have their travel plans arranged to be in the midwest for a week so be careful.

unfortunately this is the only time we could do this. as i had said before i would have done it july 9-10 but that's too late in the game to plan affordably to go to Calgary should you qualify in the ESPI.

Try to come Julien, Kremin, everyone else out there! I'm working really hard on this. Many of our club members and friends are helping out. It's going to be a redeeming time for Philly in the bike polo community. [and I'm not knocking Montana and his efforts at Worlds, I just know the opinions of many from that tournament].

I hope you guys can make it back here!

"they should have been all on the same weekend"

i agree, if you can't qualify out of your own region, then why go to NA's? and it would free up the rest of the schedule for more invites and fun tourneys..

Javier wrote:

"they should have been all on the same weekend"

i agree, if you can't qualify out of your own region, then why go to NA's? and it would free up the rest of the schedule for more invites and fun tourneys..

this doesn't take into account the fact that some regions are more stacked with "good teams" than others. the ultimate goal has to be getting the best teams in the country to NA's, calling these tournaments "regionals" is the only thing wrong with all this. think it's time to start selecting cities to host tournaments 2 years in advance? would allow ample planning for the following polo season. that being said, wish i could come to this! see you all soon

i feel that. maybe the whole concept of regions is silly. there could just be X many qualifiers all spread out over the country, and individuals are only allowed to attend one or maybe two. if you don't think you can qualify in the one closer to you go to the "easy" one somewhere else. my point is the whole season is turning into a qualifying process for NA's which seems absurd and seriously not fun.

i just think that it's unfortunate for all of those players who play for fun, maybe travel maybe don't, to have less tournaments to play in because the entire season became about qualifiers. If they were restricted to one, two, or even three weekends in the active season that would open up the schedule for more tournaments in other cities that are about the experience, getting better, and having fun.

i know for sure that the more tournaments i started going to the better i got. seeing different styles, meeting new friends, and talking polo for a weekend really helped me grow as a player. but i don't think it's as encouraging to feel the pressure of registration, teammates, and it being a qualifying tournament for NAHBPC for newer tournament players to really open up. And isn't that the point? Getting new players in the game that WANT to get better at polo and then advance to a point where they feel they are ready for a qualifier?

regardless, i know NAH is working hard and looking at this process from all angles. every opinion counts and they do hear/read/get them all.

dusty, i really wish you guys from the west could make it out to this too! see you in austin. =]

x 1,000,001.99


When will invitations be issued?

You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.

nick you are invited. ;]
you are ALL invited...provided you hit "submit" on the form in time to register.

Looking for a third team member. Anyone interested?


this is a qualifyer right skeet?

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

yes it is.

you and me bro. Let's crush it.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

check out the blog again today for updates, a video, and the new artwork for espi.

that poster is amazing.

Baby joey's wife, Mabry, did the drawing. She's an amazingly talented lady!

I def have to make it to this!

Hey Kyle.....i think. Where is LCBP play. ur not at Renolds. What time does ESPI Start on Sun. I can go.


sponsors coming in...added to the list and blog accordingly.

be in philly visiting fam.... trying to play in this one ... if any body wants a pass 1st kind of guy hit me up.

and you know this man.

You and Rookie Nick should hook up for this! That is, if he decides to go and doesn't have a team already...

Midwest is best!!

where are the hired guns looking to play on a team and win shit

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

Believe me you will want to win this shit! prizes are looking really great for this!

Interested in a team for this.

I'm from Missouri. Drafted 25th in bench minor. My team placed third in the South Central tournament. Learning more every week. I want to play competitively.

Although I'll be living around Boston for a couple months this summer, I suppose I'm an out of regioner. Keep this in mind!

Also looking for a team. Not drafted quite as well as Nick here (35th) but I've got a sweet accent.

Pretty sure Sydney is out of region.

I am interested in getting on a team as well. Not sure if anybody from my two clubs is into going, so if anyone wants to pick me up I would love to play in this.


oh god.

to the polo masses!!!!!

ESPI is coming along very well. Thank you to the sponsors so far, and the ones to come. It's growing and everything is looking very positive. I'm doing my absolute best to get everything in order and take care of y'all so you can focus on the game and play your little hearts out!

REGISTRATION: is April 12 at 11pm EST. This is firm. The link will be posted at the top in a few days, but you CANNOT submit your team until the aforementioned time and date. You will then go into a google doc thinger that kev is the mastermind behind, I will then take the first registered 36 regional teams and 12 out-of-region teams and contact them via emailing the team 'leaders'. you will then have ONE week to make payment via paypal for registration. If you do not make payment on time you are bumped from the roster and the next team in the waiting list is then contacted, and so on and so forth until the spots are all filled. There will be a confirmed list once the registration is full. I will not be making exceptions for anyone under these conditions, to keep it fair to everyone. Cost to come, but most likely will be $60 PER TEAM.

HOUSING: As the polo club here is pretty small, there is limited room for 'couch crashing'...we are asking our friends in the greater cycling community here if they wouldn't mind hosting a team or so. These numbers are coming in slowly, good thing we still have time to figure this out. Please talk with your team prior to registration about what you would prefer/can afford, this will be a question in the email sent regarding reg. payment. I am trying to get a hotel discount that is relatively close to the courts. There is also a hostel here but they have ridiculously strict rules about staying there....if this applies to you then I suggest going this route:
"Any students with current student ID and government ID (such as a driver’s license) that shows that they live outside a 100-mile radius of Philadelphia can make a reservation on our website www.applehostels.com" or anyone with a foreign passport can stay there or if you are a member of Hosteling International. The rates are $36/night for the tournament weekend online.
So keep this in mind when discussing registration.
Discount on the hotel to come.

ok that's all for now.

you're doing great.

fuck ur face

i miss you east coast daddy!


slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Thanks for all the hard work Chandel!!


wiz wit

Can we get the rego form link? Im gunna have to try rego from at work. Need to get everything sorted out ahead of time, so i just have to press the button at go time.

dc team possibly looking for one. in region or out is OK.


I am waiting to hear back from kevin on the final link to use. It will come up here asap.

European polo-travelling on the East Coast around this time is looking for a team to sweat and bleed for!


here is the registration link:

nothing before tomorrow night at 11pm EST. thanks.

good luck everyone!!!!

when you say nothing before, is that a request or have the rules for registration changed?

force your hand, of course that man's plotting, smarten up, the streets is watching

if this really matters....
technically it's at April 12 at 11pm EDT, or just think of it as 11pm here in Philadelphia.

i meant: do early registration attempts forfeit any attempts after the official opening; or is this more of a 'don't make me clean up the spreadsheet'?

