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FIGHT LIKE HELL! 2 VS 2 Melbournament

2 VS 2 Melbournament 12pm, 5 Sept 09, Princes Hill
Saturday, September 5, 2009
Host club: 
Court size: 
Single basketball court, partly edged, will be supplemented with wood.

In view of keeping our polo skills sharp, and honing our organisational skills for the upcoming Aussie Nats, we announce the FIGHT LIKE HELL! 2 VS 2 Melbournament!

Saturday 5 September 2009
Princes Hill Secondary College (Cnr Paterson and Arnold)
Noon till Dark.

$5 individual entry
Cash Prizes.

All skill levels and bikes welcome.

More details to come.


Princes Hill Secondary College
Cnr Paterson St and Arnold St
North Carlton / Princes Hill, Melbourne, VIC 3054

Signed up

Is that Peter Russell Clarke on top? Wheres the cheese?



Fight Like Hell – Results
Monday, September 7, 2009
Written by Kez
The Fight Like Hell Melbournament was held over the weekend. Seven pairs registered for the 2×2 action:

Stop The Rot (Rob, Scott)
ZQKFX (AJ, Vive)
Wreck n Ruin (Caff, Sam)
Tap Tap (Damon, Ray)
Jailbreakers (Lorry, Paddy)
Borries (Bart, keZ)
We Xpctd Horses (James, Nick)

Abbly supported by the Melbournament mascot, a great day was had by all. A big thankyou to all who turned up TO PLAY (yes, i’m looking at you Pete!), especially to the Castlemaine crew, who proved that living in the sticks is no impediment to playing good polo.


1. Tap Tap
2. Borries
3. Stop The Rot

A more complete roundup will be posted soon!