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Fall Ballin' 2010

Saturday, November 6, 2010 - Sunday, November 7, 2010
Host club: 
Court size: 
180x65 hockey rink


We have two great locations, but one is better than the other.

IF IT STAYS DRY, games will all go down at Scadding Court, at the corner of Bathurst and Dundas. We'll split up into two groups of ten teams (morning and afternoon) so no one has to wait too long between games.

IF IT RAINS, we'll need to move over to our backup location at Stanley Park, at the corner of Wellington and Walnut, about 10 blocks south-west of Scadding. If, when you wake up Saturday, it's raining, just go straight to Stanley Park. There are two courts at Stanley, so we won't bother splitting into morning/afternoon groups.

The weather calls for a chance of rain Saturday, so we might play Stanley on Saturday, and Scadding on Sunday. Keep your eyes on twitter.com/bikepoloTO or call/SMS one of the numbers at the bottom. It takes 3 hours to squeegee after the rain.

Here's a map of all events: http://bit.ly/crUEMk


We have awesome sponsors this weekend, you can find most of them on the map at http://bit.ly/crUEMk

Pac Designs www.pacdesigns.com
Mobrobes www.modrobes.com
Zef Bike Co
Jet Fuel www.jetfuelcoffee.com
La Carrera www.lacarrera-cycles.com
Urbaine Cyclist www.ucycle.com
Under The Weather www.under-the-weather.ca
Liberty Street Cyclery libertycyclery.com
The Common Coffee
Cycle Solutions www.cycle-solutions.com
Bikes On Wheels bikesonwheels.ca


It'll be cold. Bring layers, whiskey, a thermos, extra socks, whatever it takes to stay warm and dry. We'll make sure that no one waits more than an hour between games. We're not expecting a ton of rain but you never know. We'll have a few tents in case it does, and we're renting a couple propane heaters.

We'll also have a two huge pots of chili, free for players on Saturday.

If yer from out of town and you don't know where you're staying, contact Shane (416) 274-6389 or chino1945@hotmail.com

9:30am: Pickup polo, registration, free breakfast
10:30am: Tournament starts
8pm: Alleycat
After: Party at Liberty Cycles, Unit 125, 171 E. Liberty St. We'll be selling some pretty cheap beer as a fundraiser for bikepoloTO.

We're going to use Swiss Rounds on Saturday, which is becoming the standard format for polo tourneys. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swiss-system_tournament. Basically, the idea is to get as many evenly-matched games as possible during the qualifying round. Teams with better records play teams with better records, teams with worse records play teams with worse records.


10:30am: Tournament time
We should be wrapped up by about 5pm.

Sunday will be double elimination, probably with the top 16 teams from Saturday. The exact number will depend on the weather.

see you saturday........


Alexandra Park / Scadding Court / Harry Gairey Rink
Bathurst and Dundas
Toronto, ON

Signed up

I will likely be coming in from Winnipeg but I might need a third or even second, not sure yet. Anyone from the big city looking for team?

No worries on finding a third or a team!! We can get one for ya.



3 teams from Montreal, one or two from Ottawa and the Valley, a few from Waterloo, a crew from Winnipeg, which is further away from Toronto than RVA.

The prize pool is getting larger.

Any 'mericans coming?

Right now there is one confirmed Winnipeg team plus two others who are looking for a third. According to google it is a 26 hour drive from my house to the courts. I am getting so stoked about this.

whoa, yall are driving? epic. when are you getting in? there should be room for all the winnipeg kids at mine/leahs place.

My team is driving and my girlfriend is driving out with us to visit her parents near Waterloo. We are planning to get in on Friday night. Hopefully in time for some pick up. Just got Leah's message I will confirm with the guys that are not on my team as to where they want to stay. I think John was saying something today about a sister's house he could stay at. I will let you know.

Registration is now open at http://bikepolo.to, $12 pp in advance, or $15 on the day of.

Check the top of the thread for other details.

Just registered and am far too excited about this.

Air 'N Space Museum is resurrected! TO is about to get hit by some prairie polo


Hey what kind of goals will be used for this tourney? Big Hockey nets, pylons, polo goals?

Registered the Montreal contingent yesterday, we're all quite excited too!

And yes, what are the conditions for this tourney? I just consigned all my "cheater mallets" to the trash just in case anyone gets emotional on me, and would love to know any others rules we should be aware of.

rules/format will be set this weekend, posted on tuesday!!!!


If we play at the originally planned court, we have hockey nets. If we end up re-locating due to rain, pylons are probably the other option.