Dumbala Dumba

it does not forfeit the team, but if they think they are entered they will not be.
i would also appreciate not having to clean up the spreadsheet.

is ohio regional or non regional ?

gem city
diagonal text

non regional dana, ohio is regional for the midwest

Who needs a third in this piece? Or a second and a third?

MKE 05-06
CHI 07-Pres.

I'm a single looking for a team! I'm alright, people can vouch for me. I also have quite a bit of experience playing the registration game!


Last minute mercenary to do your bidding on the court. HIt me up if you need me. I had some things line up and I'm down to come up and play..

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

aye, lets do this bahd!

MKE 05-06
CHI 07-Pres.

I am also looking for a team, willing to drive my myself from ohio to play in this.

still need a team???

get yourselves together, you have just under 2 HOURS until registration!!!!!!


the list is still growing, and there are doubles in there, and a couple that were too early.
so...give me a moment and I'll have a list of the top 36 regional and the top 12 non-regional teams....
patience please.

Remembered this was happening a nice clean 5 minutes before time of.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

Also Omar is dehydrated from pooping too much.
Its Emphatic Silicon, not Empathic, important I know.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.


check the link again and see who's made it through, who duplicated, who was early, who's regional, who's not....etc.

there are currently still places open for regional, and like two non-regional.

i just realized i can make it to this. if anybody's 3rd drops out, hit me up. i can play.


You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

what happened to your third? and i'll need a ride.

Jerod is broke. Going to try to get him there but he doesn't sound enthusiastic about being able to make it.
Me and Omar are guna figure out the ride.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

consider me jerod's alternate. i'm crossing my fingers for him going, though.

Yo! So, I totally didn't pay any attention to this until my FB blew up with all the registration business and now I'm realizing that I'll be sort-of nearby the week before for work AND TOTALLY WANT TO PLAY!


Seriously, though, I'd love to play in this tourney. So, looking for a team - in or out of region. I'll fill in a third spot or hook-up with whoever. I'm a solid player who helped my team to 4th place at the East Van Crown last year. I've gotten a bunch better here in PDX and I like long walks on the beach. Wait, this isn't Bench Minor...

Send me an email or msg me here: cecilyu at gmail dot com.


(Maybe I'll even bring Shuffles along so he can visit his old homies in W Philly)

Ok, so the spots for out of region went fast.
there's still some for in region...

I will be sending all of the 'official' teams an email by Friday with payment instructions.
Official teams will be listed in the next two days.
You will then have one week to pay or you lose your guaranteed spot.

stoked! thanks to chandel and kev for making this all go smoothly.

god damn bruce!

Bruce has a weird last name

Just so everyone knows the sign up form is still active, and any NEW teams that want to register can still do so.
Currently there are 26 regional teams registered and 12 non-regional.
BUT if teams do not pay by the designated date [which will be emailed to the 'team leader' by Friday] then the move down the waiting list starts, so there is still a chance that a non-regional team not in the top 12 will be able to register...ya dig?

and big ups to kev for being on the phone with me last night organizing the spreadsheet.

Small clarification: the lockdown on region/out-region is lifted after 14 days. So on April 26th at 11pm EDT, the waiting list goes into effect.

ooooh that's good! ok thanks kev!

If someone is looking for a third player I'd like to go to this if theres room

philly here I come =P

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

Where is the link to register?

You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.

It's on the blog, don't know why it wasn't listed here:

Chandel listed it at the top of this thread, too.

Oh hey there it is. My mistake. Looking too fast.

Looking for some teammates...Im from region.

Now that I have registered can I have a password to the top.secret hardcourt federation forum in order to keep up with rules and other organizational matters


Is rego full now? Can we get a confirmed list of teams?


it is not full yet...regional anyways...

so what happens now:
regional status teams can register still and be on the registered list, not a waiting list, as there are still 10 spots left, up to 36 spots, then they will be put on a waiting list
non-regional teams can still register, they will then be put on a non-regional waiting list, as there are already 12 spots filled.

on april 26 at 11pm the registration opens up to EVERYONE regardless of status, should all the designated spots regionally not fill up. Anyone on a waiting list, regional or not, will be considered first.

tomorrow i will be emailing all of the teams contact person with details on payment etc.
teams will then have until april 22 to make payment, then we start going down the list.

register and fill these spots up!
mike rva, there are a few non-regional people looking so if you can find one more then register using the form and you're in as long as your team pays on time!

thanks guys and gals!

i should clarify, after receiving the 'payment' email teams have a week to pay.
for those registered now, you will have until april 22 to pay, that's where that date came from.

emails sent out....prompt payments already being received!

talk to people in your club that you think might not be on this 'internet polo community', i know there are tons of them out there!

updates on the blog


also we have teams to fill up still! regional teams please get it together.
non-regional teams have started the waiting list....

please pay on time in the non-regional list...you will be bumped if you fail to pay by april 22.

2 regional members (RVA) looking for a third.

let me know!

Everyone has paid. Only one on the wait list for out of region. If the regional spots don't fill up by april 26 we will open up the registration to anyone and everyone! Wait list will be considered first.

Boards and components have been constructed. One day boosh!


Easy "Breesy". Covergirl.

...those days are over.


as of 11PM EDT tonight the registration is open to ANYONE regardless of regional status.

so...people join up. there are still 9 spots, there will be 8 after i contact the rebel alliance later on tonight.

this is looking really great so far you guys.
boards are done and stored. stenciling happening now. prizes rolling in. potential cash prizes in the works. [yes, cash]. parties. fun times. hope to see you there.


I think cash prizes will ruin this sport...but who doesn't want some travel money back...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Please elaborate sir

simple..people do dumb shit on or off their bikes when there's cash on the line..that being said..i guess if you got the right slayers together..not much would change;)
example..calgary..someone i think rory, almost gets taken out by the gate to the court when leon slams it shut after he realizes he just lost his part of $5000...
so, no i dont think cash prizes should be awarded at ANY nah event. trophies, medals and jerseys only please..

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

whatever, people are throwing four lokos at each other over pick-up. adding cash prizes won't change anything.

didn't turducken have cash as the prize?

if you've looked up at the list of sponsors [still growing] then the participants should be playing hard for them regardless.

but thank you big brother for taking more wind out of my already patchy sails.

you are doing a great job little bird.!..i tried to keep it short and no it does not belong on this thread..sorries..

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Just lit the match Candle...
let me grab my sewing kit too.
I'm gonna love when you do you

...those days are over.


