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Fijate Bike Polo International Tournament

Fijate Bike Polo International Tournament
Saturday, September 29, 2012 - Sunday, September 30, 2012
Host club: 
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Contact info: 
Court size: 
100 feet x 30 feet

Fijate Bike Polo International Tournament in Puerto Rico is open! Tournament dates will be from saturday 29 to end sunday 30 september, 2012.
Come and play Bike Polo to the Caribbean
Swiss round first day, double elimination second day.
More details in the next week...
Registration $ 30.00
1 place $ 300.00
2 place $ 200.00
3 place $ 100.00
and more...

Send your team information to prfixed@gmail.com and be part of "pre-registration":
Team name, player names, contact information, email, phone number, country.

Airplane tickets to Puerto Rico september 27 to october 1 roundtrip:
Fort Lauderdale to San Juan, P.R., from $154.00
Miami to San Juan, P.R., from $186.00
New York to San Juan, P.R., from $246.00
Mexico to San Juan, P.R., from $515.00

Questions .. prfixed@gmail.com


Parque Barbosa, Ocean Park San Juan
Puerto Rico

Signed up

Come play Bike Polo to the Caribbean
In the coming days more details ...
Registration $ 30
1 place $ 300
2 place $ 200
3 place $ 100

A Passage to Puerto Rico could cost $ 150
Questions .. prfixed@gmail.com

Walking distance beach from the court!

I'm looking into plane tickets! Will you be able to offer housing for people?


That's right, we'll be providing housing for Polo Players. All we need is a confirmation just to have an idea how many players are coming over. You (and anyone reading this) can send me an email with your (1) teams name, (2) players name and (3) a confirmation to: joeypomales@hotmail.com / or call me: 787-424-0134 (Joey) / We'll be more than happy to have more people coming from the states (or any other country as well).

PS: Feel free to contact me at any time, and believe me we are throwing a huge party, this Urban Cycling Festival (Fijate 2012 Edition) is GOING BIG, this is the Second Edition and we'll have people coming from NYC for the AlleyCat and Criterium: Chas, Alfred Bobe, JT, Dominican Criss / and Grime Crew is coming too.

Walking distance beach from the court!

Just to make it clear: If you are a US citizen, you don't need to get a Passport to come down here (PR). You'll be in a US Territory, so you won't need a passport, just a valid ID like your driver license.

We already have a team confirmed from FL coming down here, So hurry up!!! ... a Great Weekend for Bike Polo, Bikes and Friends is coming up !

Look out PR,orlando is bringing the heavy hand.we should have at least 2 teams flying in

I don't think we'll have anyone else from Gainesville but I am definitely going. Just need to find a team........

Team Confetti Smugglers is coming to PR!!!! Better step up that rum production, you only have a month and a half to get ready for us!!!

Rolling with OBP see you in San Juan.

Just booked my ticket. Not sure if I have a team though...


i want to go to this so bad!

discount code: azpolo15
for 15% off @ state bike co.

I have tried to email a few times at the address given above about housing and heard nothing anybody have another way to get a hold of these folks?

Peter, just talk to the organizer. He said he will check the email again although he believe already answered all the emails. The tournament is still going, registration will be here and dont be worry about housing. It will be awesome.

Kinda want to go but headed to a wedding that weekend!

Any idea how many teams will be there?

Not sure about how many teams. yesterday i knew about 2 new ones. Kentucky team arrived already!

I am super excited! My plane boards in five hours!

To all visitors thanks for coming and have some good polo with us. Ohio, Pittsburgh, Orlando, Kentucky; we appreciate your effort to make the trip to the island. Luckily you got good weather conditions to go to the beach. Hope to have fun enough to do it again!

Count me in for next year!

discount code: azpolo15
for 15% off @ state bike co.