Can we lean on the hockey nets? I always find it hard not to when they are there.

leaning on the nets will be allowed!!!!



It's not that I want to lean on the nets but rather that when they are big hockey nets I find them in the way. Therefore accidental leaning occurs.

Accidental dab. Get rid of bad habits.

Good logic. I see what you are saying.

if its dry out, we'll be playing at scadding hockey rink, using hockey nets. if we move to our backup court, we' be playing with pylons.
scadding hockey rink is very smooth, but slick!!! our backup court is not as smooth, but great for less than ideal conditions. either way your gonna have fun!!! see ya soon


Im in, might need a third or second, can't wait jiggers !!

Fucking right Obi! Look forward to seeing you there.


Twelve teams registered, room for four more.

here's who's registered, size up your competition eh

1. "Le Bagel" - Aaron, Dan, Allan (MTL/OTT)
2. "Le Smoked Meat" - Jean, Franck, Germain (MTL)
3. "Le Poutine" - Paul, Alex, Stephane (MTL)
4. "Air n' Space Museum" - Eryn, Aren, Aaron (WPG/TO)
5. TBD - Kevin, Maija, Ngaihon (TO)
6. "West Side Maniacs" - Shane, Glen, Navid (TO)
7. "Frankenmarkin" - Frank, Mark, Martin (TO/DEUTSCHLAND)
8. "OMG, double polo, what does it mean" - Mark, John, Simon (WPG/TO)
9. "The Midnight Otters" - Montog, Luke, *Mystery Man* (ARNPRIOR)
10. "Adorable Puppes" - Emily, Aubrey, Trevor (TO)
11. "Hogtown Savages" - Steve, Nick S., Tyler (TO)
12. "Texas Toast" - Donny, Kaiser, Charlie (TX/TO)
13. TBD - Nick muthfuckin' Iwanyshyn, Johnny Crash, Coach (TO/OTT)
14. "The Sea Skippers" - Obi, Ali, TBA (AUSTRALIA)
15. "Squaterloo" - Rob, John, Neill (KW)
16. "Sweet Assassins" - Jeremy, Justin, Dallas (KW)
17. "The Black Hammers" - Ian, Bradley, TBA (TO/GUELPH)

Finally we get someone for The Bagel team to replace Guillaume; it's me Vincent. Thanks to Allan!

Who can forward that to registration?

Obby! John and I need A third.

It's almost starting to look like Triple polo!

OK we have 16 teams. You can fill out the registration form at http://bikepolo.to and get on the waiting list. We may open a few more spots, depending on the weather.

nice :)

One team from Michigan, on the waiting list.





Do any nice people have couches or floors they'd like to share?

Ohhhhhh now i feel dumb there is an address at the top of the page...

Who wants a third? i'm pretty good....

I'd drive up for this. I'll see if anyone else wants to from a2.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

YasMada wrote:

Who wants a third? i'm pretty good....

I'd drive up for this. I'll see if anyone else wants to from a2.

I'll give you a ride from Flint friday night if you're interested.

That would be clutch, you guys coming back on Sunday? when you leaving? I work till 6 on friday, and i've got class at one on monday. If that doesn't work out i can try to swipe my dad's ride. let me know, and i have to confirm that i don't work on saturday. I'll get at you as soon as i know.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

We'll probably be rolling through F-Town around 5 PM. We're leaving Sunday night and riding the daylight savings time train all the way home.

I've got an email into my manager to make sure that i'm not working, i'll confirm that today sometime.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

there's a few teams without a 3rd still and a couple of stragglers who will probably end up forming teams the day of. you should make your way up and we can sort it out @ registration

ok, i've got the wheels in motion. I think i've swindled someone into givin me a ride. I'll do everything i can to get up there.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

well i pulled every string i could and no car came out. sorry guys i'm out, wish i could be there so close and all.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

OK here are the brackets for Saturday


West Side Maniacs Toronto
Squaterloo KW
Alyssa Toronto
Hogtown Savages Toronto
Air'n Space Museum Winnipeg
Midnight Otters Arnprior
Killah Yettis Toronto
Le Bagel Montreal
Le Poutine Montreal
Ratfink Grand Rapids


No Big Deal Toronto
Sweet Assassins KW
Frankenmarkin Toronto
Texas Toast Toronto
Oh My God Double Polo Winnipeg
Le Smoked Meat Montreal
Sea Skippers Australia
10 mile aroma Guelph

We might make some minor adjustments in the morning. be there for breakfast at 10am...