Anyone still looking for a team? I am out of commission and need someone to take my spot. Im playing with Johhny Crash (ottawa), and Tommy from (nyc)


If they're still looking for a teammate, I'm interested. Originally thought I wasn't going to be able to make it.

Pick this guy up, he's been killing it lately.

You and me both buddy. Zach hit me up on face book and ill connect you with tommy and johnny to see if they are ok with the swap. Im at facebook.com/stevewars

WHATHAPPENED! This was supposed to be our reunion!

I broke my thumb. Ill still be there but the doc says i wont be able to play by then.

I just decided to come, anyone need a team?

Elise Fornell

CURRENTLY THERE ARE FIVE SPOTS LEFT, technically there are 8, but 3 are taken and awaiting payment...


Also, have one team from Delaware that needs a third.
Nick Toronto I'm looking at you, this would be a fun team to play with.

Also, updates on hotel and stuff to come. I took a bit of a break for the Austin fun this past weekend.
Definitely realigned my focus and gave me some more insight into how to make this tournament amazing!

Can't wait! It's only a month away!!!!!!

Euro invasion - see you all there!


Ok, so many of you are requesting free housing, which is possible in a limited way...
I did manage to get a hotel 'deal' at a hotel downtown/center city.
This means that you would be a 10min ride from the courts and pretty much anywhere else we're going to be hosting parties/fun stuff to do.

I need to know how many of you would be taking this hotel option.
The deal is this:
Holiday Inn Express
2 dbl beds per room
complimentary breakfast
free wifi
free passes to the bally fitness gym [prob not something we'd use but hey]
the address:
1305 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
The cost is $129 per night....so if you had 4-5 people it would be about $30 a night per person

I still need to sign a contract regarding this arrangement. You would be responsible individually for booking and the charges...but this is a group rate and the best one I can get in the best location to the courts...once I know we're good to go you would be able to call and reserve under a group name, most likely ESPI, and you're good to go.
I suggest this option as it's a good deal and there aren't enough houses to host all of you.



Elise Fornell (ATX) and I are looking for a third. COME ON! WE'RE FUN!

I thought Sam from Florida was your third?

yup she is, i didn't know that at the time I posted this though.

are you still looking, i'm going now!

anyone looking to split a hotel room for this? Message me.

wanna stay with DC?

fuck ur face

message sent

anyone want to crash with some kids from DC?
We booked 2 rooms at the Sheraton City Center through priceline and would love to share.
$25 per person per night 2 double beds so you would have a buddy.
check in Fri pm check out Sun am. I'll delete this when we are full.

this is a really good price for a hotel in center city!
sheraton wouldn't give me a group rate, but this is a REALLY good rate!

i'm going to pass on this info to all other teams that told me they wanted a hotel...

This room has been filled.
For those of you still looking, try Priceline!

fuck ur face

meg wrote:

anyone want to crash with some kids from DC?
We booked 2 rooms at the Sheraton City Center through priceline and would love to share.
$25 per person per night 2 double beds so you would have a buddy.
check in Fri pm check out Sun am. I'll delete this when we are full.

all full.

fuck ur face

thanks Darlin'.

fuck ur face

So soon! Excited!!!

just found out that i'm able to go to this tournament, so if any one needs a third who is a lefty send me a pm. and if i can't find a team, I'll still come to photograph it.



2 guys from delaware/philly need a third, unless chandel has found them one. not a ton of experience, but lots of heart and ready to play hard.

-my stomach is a pickle-

i haven't mayched them yet...bruce play with delaware!!!!
email me chandel.espi6@gmail.com

Someone pick up this fool.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

for anyone that can book a hotel room i implore you to take this option.
i have the Holiday Inn Express in center-city [aka downtown] giving us 10 rooms with 2 dbl beds in each.
this can take care of up to 40 people.

the details:
Holiday Inn Express
complimentary breakfast
free wifi
free passes to the bally fitness gym [prob not something we'd use but hey]
the address:
1305 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 735-9300
The cost is $129 per night....so if you had 4-5 people it would be about $30 a night per person

this is individually booked...
so one person from each room will need to reserve the room.
the deadline to book is MAY 31, then they release the hold on the rooms.
the hotel is not even a 15 min bike ride to the courts and anything else that may be going on.

IF YOU GO THIS ROUTE PLEASE LET ME KNOW YOU'VE BOOKED AND WHO IS IN YOUR ROOM. TEAMS WILL POSSIBLY NEED TO CROSS OVER. of course its up to you whether or not you want a room to yourselves.

everyone else...i'm working through housing tonight and tomorrow. will advise your teams contact of housing options asap.

Quinn and bruce...
I think I've paired Mke Kelly with delaware...but you two should play together. And I'll find you a third. There's still room and still ppl looking.

hey pal, so, help a sister out. we need a third. (elise and I)

Found you a third. Super solid back player...

Hey, I'm polo travelling on the East Coast and after the tournament in Philadelphia, i'll be looking for a ride to either Washington or Richmond - any takers?

Not a problem, there will be at least 4 cars from DC and a few more from Richmond. We'll have space for one extra for sure.

Awesome thanks! Ill try to find you guys at the tourney ..

Treo! Are you coming to the West Coast too???

the j is for jesse
Troy, NY: 2008 - 2010
Seattle, WA: 2010 - 2013
Austin, TX? polo!???

notice the title change!!!!
we are very happy to announce FUZE® will be presenting ESPI 6 this year with Philly Bike Polo
this means you all will get free drinks all day long both saturday and sunday!!!!!!!

working out housing atm. stay tuned for emails coming your way.
hotel still available.

there are a few things planned for this day.
we are arranging a POLO-CAT that will take you to most of the major stops in Philly for history/scenery/art/culture and ending at the court so you know where it is and can play a bit of pick up. we will also be assembling the boards at the same time so y'all can lend a hand in between games.
then group ride to the registration party is in coordination with this: http://yettobenamedart.tumblr.com/ art show. they will have some custom art wheel covers either for sale or raffle or something...along with other stuffs. drink specials and all kinds of love [you know, because we're the city of brotherly love].
then go home get your rest because we are...

this is non-negotiable. so be there on time.

you will all get maps in your reg packages...along with other fun crap.

more updates soon.

I have a couple of questions, one TV star to another:

Will the Saturday games be split into morning and afternoon groups? If so, can we see lists of those groups?

I get to be DRUNK?
Oh man.
You guys are all in trouble.
Charm checking in.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

looking at the teams i just want to say this is going to be a real tough tournament, looking forward to playing all of you!


also. thx for being patient. housing info really soon.
and am/pm bracket decision soon.
i really want to say no to this, but will consult with the group for opinions.

sunday will advance only 24 teams. keep that in mind.

just wanted to say, beautiful poster.

