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Eugene Crank Cluster Cluck 2012

Friday, September 7, 2012 - Saturday, September 8, 2012
Host club: 
Eugene Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
1 Court (78x36)

Friday evening will be open for pick up games and registration. All teams will need to be registered by Saturday at 2pm, games start Saturday at 3pm. Saturday everyone will play at least 2 games as the tournament will be double elimination format. If we get more than 8 teams we'll consider extending the tourney into Sunday. The tournament will cost $24 a team. The winning team will receive a $50 voucher for a local brewery and 3 tournament t-shirts. If you have never been to Eugene, Oregon it is a Meca for microbrews. For those of you needing a place to crash, there will be a host farm outside of town 15 minutes where you can tent camp. Camping at the farm will be $10 a night and includes a farm fresh Breakfast in the morning (9:30-10:30am).

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You can sign a whole team up there or sign up below and indicate whether you have a whole team. Thanks!


Amazon Park
274 E 24th Ave
Eugene, OR
United States

Signed up

Portland would come down strong if this wasnt the same weekend as a double polo wedding weekend. good luck and i hope you fill the courts. also portland bike polo will be playing in sunday parkways that sunday.

How about September 8th weekend? What is the double polo wedding weekend? Is it only for Portland Polo club players? Trying to have a tournament in Eugene prior to the Coed tourney in your area.


Upon reading the post again, I assume you are referring to 2 actually weddings. Would the weekend of September 8th work for Portland? Trying to get at least 8 teams together and currently we have 2 teams. Probably going to get at least 1 team from Corvallis but need for clubs to send teams. So if any other readers would rather play on 8/24-25 or on 9/8/12, please respond if interested.


9/8 weekend would probably work for us, but I don't speak for everyone. 8/24-8/25 are the dates for 2 weddings of Portland polo members.

Dammit. I will be visiting Eugene through the 19th. This would of been crazy awesome if it could of coincided.

If you're in town and want to play some friendly bike polo, join us every Thursday night starting around 7:30 at the Amazon tennis courts. Near 24th and Amazon.


Sounds great!

Is this the only night during the week you guys play?

Usually, we sometimes play on Tuesday and next Tuesday the 21st we're going to head to Corvallis to play.
I'll have an extra bike if you want to play on Thursday.


What about tonight?

Sorry, didn't see this in time. We will definitely be laying Thursday starting 7:30.
Call if you get lost: Mark 502-645-4588 (cell)


So stoked for this - thanks Eugene!

probably too seriously...


Who's getting married?

Sasha, our president, and Lucky Dave, our luggage haberdasher and board game czar

Ok fools... I'll put together an Ashland crew to dominate this tournament...

NICE, so we currently have 2 Eugene teams, 1 Ashland team, and 1 Portland Team. I believe Portland will have 2 other teams that come down and we are working on Corvallis which should field 1-2 teams.

We'll see who the fools are, nice an Oregon represented tourney!


What do you Eugene guys think about unicycles in polo?

Consensus, no unicycles


Ok so you Eugene fools might as well just buy us Ashlanders $50 of Ninkasi IPA and while you are getting those shirts made up you should embroider 'Ashland Bruiser Squad' on the back.

We'll see! First Place Prize is expanding, we have a new fixcraft #2375 mallet head, $50 gift certificate to Ninkasi, 2 ninkasi t-shirts, 2 ninkasi pint glass. Everyone that gets a sick $15 tourney t-shirt will get a complementary Ninkasi pint at the pub anytime that weekend. The farm is going to provide some food for the event and I'm going to get a grill so people can grill up anything else they want at the tourney location. With Portland showing up, think Ashland might have more to worry about than Eugene.


I'm not sure how y'all feel about this. Maybe a throw in Tourney? Get to play with folks outside your club for the day? Just my $.02

fuck ur face

Apothecary_13, you guys (Portland) going to be able to send 3 teams?

Throw in style sounds good. Like clubs to bring teams though to have even (sets of 3) numbers for making teams. Possibly what we'll do is hold the club teams tournament on Saturday and those who want to stick around on Sunday can take part in a single elimination throw-in tourney. Don't want to change the format if Ashland is planning on stealing the show.


Ashland will only be there saturday in full effect. go on with your tossing.

edit: will be around sunday until early evening if things jump off early.

we will rally the troops. I for one am excited!

fuck ur face

Eugene Bike Polo: the only polo capable of delivering a farm fresh breakfast.

East coast tourneys for awhile for me, however. Have fun y'all.

Woadie will be there!!!

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Woadie, Do you know how many team are coming from P-Town?


I need a ride from pdx... To play with the L to the muthafuckin J!