Seeding from today for 16 Team Double Elim Tomorrow
1. No Big Deal TO
2. West Side Maniacs TO
3 OMG Double Polo WPG/OT
4. Air n'space museum WPG/TO
5. Adorable Puppies TO
6. Hogtown Savages TO
7. Sandy Ravage MI
8. Frankenmarkin TO
9. Le Poutine MTL
10. Midnight Otters ARNPRIOR
11. Alyssa TO/OTT
12. Le Smoked Meat MTL
13. Texas Toast TO/TX
14. Panther Shark Turtle AUS/TO
15. Le Bagel MTL
16. Sweet Assasins
17. Squaterloo
18. 10 Mile Aroma
DFL Killah Yettis

No Big Deal Maija/Ngaihon/Kev 1st (TO), West Side Maniacs Shane/Eric/Glen/Navid 2nd (TO), OMGDP Loeppky/Stilwell/Allan A (WPG/OTT) 3rd.

Allan & Maija MVPs.


nice work rep'ing the prairies omgdp

Yeah No Big Deal! Maija, two first places in two weeks! MVP MVP!


Thanks again, so much, to everyone who helped make this idea a reality. Too many people to shout out, local pals who invested time in the planning and organizing, all of our out of town guests and the sponsors.

I am so very glad to be a part of this incredible bike polo family in Toronto, just a bunch of love and good times this year.


Ya another shoutout to our sponsors.

Pac Designs www.pacdesigns.com -- Custom bags
Liberty Street Cyclery libertycyclery.com -- wheelsets and letting us stink up their store saturday night.
Mobrobes www.modrobes.com -- steve carted shit around all weekend and threw down with lots of product.
Zef Bike Co -- awesome hats, more available soon for sale

Under The Weather www.under-the-weather.ca
The Common Coffee
Jet Fuel www.jetfuelcoffee.com
Cycle Solutions www.cycle-solutions.com
Bikes On Wheels bikesonwheels.ca
La Carrera www.lacarrera-cycles.com
Urbane Cyclist www.ucycle.com
Also to our furthest travelled, Obi and Ali who drove from Seattle after last weekend's Emerald Open, and the 6 from Winnipeg who drove 25 hours straight, and then show up to help squeegee the court in record time. We owe you a trip to the peg.

thanks from everyone in Montreal! We had a fantastic weekend and look forward to the next tournament.

25 hour drive! Makes my 8 to Montreal look a bit lame. Bricks will fear the mention of their names.

I can't speak for all the Montreal "foodstuffs", my french is embryonic and they might laugh at me, but a massive thank you is due for TO bike polo. A brilliant tournament, thank you to all of you who made it happen, you're the best kind of people, and on top of that you have some fine polo skills.

Thanks to the lovely Essex Street house for having us in. Your easy hospitality and creativity are the stuff of legend. And thanks to their extended family for, well, just for being yourselves.

It's a small scene here and it's hard to find the measure of ourselves, so whilst we found ourselves coming up short it was a pleasure to find ourselves in a position better than we had imagined against some classy players. Any chance of seeing some final rankings for those of us in the lower ranks? It really helps to have facts and figures when we shit talk each other here...

Thanks too to my Montreal crew for looking after my monolingual kiwi self, and for taking turns sitting next to me, listening to my "wise old man" speeches and odd music choices to help keep me awake as I drove.

La Poutine, cheesy, greasy, plenty sloppy, but you can't help wanting more.

snippyjones wrote:

Any chance of seeing some final rankings for those of us in the lower ranks? It really helps to have facts and figures when we shit talk each other here...

Um, some idiot lost all the paperwork. I'm trying to track it down. i think Le Bagel was tied for 13th (aka last place in 16 team double elim) and the other two teams from MTL were tied for 9th.

So glad you all made it down, we'll be up there next year for sure.

some idiot = me. i think someone else has found it tho


Yes, a huge thanks, to the Toronto crew, for this fantastic week-end of bikepolo !!!!
It was a pleasure to play against all the teams...

Congratulations, No Big Deal for the 1st place.

Thanks a lot and see you next year for sure.

big thanks to TO for making this happen !

It was amazing to meet folks from all over. Special thanks to John and Mark from the peg who made third place possible !
And thanks to montreal for bringing out so many great folks !! see you all in ottawa next season

Also a huge thanks from the Winnipeg crew. I am sure Lep is playing with you right now but Aren and I had a blast. Just got home and am so stoked to have played such wonderful polo this weekend.

great time thanks!!


looks like a great tournament, congrats TO polo

always all day