Beautiful poster, badass event! I wish I could come out and rep the 806. Texas is too far away for my budget!


i will update soon with a list of who is in what bracket
but...if you have A GOOD REASON for needing one or the other lmk NOW by email titled "bracket request"

housing is coming guys. i know i know.

the tournament is coming.

any other people out there that want to play, there are still 5 spots i believe. something like that.

and. that's all for now.

the polocat mentioned above sounds rad, when do you think that will be starting (approx)?

super stoked! dc's bringing all kinds of drama to this one, both medical and teen.

i love fuze



I certainly don't want to start a debate on this forum, but I think I saw mention that there was an official statement that fixed gears would not be required have a hand-brake until after this year, can I get a confirmation on this for the ESPI's. Thanks..

The official rules now state:

"Bikes must have at least one reliable brake: coaster brake, hand brake, or fixed drive train
with foot retention, minimum."

This was passed on 05-25 and posted to the 21 regional reps on 05-26.

I'll update the rules page, linked at the top of the thread.

get a brake.

two regional teammates just had their 3rd bail on us. Looking for a third. we are already paid and registered. anyone wanna play for free?

Kelly from MKE/Chicago is probably all over this, I'll make sure she sees.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

One more week people. Good Food and cheap beer in Philly, and after 5 years I don't have to travel to the ESPI's. Looking forward to meeting all the new Polo heads and seeing the old ones.

You make the rules and I'll play the game.

2/3's of the Winter Hill Gang looking forward to a rematch.

Wish i'd read this b4 gettin my tik to Balls in the City. You feckers need to start some shit talkin here and get J the azzed up for your regional take down . Do it .......... all of ye , and forgive each other on the courtz. Good luck

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Are we using franklin reds at this?

yellows, but iced.

I heard that ESPI was going to be extreme this year

you are both wrong. nate....for someone not organizing you had a pretty immediate answer...

we are using canadian ball hockey association pro balls.
ordered them from justin in calgary. arrived last week.
they will be on ice if necessary, but are designed to need less frequent icing and changing in the games.

get on my level.

Rainbow or refund!

But uh... yeah, I'm stoked to see how the CBHA balls handle the heat. I wouldn't use those rainbow shits for anything.


You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

There is a team of two that seeks a third for this tourney.

Looking for someone who is experienced with a thick skin that also has the will to commit and stand by their word.

Serious inquiries only. You won't be disappointed if you play with us.

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

Yes captain... we need a sniper...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

which one's not coming?

Crickets chirping...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

i'll be disappointed if i dont see doug at this one..

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -


prepare yourself for utter disappointment

alright guys

it looks like i have three teams without a third...
and three floating players i've heard about...
get it together....i will need to know asap to get the teams entered in podium correctly.

and....less than a week!!! i will post a full run-down/schedule/etc soon.
thanks!!! can't wait!!!

i have a team registered but my two team mates pulled out I have room for 2 floating players or can fill in on a team.

You should just play with Bruce, he still needs a third.

What's the recommended location for people wanting to watch the Stanley Cup on friday night?

ok i need clarification on these teams....

so chombo and slayson need a third?
zach [bloomington] now needs two teammates?
bruce carver [dc] and richard [germany] were floating players and now they need a third or can be split up?
dave currance [nyc] and corey [nyc] need a third? or are they playing with jeff now?

anyone else?
i'm finalizing the podium teams by thursday so we're ready to go for saturday.
after that there will be VERY LIMITED ROOM TO MOVE...

so please get this together guys and let me know.

Zach (bloomington) is with Travis (bloomington) and Chris (lex). Team name: Smoking Babes Smoking Weed. Formerly known as Electric Wizards

Sideshow Bob wrote:

Zach (bloomington) is with Travis (bloomington) and Chris (lex). Team name: Smoking Babes Smoking Weed. Formerly known as Electric Wizards

Siiiick! Go Midwest!

my bad....i meant zach louisville...


*correct in lower post

Thanks for posting this Chandel!
So many great teams, but I'm digging our bracket....I hope it stays this way :)

Can't wait to see everyone!

ok so maps....
the bike coalition here sucks and won't give me maps for all of you.
so...my suggestion is to print a google map of philly.
or go by any number of bike shops when you get here and pick one up for your team. i believe they are free from them anyways, or they're like $1

i have started a map with some stuff around the courts listed...but regardless you will have to figure this out on your own. we will make suggestions for people in terms of where to go for different things around the area, but this has some things listed...
View ESPI COURTS in a larger map

and it would be good for you to at least program the address of where you're staying and where the court is into the many smart phones out there.

address of the courts is:
100 Washington Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19147

thanks everyone! philly is a really easy city to navigate through regardless.

You seem to be killing it on organizing this. Awesome.

From the looks of the courts they appear to be covered. Is this true? Like, shaded from the sun and protected in case of rain?

bradq wrote:

You seem to be killing it on organizing this. Awesome.

yes they are sheltered from the sun and in case of rain.
i hear rain is in the forecast....but i have to be honest with you...it won't be true rain, it will most likely be flash storm that will not really effect us at all.
look at the blog for all photos in the early entries...

and...there is inside the rink, which has A/C...so teams can go cool off in there between games as well. this is where the restrooms are too.

and thank you brad!

almost scratch that.
i will have some center city maps for you guys...

but still a good idea to program your host/hotel/wherever you're staying and the courts into your phones/life...

machine politics is no longer going to be attending this tournament.


oy chicago...

this better not ruin my spot in the PM brackets

joe the lefty from chicago wrote:

machine politics is no longer going to be attending this tournament.

I just need to borow one of you then

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

you're one day away from not even playing!
take one of two of the free agents with your team and be done with it.

and you still have to pay.
have that friday night. thanks.

i bet hes lying

as far as i know this is confirmed.
machine polotics will not be at espi.


Too bad it takes three days to transfer money into a paypal account.

I like your polo.

i hear its philly beer week

natred wrote:

i hear its philly beer week

any city we roll through is Beer Week.

fuck ur face

could someone tell me what ESPI satnd for, please?

Zaragoza Bike Polo 2015
Berlin Bike Polo 2010 - 2015
London Bike Polo 2008 - 2010

East Side Polo Invitational

Anything going on tonight? Im arriving in philly around 5ish.

hmmm....well there's a few people here today.
where are you staying? four people are at my house and there are the beaver boys II men in town at some point.
215 779 9293

Im staying with a friend somewhere in south philly tonight. Pretty much looking to kill a few hours while she is at work.

