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Fight for the Golden Spike Utah State Championship Tournament

Saturday, November 17, 2012
Host club: 
Utah Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
one court for tourney action one court for pick up 120'X50'

Utah State Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship Tournament to be held Saturday November 17th at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City UT. Registration will be that morning when we see the whites of your eyes. This is going to be a fundraiser for a lighting project that the B.B.P.C. is working on this winter. We will provide burgers and dogs for lunch and ask that everyone bring a pot luck item to share. Floor space available for any out of town players. Registration starts at 9am with the round robbin starting at 10, the double elimination bracket based off of the morning results will start after lunch. We will use the NAH rules for this tournament. Medals and swag for the top three teams, short of a true blizzard this tournament is happening. Cost to play is $30 per team, individuals ($10) are welcome and we will do what we can to get them on a team. Limit 12 teams.


Liberty Park
1100 South 500 East
Salt Lake City, UT
United States

Signed up

Anybody wanna link up for this?

i would. i don't know if you remember, but i played a little pick up with you at the west side invite.


Nice short notice?

I heard SLC has 2 feet of snow on the ground? What's the predicition for temps this weekend and is there going to be snow on the court?

Vegas may make a showing, we will see what is what...


Two Vegas cats need a place to crash please.


Thanks guys. It was great meeting and playing with you guys.

See you soon!


It was awesome you guys came up, great to meet and cross mallets. We'll have to make plans for more meetings of our two areas in the future.

you betta bring the Heat!

I apologize for the tournament update Fail on my part, I was expecting to see updates show in my email that there was any thread traffic on the post and didn't, it is probably something on my end. It went down and for a last minute thrown together tournament it turned out pretty well. No snow on the court and had temps in the mid 50's so for this time of the year it was great. The short version is the local team "In the Teeth" beat the Vegas team "Multiple Scorgasm" in the finals of the double elimination bracket.
The long version if you care is as follows. I was expecting that it was going to be a locals only event as I said I failed at checking the LOBP thread post. When I rolled up that morning for setup it was cool to see Vegas had made the roadie and we were super excited to have the out of town talent. We had three teams from Salt Lake (In The Teeth, The Ball and Shaft, and Seth and the Southpaws), one team from Ogden (OTown Throwdown) and the Vegas team (Multiple Scorgasm). We got the round robin going and the second game in was "In the Teeth" against "Multiple Scorgasim" in which "Multiple Scorgasm" totally schooled "In the Teeth". Multiple Scorgasm would finish the round robin winning the rest of their games handley. So at the end of the round robin the rankings were Multiple Scorgasim (1), In the Teeth (2), OTown Throwdown (3) The Ball and Shaft (4) and Seth and the Southpaws (5) with the Vegas guys looking like they would walk through the bracket take the swag and hardware and party into the sunset.

So The Ball and Shaft played Seth and the Southpaws in the first bracket game to see which one got to test themselves against Multiple Scorgasm with The Ball and Shaft being the winner. In the Teeth played OTown Throwdown with In the Teeth getting the victory in that game. Then it was Multiple Scorgasm against The Ball and Shaft with The Ball and Shaft drawing first blood but in the end Multiple Scorgasm over powered them for the win. Then OTown Throwdown and Seth and the South Paws met in the first round of the losers bracket with Otown prevailing. Then it was time for the first bracket game between (1) Multiple Scorgasim and (2) In the Teeth this game turned out to be pretty exciting with the game running dead even throughout, one team would score and the other would answer with some crazy intense polo with the game tied at 3's In the Teeth went ahead with just a minute or two on the clock and held on for the win. It was time for OTown Throwdown and Ball and Shaft to decide who was going to continue on, Ball and Shaft put up a good fight but in the end OTown Throwdown came through with the win. Now it was down to the final game of the losers bracket where one would get third and the other would move on to the championship game. Multiple Scorgasim drew first blood and never looked back, to Otown's credit they didn't roll over but never were able to tie the score up once Multiple Scorgasim got the lead. Then it was rematch time for Multiple Scorgasim and In the Teeth and the place was rocking, it was the best local team against the super talented out of town team with each team having one a game against the other. Side note: I have been in the same position Multiple Scorgasim was in on Saturday a couple of times in the limited tourney play that I have done and it is fun and hard at the same time because you of course want to win and the crowd is cheering for the home team. In the Teeth drew first blood with Danny Smith scoring the first goal and scaraficing the body and bike to do it. From there on out it was some crazy intense polo with great saves at goal by Dave and Quaz and Ghabe flying around the open court for Vegas and In the Teeth was doing a good job of rotating there goalies with Danny, Gabe and I all taking a turn. The next goal came for In the Teeth when I stopped one of the many nasty shots by Ghabe or Quaz and was able to get a one on one with Dave and put it in his teeth (bottom bracket shot). It should be noted at this point that the game got pretty jungle polo our ref was not looking for fouls and both sides were playing aggro, one of our spectators mentioned after we went up 2-0 that there was a 2 or 3 minute period where people were crashing all over the place whether it was tired or aggro or both could be debated. I know that I took Dave out with a mallet under his front wheel (which I apologized for at the time it happened) and I got T-boned by somebody and I don't know exactly what else happen during this point of the game but there was a couple of machanical timeouts called on both sides that help bring the aggro down. Multiple Scorgasim was in a tight spot being down 0-2 in a hostile enviroment with the clock ticking after the mechanicals they continued to press but In the Teeth did a good job of pressuring the attackers and not letting them get uncontested shots close to the goal. When another goal coming by Gabe (from the SLC) put In the Teeth squarely in the drivers seat. The final nail in the coffin for Multiple Scorgasim came with a one on one goal I scored against Dave in the final minute of regulation. If you have made it this far in the recap congrats, The 4-0 win for In the Teeth was celebrated by the local crowd and the congradulations and condolences were given by the opposing teams, it might appear that Vegas got thrashed but I think that it can down to we got lucky on a few and they had a couple bounces not go their way and had to play against a rocking crowd fueling us with energy. This is also where I showed my lack of tournament organising skills in that the games for the final losers bracket and final games should have been to 5 or had a 20 minute limit set for them, which they didn't they were still played to the 12 minute limit with time stoppage for the mechanicals but still should have been played to 5 or given more time, so I apologize to Vegas and OTown for not recognizing that needed to happen as you never know with a little more time what might have happened. Major thanks to Vegas' Multiple Scorgasm for making the roadie, and all the locals that showed and made it happen on the short notice.

Thanks Chuck

you betta bring the Heat!

Sounds more like Multiple Chokegasimes.



Tournament reporting FTW!!!

Thanks! Wish I could have been there.

Get your club on here to start lurking so they can join the conversation.

"Polo polo polo"
- LA


We are on here as Utah Bike Polo I think. Like I said in the recap you guys were in a hostile enviroment being the only out of town team and you played well for that kind of situtation. I will push our group to lurk more, I wish you guys would have said that you needed a place to crash, we could have hooked you up, again Fail on my part as host and post manager for the tourney on the LOBP. I promise to do better at hosting next time.

you betta bring the Heat!

I had a blast, I haven't played that rough in three years, I thoroughly enjoyed it. My body still aches. Hopefully we see you guys soon...

Sorry I missed this. Sounded fun, I couldn't get out of work. Hope you all can make it to Vegas

Working on getting a team for Vegas, no promises yet.

you betta bring the Heat!