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

I think imma try and play this

You should! What's up with the Kentucky, you from there? I lived there for 8 years, attended UK and graduated form UofL. Didn't play polo on a bike till I got to Eugene. Maybe we'll see you at the tourney.


how late is pick- up going on friday nite?

Hello Ashland,

So Pickup on Friday. The courts usually have Hockey players on the court but I'm going to reserve the court from 7-8pm on Friday as it costs $12 hr to reserve the court, but the court is first com first serve so we will probably play til 9 or later. The court's lights shut off at 11pm and then we can go out to the farm which is about 15 minutes away to have a bon fire and crash.


Ashland, How many teams do you all have coming?


2/3, our third is coming from Portland.

Nice! We'll probably play pick up for a good bit on Friday and then your all welcome to head to the farm. On the way is Ninkasi Brewery who is sponsoring the tourney and if you have a tourney t-shirt you will get a free pint. So, see you guys Friday or Saturday. You can call my cell if your in town and can't find the course or players.



This is Trevor from Corvallis. We'll have two teams down for Saturday. Can we pay when we get there?
I'm planning on riding down on Friday night, so I'm interested in staying at the farm. I've got my tent.

Super excited!


Hi Trevor,

Nice, glad to hear 2 teams are coming. This should be a good time! The camping will be at a farm located south of Junction City (3 miles from the Eugene airport) on the corner of 36 and 99. So, it is only like 30 minutes up 99 to Corvallis from the farm. When on Hwy 99 you turn on Rte 36 heading west towards Chesire. The turn is located about 2 miles south of Junction City and as soon as you turn down 36 the farm is the first one on the right. I will put a large sign out there (saying POLO) but basically you go down 36 no more than a 1/4 mile and there is a gravel pull off right before a small bridge on the right. When you pull off there is a dirt road that will take you back behind a greenhouse and thats where the party will be. So once on 36 if you pass a bridge, house or any intersecting roads you have missed the pull off. Call is you anyone needs help finding the place (five 02-645-four588 cell).

3-2-1 Polo,


As for paying for the tourney, I'm fronting all the money and you can all settle up on Saturday before the tourney. The estimated value of the prizes for first and second place is over $200.


Hey, I'll be coming down for this and will be needing a team! Anyone wanna make one?

Playing with drew kinney, need a third. eh?

Nice, as Pete (Portland) mentioned in an earlier post we may end up doing a throw in tourney style.
We can have a quick vote on it, but it may make it more fun to play with others and not be swept by P-town or Seattle players. Right now the tournament is set up to have your own teams, but either way it will be fun and competitive. Look forward to everyone one coming down.

If your camping out at the farm, you need to be prepared to rough it (chair, tent, ...). Cooking supplies and firewood will be provided as well as a huge breakfast (Saturday and Sunday morning)

Call when you get in town (five02-645-four588)



i think he was saying bring your team saturday, throw in sunday. no wait you said that? nevermind.

Sacramento Ca will be sending a team! First time in the O-R.

Nice, Call when you get in town (five02-645-four588)

Going to be an awesome weather wise weekend and some good polo.



Looking for a last minute third. Myself and Jess from portland (Arlyn's wife) are teamed up. We'll be at the courts by noon.

We are heading out and rolling deep. eugene, we have you surrounded!

didn't make it... My boss got all his equipment stolen and I've been working without pay since I got back from worlds. He will eventually pay, just not in time.
Sorry guys, LJ especially. Pick Little Joey up from seattle?!
Thieves Suck balls...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Thanks for everyone who showed up!

Congrads to Beer Certificate in a great championship game defeating NoMoComo.


lets see what happened!

1st- Beer Certificate - Drew, Arlyn, Elijah (Portland)
2nd- NoMo CoMo - Vince, Teresa, Pete (Portland)
3rd- Veggie Cleave - Jerry, Kit, Cedar (Portland)
4th- Ashland - Lumberjack, Andy, Lucas (Ashland)

and that's all I can remember. The sportcourt was quite the unique surface. Weather was lovely. Everyone was smiling constantly the entire day. Went to the river on Sunday after Mark served us a farm-fresh breakfast.

thanks Eugene! great polo, farmtastic hospitality. looking forward to Cluster Cluck II.

woadie - would love to have had you join LJ and I, sorry the universe transpired against us this time.

Thanks Eugene, I just want the record to show that I played for Bellingham that tourney. I hope to see a lot more of Oregon since I will be moving down

thanks Eugene for hosting a tourney!! Sorry I couldn't make it. keep hosting....and it will spread to your beautiful city!!!!!!

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