Leaving tonight.
We may or may not try to shove Machine Politics into the trunk, we'll see how well they behave.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

I jumped on an earlier bolt bus from nyc. 978.621.7852.

We won't be in until Saturday am, we are in the am bracket. What time should we be at the rink?

i can switch you to pm if you prefer? have to do it by tonight though...

AM is good with us, just seemed like registration was occurring Friday Night and we weren't sure how early to get their Saturday, we'll pan for 8 at the latest, thanks.

ok so see the list below
i'm sorry but i moved you to the pm. i think you'd like a break. but you can always be at the courts...help is accepted.
it's too late now. i'm sorry PM it is.

no problem at all.

Chandel lays down the hammer.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Yo. Looking for a 700c 36h front wheel on a decent rim. So if anyone have a spare then bring it to philly and let me buy it! Thanks.

Did us boston people fuck your wheel up last night?

Schedule for the East Side Polo Invitational 6, Presented by FUZE, in Philadelphia, PA:

Friday, June 10
-Court board/wood loading 9am-11am at Marco's house [1226 S.27th Street]
-Court assembly 11am-2/3pm at Rizzo Rink [100 Washington Ave, at Front Street]
-Pick-up noon-8pm at Rizzo
-Polo-cat Race registration at 6pm at Bob n Barbaras [1509 South Street, home of the $3 pbr and jim beam special]
-Polo-cat finish 8pm at Rizzo
-Group ride to Registration party at 9pm at Tattooed Mom's [530 South Street]. We are on the main street level, there is also the art show going on upstairs [Yet to be Named Art Show]
-Party goes until 2am or whenever you want to head out

Saturday, June 11
-Organizers and early birds arrive to set up 7-8am
-Official welcoming at 9am
-Swiss rounds, AM bracket, begin immediately following
-Finish AM bracket no later than 2pm, hoping for 1pm
-PM bracket teams arrive at 1pm
-Following completion of the AM bracket, PM bracket official welcoming, estimated 1-2pm
-Swiss rounds, PM bracket, begin immediately following
-Completion of PM brackets estimated to be from 5-6pm

Saturday night:
There are no official plans for this evening. This is a large group and I'm more than positive that we can communicate amongst each other and find things to do that will suit everyone, should they feel like going out or doing anything.

Sunday, June 12
The top 12 teams from both brackets will advance to the double ellmination play on this day, making it 24 teams in total
-Organizers and early birds arrive at 7-8am to set up
-All teams arrive at the courts at 9am
-Announcements if any
-Begin double elimination rounds immediately following
-Around noon-1pm we will take a lunch break
-Continuation of play after lunch
-Estimated finishing time no later than 7pm
-Awards Ceremony
-pack it up

Sunday Evening:
For anyone still here for Sunday and want to go out, celebrate, have fun, be in some air conditioning, there is a karaoke night at Bob n Barbaras, start of the polo-cat. There's other things to do...again it's up to you.

Housing- I have sent out emails to all those that have requested housing connecting you with your host. If they do not reply to an email please send them a text and let them know when you're coming. They'll help you find your way to their houses, but not everyone drives or will be off work when you arrive. Please work this out for yourselves. Worst case scenario you come to the courts and we deal with it then.

Parking- There is lots of parking around the facility. There is parking at the front, closest to Washington Ave, as well as to the south of the courts under the same freeway, I-95, that we'll be playing under, as well as street parking, although we encourage lot usage as we're trying to keep the neighbors on our side. Thanks.

Transportation from the Airport- Depending on the time you arrive in Philly depends on how good the cabbie rates are, but since it's friday expect it will cost at least $25. Off the meter flat rate to south philly is $28, be wary. You can reserve a super shuttle online, www.supershuttle.com, and it's not that bad, but they do usually have many stops, it might take a bit more time to get to your destination. The best way into the city, without a ride of course, is on the SEPTA transit line. http://www.septa.org/index.html plan your trip to end at 30th Street Station and it's about a 40-55min train ride to just west of center city. It'll either cost $3 or $3.50 depending on when you get in. It leaves every half an hour. You will see signs in the airport when heading towards baggage claim. This brings you in close enough to put bikes together and ride, or get on the subway system, or cab it from there...

Registration Party- This is not mandatory, but I'd rather not have to lug more stuff to the courts the following day

If anyone is in a jam or really needs to contact me you can directly at 215 779 9293, please only do this if you are lost, confused, injured, or simply cannot deal with Philadelphia in any way. If it is something a normal adult should be able to figure out please do that first. [And I'm not trying to be mean, but I am still very busy. thx]
See you all today/Friday/Saturday!

Thank you

Follow along Saturday on Podium!


ok minor minor changes to the AM/PM brackets...
this is it. please take note:

Guinea Pigeons
The Fur Trappers
Bad Boy Things
Boston Cremes
Empathic Silicone
God Damn It Bruce
Philthy Couriers
Shit Squad
Toronto Raptures
Total Chaos
Immaculate Contraption
Polo Bears
Road Apples
The Lizzies
The Coven
Welcome to Planet Motherfucker
Team Butt Stuff

Leave it to Beaver Boys II Men
Silent Majority
Shut Up Dude
Bipolar Bears
DC Shattered Glass Farm
Nice Guys
Cycle Killers
Slaughterhouse Polo
Smoking Babes Smoking Weed
The Leper Colony
DeHart Park Polo
Banned From the Children's Museum
CoCo Kiwi
I drank DE water and turned out just fine
Maple Syrup Urinators
Swoop the Dang Dang
The Lone Gunmen
Winter Hill Gang

thinkin bout focusing on getting laid this weekend instead.
who wants to take sex? count it

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

great pick up today. courts look good.
at the reg party.
tattooed moms on south street between 5th and 6th.
come get some.

1) Guinea Pigeons (Paul/Ian/Nick NYC/RVA) 5/0/0 +19 23
2) The Fur Trappers (Zack/Jake/Guthrie MKE) 4/1/0 +12 19
3) Boston Cremes (Javier/Nick/Jamie BOS) 3/1/1 +11 17
4) Toronto Raptures (Maija/Lewis/Charlie TOR/SYD/BUF) 3/1/1 +8 17
5) The Coven (David/Colin/Peter CLB) 3/1/1 +7 17
6) Philthy Couriers (Marco/Chuck/Baby PHL) 3/2/0 -1 15
7) Empathic Silicone (Omar/Robert/Jerod CHI) 3/2/0 -1 13
8) Shit Squad (Bainesworth/Ben/Will RVA) 3/2/0 -3 11
9) Bad Boy Things (Rob/Cris/Tommy PHL) 3/2/0 -4 8
10) God Damn It Bruce (John/Bruce/David DC) 2/3/0 +1 14
11) Total Chaos (Adam/Sara/Mac NYC) 2/3/0 -1 11
12) Team Butt Stuff (Brian/Kevin/Mike DC) 2/3/0 -3 13
13) Road Apples (Matt/Zach/Troy LNS) 2/3/0 -5 13
14) Immaculate Contraption (Mike/Tyler/Jon RVA/RVA/CLB) 2/3/0 -5 12
15) Welcome to Planet Motherfucker (Ryan/Johnny/Tommy PHL/OTT/NYC) 1/3/1 -5 10
16) Fingerbang (Rob/Goast/Nico PITT) 1/4/0 -5 9
17) The Lizzies (Emily/Elise/Jess TOR/ATX/PHL) 1/4/0 -11 5
18) Polo Bears (Kaycie/Ali/Andrew RVA/CVL/CVL) 0/5/0 -14 7

1) CoCo Kiwi (Tony/Jacob/Nick NZ/CPH/COMO) 4/1/0 +9 20
2) The Leper Colony (Chombo/Slayson/Tbd NYC/PDX) 4/1/0 +5 17
3) Silent Majority (Mark/Chris/Alexis PHL/NYC/OTT) 3/1/1 +12 19
4) Shut Up Dude (Natred/Ace/Zachstar NYC) 3/1/1 +11 19
5) Leave it to Beaver Boys II Men (Brian/Kremen/Joe MKE) 3/1/1 +8 18
6) Illah-noise (Tucker/Lou/Chris CHI) 3/2/0 +6 15
7) Slaughterhouse Polo (Jt/Michael/Johan RVA/DC/BOS) 3/2/0 +4 18
8) Smoking Babes Smoking Weed (Zachary/Travis/Chris Btown/LEX) 3/2/0 +4 16
9) DC Shattered Glass Farm (Eric/Chris/Mike DC) 2/1/2 +2 16
10) Cycle Killers (Matt/Birdie/Jake MKE/BOS) 2/2/1 +1 15
11) Banned From the Children's Museum (Jonathan/Greg/Greg PITT) 2/2/1 +0 16
12) Nice Guys (Brendan/Brendan/Peter PHL) 2/2/1 +0 13
13) Swoop the Dang Dang (Sean/Shane/Megan DC) 2/3/0 -3 9
14) Maple Syrup Urinators (Kyle/Matt/Ted LNS) 2/3/0 -4 18
15) Bipolar Bears (Justin/Lee/Joe CLB/DTN/CLB) 1/2/2 -6 11
16) Winter Hill Gang (Mike/Sam/Howl BOS) 1/3/1 -5 10
17) The Lone Gunmen (Barry/Daniel/Butch CVL) 1/3/1 -8 10
18) DeHart Park Polo (Joe/Od/Moshe MPLWD) 1/3/1 -11 9
19) Charles/Ann/Nathan (Charles/Ann/Nathan RVA) 1/4/0 -7 9
20) I drank DE water and turned out just fine (David/Trevor/Kelly DE/PHL/MKE) 0/4/1 -18 5

Top 12 in each session advance to the DE Bracket tomorrow

430 polo fans followed along on Podium today!

Thank you!!

THANK YOU EVERYONE THAT HELPED OUT AT THE TOURNAMENT TODAY! It really kept my motivation going to hear how much people were enjoying their playing time, Rizzo Rink facility, FUZE beverages, anything to do with today. thanks.

ok so tomorrow
9am start again
will have iced coffee, beans roasted by reanimator coffee, and Scotty and Tara are bringing us breakfast type goodies, like bagels again, muffins, fruit...stuff like that. although if you want a hot breakfast you will have to look elsewhere....and i highly recommend getting something along the way if this is the case.
also we will be taking a brief break
please show up relative to 9am and enjoy.
there will be a closer look at the reffing and rules tomorrow.

thanks again
tonight i am doing nothing but the bracket. and showering and sleeping.

thanks y'all!

Where is my chombo's SEX!!!

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

I have your camera lenses and computer in your backpac that you left at the courts...bruce carver...,
call me 2157799293

am i missing the final posting? i wanna know.


1.Beaver Boys (MKE)

2.Guinea Pigeons (Paul NYC/Ian RVA/Vaughn RVA)

3.Silent Majority (Mark PHI/Alexis/Chris Nyc)

4.Coco Kiwi (Tony BOS/Jacob CPH/Nick COMO)

5.Slaughterhouse Polo (Jt/Michael/Johan RVA/DC/BOS)

=Boston Cremes (Javier/Nick/Jamie BOS)

7.Shut Up Dude (Natred/Ace/Zach NYC)

=Nice Guys (Brendan/Brendan/Peter PHL)

BEST TOURNAMENT IN MONTHS! with the best after party ever! thanks chandel. good job everyone

Hey y'all. I'm working out all the bracket stuff today. Final postings coming up.
And more info then too.

Thx bird.xx


...those days are over.


HAHAHAHAHA. oh saturday night. just couldn't stay awake!

So much fun. Very organized. Good people and good competition. Great job Philly!

If you can dream it, you can do it!

So I want to post the results, with a caution that the number to the right of the team name is the goals scored throughout the day, but teams, even though tied, may not have played the same amount of games...so when you view the results it does not assign a rank based on goals scored, I just thought you might want to see your total.

Qualified for NAHBPC:
Champions: BEAVER BOYS II MEN -24
2nd: Guinea Pigeons - 18
3rd: Silent Majority - 26
4th: Coco Kiwi - 18
5th: Boston Cremes - 16
5th: Slaughter House Polo - 23
7th: Shut Up Dude - 11
7th: Nice Guys - 15

Qualified for the Wild Card Tournament leading up to NAHBPC:
9th: Toronto Raptures - 17
9th: Illa-Noise - 17
9th: Cycle Killers 18
9th: Fur Trappers 8

And these are the remaining 12 placements:
13th: The Coven - 7
13th: The Leper Colony - 6
13th: Smoking Babes Smoking Weed - 14
13th: DC Shattered Glass - 11
17th: Banned from the Children's Museum - 5
17th: Philthy Couriers - 6
17th: Empathic Silicone - 3
17th: Bad Boy Things - 6
17th: Total Chaos - 5
17th: God Dammit Bruce - 3
17th: Shit Squad - 4
DFL: Team Butt Stuff - 2


female MVP: Maija [custom mvp trash bag with stuff inside]
male MVP: Nick Kruse aka Rookie Nick....[won a Joust as well as the mvp pack and stuff inside]

I also feel bad that I didn't mention this, forgot/didn't see it on my pad of paper...but White Industries gave each mvp a 21 tooth freewheel.


This was great for my first tournament. Expect more of Team butt stuff in the future. thanks a lot everyone and to Chandel, but i don't think i am going to drink anymore fuze for a year


I had an awesome time hanging/playing with/against all of you - thanks!

Big up to my Boston boys, nick kruse and the Philly crew for an awesome tournament - you all did an awesome job.

JacobCPH wrote:

I had an awesome time hanging/playing with/against all of you - thanks!

Big up to my Boston boys, nick kruse and the Philly crew for an awesome tournament - you all did an awesome job.

Yes it was a blast. Thanks Philly and the special Chandel. One for the history books!

Jacob is in DC and wants to play pick up tonight and is heading down to RVA or Milwaukee in a few days hit him up 617 390 3825

thanks to everyone involved. you have a sweet little setup there at rizzo rink! we jelly.

and congrats to nick on the MVP, that's awesome. dude got good at polo QUICK. sell me that joust, you already have one!

good seeing old faces and meeting some new ones. cheers!

On behalf Philly Bike Polo, thanks to everyone involved with the East Side Polo Invitational 6, Presented by FUZE!!!!!!

I'm very proud of the success of this tournament and the players that were here and all of the people that made this possible!
The games were exciting, the weather pretty much cooperated all weekend, the facility, Rizzo Rink, was perfect, the locals hosting teams were amazing, the sponsors were well received and so much appreciated!!! A total of 136 games were played over both Saturday and Sunday!

My personal congratulations are owed to THE BEAVER BOYS II MEN for taking home the championship cup! After Saturday you were sitting in 8th place, Sunday you played well and made it all the way through UNDEFEATED!!!
Congrats guys! Enjoy the glory!
Guinea Pigeons, you had my vote...and played soooooo well. love you.

The sponsors for this tournament were amazing! Thank you all once again! The prizes, and everything else your donations made possible, were very well received and appreciated!!!! In the end we had a total of 31 sponsors that donated!!!! The boards were covered with your logos and you deserved every single bit of that exposure! thank you!!!

There are always so many people to thank as an organizer. First I have to thank the Philly Bike Polo club for putting up with my 'meetings', questions, harassment, and general stressy attitude. Next I have to thank the volunteers from Saturday and Sunday. You all came out of the woodwork and did what needed to be done to keep things going and to lighten my load. Tournaments will always need volunteers and we can't have them without you. Way to be there. And the players! Thank you all for coming. Some of you came from a great distance...ahem Sydney and Copenhagen...and some of you just came in for the days...but either way it was amazing to see all of you again and to have you in Philly to share this tournament with. The caliber of play that hardcourt bike polo is at now is astounding and you all played it out on our fabulous courts with dignity and with respect. There was not a single major or even minor injury this weekend beyond scrapes and a few small cuts. Such a great thing to be able to say after the fact.

I have to just say a few names off the bat. You know why I'm saying thanks to you....you did a lot for me and for this tournament...Steve Breese, Marco, Baby Joey, Chuck, Cris GT, Lauren, Goast, Paul R., Lewis, Charlie, Steve Starwars, Santana, Brendan mchugh, Ian, Jess, Brooke, Emily, Brian, Tara, Scotty, Mark, Mabry, Dan, Eric Ransom, Ben Schultz, Coop, Jake, Ryan Sauls, Zach and Jake, and Kevin Dillard...I know I'm probably forgetting someone significant...THANK YOU ALL!

Since it took 5 years for it to come back to Philadelphia, I can safely say that I look forward to attending all the other cities hosting tournaments in the next coming years!!!!!

This was seriously well organized. Raising the bar.

Question: What balls were we playing with, and where can we order them?

They were the Canadian Ball Hockey Association Pro Balls

I got them from Justin in Calgary through this:
they were $2 each plus a little bit for shipping...

they did take like a month to show up so keep it in mind if you have a deadline.

thank you.

This was such a rad tournament! So many good games, both to watch and to play in. Philly was great; the organization was top notch. Huge, huge thank you to all of your club.

I'm still overwhelmed with winning MVP. It's so surreal, I'm hesitant to write anything about this because I'm still not sure it actually happened! I'm thinking it's just sleep deprivation and hallucinations.

But really, that support means a lot to me -- thanks x a million to everyone who put in a vote. I'm blown away.

Most of all, fuck yes for COCO KIWI. Jacob, Tobi... you guys fucking rule.

Big ups to the east side and all your wonderful people. Until next time, homies!

Chandel & Philly Bike Polo, congratulations on a job very well done. Seriously one of the smoothest tournaments I've ever seen. Great venue, great games, great people. ESPI raising the bar yet again!

ESPI-6 PHOTOS, including lots of the final.

it was great to see old faces and meet new ones. thanks to everybody who came out and made it an awesome weekend of polo.

the facilities, scheduling, reffing, sponsors, courts and competition were all outstanding. thanks to everyone who worked hard for this, there are too many of you to count.

but most importantly, to chandel. this weekend was an unmitigated success, and you made it all happen. thanks and congrats.

Well done philly. All the keys to a well run event were present. Chandel you should be very proud of your efforts.
Capt. Chombo and Richard from Germany...my teammates this past weekend.. the leper colony..thanks for the games..you reaffirmed my belief in travel and polo... this past weekend I learned a lot with you..Like chombo said..we did what no other team could do this weekend..we skinned the beavers..got to love them..but anything is possible..anything..I hope we inspired them to a courageously clean victory...SHANE MURPHY...stop being so drunk!!! It takes one to know one..you know..but shit..dude...I cleared the table I guess though, but only as a personal favour to a good bro...sorry candle..loves ya little sis.

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

although i may appreciate the compliment you started with...i have to say that i looked at the group of you over there after you did that, as i was in the middle of thanking all those that helped me make espi as great as everyone has told me it was for them, and lost respect for you as you were showing little to no respect to me or those that i was addressing. at the end of a very long and tiring weekend for many people you just totally bombarded the one part of what i had to say that meant the most to me...and to be honest made me lose my place and i didn't get to thank all those i should have...
whoever your "good bro" is that asked you to do that [and it makes no difference who it was]...i'm sure that as someone who maybe really did appreciate the efforts of others when not even 6 months ago no one wanted to take espi on, you should have said something like "yo, wait till she's done this, we OWE that much respect to the tournament"...but you didn't. i was not impressed and i am still not. thank you for coming, but please be mindful of the countless hours that it takes to make something like this past weekend happen the way that it did, it's like a slap in the face if you forget and act like a jerk.

Wow..ok...feeling a little tired then I guess. If I am object of all your frustrations that's something..but if you are blaming me for destroying your awards ceremony that's the same thing.. I did it for rory...folks that blame one particular thing or person for stuff is not ok with me. If you were so concerned with thanking your sponsors you could have simply read the back of my t shirt as I slid down the fuze table...have a fuckin funny bone and don't get to big for your britches.....

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

i'm not directing this just at you jason. but YOU choose to do it at that moment in time. so in that regard, as in life, you are the one that has to take responsibility for YOUR actions. I don't care that you did a table slide. i just care about your timing. i'm not without humor, i just think there's a time when that would have been more appropriate. i thanked the sponsors, off the shirts, first...you clearly weren't even listening to what i was saying then anyways...

not too big. and i doubt anyone else thinks that right now. i just want you to know how i feel.

i wasn't in philly, but i was in madison when a totally wasted Rory "cleared the table", landing on an open pocket knife, wasting a bunch of food being eaten by exhausted people who had been working all week (err, all year) on the tourney, and causing ben's kids to cry. i think the other table that got cleared in madison was in the Trek tent, who had been giving free beer, couches, shade, much of the weekend.

it's easy to laugh it off and forget about these, unless people think it's somehow a legendary thing to continue to piss off tourney organizers and sponsors this way.

Sorry everyone..especially chandel...once again...outstanding job by all...Yup...clearing the table has to stop...it will be the first and last time...thank-you for suffering me all weekend...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

man down

after a grueling day of driving the beavers made it home safe my brain is mush right now all I can say is Thank you to Chandel and the rest of the philly crew. My god how many specials can one man drink


doing it big at karaokeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

major props to chandel and philly! what an amazing weekend, top to bottom. super mega props to our hosts scotty, tara, and stevie (and their adorable dogs). happy birthday, werm. much respect to the beaver boys. congrats to kruse on mvp and to jacob for making that shit look easy. thanks to my teammates lou and tucker, i think we made a little magic. nice meeting you, lou! (special mention to karaoke-lady at bob and barbara's for putting up with us.)

see you east siders next year!


Best tournament I've ever attended. 100% win.

Chandel, you done good girl. You and everyone else who made this happen rock.

Big love from the Dead City.

FUCK YEA! What a weekend. Thanks everybody on the planet. Philly is a cool place. I wish I could remember more of my last evening there but from what all my friends are saying I had a good time.

I wanna plug Boston Creams and Toronto Raptures for playing the game of the weekend early sunday afternoon, it literally gave me goosebumps.

Cant wait for the next one!

BribriMKE wrote:

FUCK YEA! What a weekend. Thanks everybody on the planet. Philly is a cool place. I wish I could remember more of my last evening there but from what all my friends are saying I had a good time.

I wanna plug Boston Creams and Toronto Raptures for playing the game of the weekend early sunday afternoon, it literally gave me goosebumps.

Cant wait for the next one!

x2 the helmets went on, the gloves came off!

Adding my thanks to Philly bike polo, and especially to Chandel …..GREAT tournament. Everything was amazing, you guys should definitely be proud!

Also Congrats to all the winners, it was well deserved :)

I've dreamt of winning this tourney since I started playing polo and saw the Hand of God trophy bags on the NYC myspace page.. before i met any of you lovely people or even knew how much polo would change my life.

Thanks to our hosts, Jordan and Coop, for showing us great parts of Philly I had never seen before and making the after party *DING* best in the wooorld!

Thanks Philly Crew and Chandel.. you killed it. All tournaments should be held at Rizzo Rink. Great court! Watched so many exciting games and played against world class competition. This one was huge for us. Thanks for making it great for everyone else too.

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

Such an awesome tournament! Thanks for all your hard work Chandel! and all the Philly kids for showing everyone what a well organized, INSANELY FUN tournament is suppose to look like.
Thanks to my team!! I love you guys, first of many tournaments I hope to play with you boys. I had a great time playing with you two (as I do every weekend in Richmond) and feel like I couldn't have asked for a better team.
Thanks baby joey and mabry for being great hosts, I wouldn't have expected any less from you two. ONE MONTH TIL WE'RE NEIGHBORS!!!

punkinhands!!!! big thanks to all we played.... the cleanest games in a long time
my team................... keepin it real since 2009
the slaughterhouse fans
and fun polo in general.............

if all tournys were like this i would go to all of them!!


deserved congrats to the '11 champs, two beavers and a bean dunk. i will forever remember all the all city dropout tosses, the pair of fun tilts vs. shitsquad, baines we love you. the nice guys great run into the top ten. both Roberts and Texs blind watson goals in the same game. Pauls "thinker pose" celebration after that tight goal in the finals and the quote of the weekend from Jason, "Montaaana the hay bales are BUUUUURNING!" well done chandel. bye.


so good so good so good, great job everybody!

I had a blast. First time in Philly was a great one. Thanks to all that put it on, I know how hard it is.

Also, anyone know where the photos the guy in the corner was taking will be? Or his name? I can't wait to see those team/individual photos!

his name is kevin dillard and the photos are now up on demoncats.com

I've added a new feature to Podium: team history. Now you can go back and view the complete results for a team by clicking on their name... (swiss rounds only)



what is the 3rd column labeled G for?

that's overall goals....not the differential.

thanks philly for an awesome family weekend. you made me fall in love with the place again.

...it's always philthy in sunnadelphia

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

yeah yeah yeah! go see your team photos on demon cats photography!

Holy shit those photos are amazing!

The photobooth concept is a great idea for tourneys. I know at MW8-mpls they had a photographer do team photos, but this is above and beyond!

I'll bet a lot of these shots find their way to print.

Coming soon to a billboard near you!

Charlie, yr just too good lookin for it not to happen ;)


...those days are over.


more photos:


my dear friend zach from Fun Zach Films posted this up this morning!!!!

go look at the espi video. a tournament in all it's glory!!!


Needs more Dillman.

i know right!

i heard he has some full games too. coming up after his vacay.

photos are finally done, check them out here http://brucecarver.smugmug.com/Sports/bike-polo/ESPI-6-Philly/17644731_d...

great tournament chandel and the rest of the philly crew. it was loads of fun, can't wait for next time.


nice pics

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

more photos!