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Finnish Nationals 2015

Saturday, July 11, 2015
Host club: 
Oulu Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
Two courts, 20m x 40m asphalt

Oulu Bike Polo proudly hosts the 2015 Finnish nationals.

Games played at OBP's home court, The Teukka Stadium.

Tournament is targeted for Finnish teams, but if foreign teams are interested to participate the tournament is possible to be played as open tournament.

For further information, please contact oulubikepolo@gmail.com



Teukka Stadium
Urheilukatu 6

Signed up

Reasons to come to Oulu:
- Two true NAH courts, at least one with hockey boards
- We're the northernmost city IN THE WORLD to play polo
- In July the sun will set at midnight and rise again at 3:00AM, you won't need a light on your bike to ride back from the bar.
- We put mayonaise on our pizzas
- Oulu is the birth place of Air Guitar Championships and IRC
- We are equals, there are about as many female teams in Oulu as there are male teams.

Reasons not to come to Oulu:
- Your bike will be stolen (unless you lock it)
- It is faraway (thus the excotism)
- Alcohol is not cheap (Please, bring some of your national speciality. Unless it's Heineken)

No, absolutely not!!
Even Buzzfeed knows why you should not come to Finland.

First teaser video is out!!

This Finn cannot make it but check this out http://edition.cnn.com/videos/tv/2015/04/28/mike-rowe-bike-polo.cnn

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Team registration is now open.
Please contact oulubikepolo@gmail.com
Registration open until noon on June 18th 2015

Registration closed!

Finnish Championship League:
Polonoskopia, Oulu
Polonium, Oulu
Kaleva Bike Polo Suckers, Tampere
Kotirintamamiehet, Kokkola
TREs Polo Hombres, Tampere
Cogkola Kamikaze Pilots, Kokkola
Barbas i Pojas, Oulu

Ladies Finnish Championship League:
HC Hilarious, Oulu
BÅU, Berlin, Åbo, Uleåborg

Pari Kaljaa Baik Polo Tiim, Tampere

Finnish Championship League results:
1. Kaleva Bike Polo Suckers, Tampere
2. Polonium, Oulu
3. Cogkola Kamikaze Pilots, Kokkola
4. Polonoskopia, Oulu
5. Barbas i Pojas, Oulu
6. Team America - Court Police, Dallas/Pattijoki
7. Kotirintamamiehet, Kokkola
8. Vasemmistohallitus, Helsinki
9. TREs Polo Hombres, Tampere
10. Pari Kaljaa Baik Polo Tiim, Tampere

Ladies Championship League results:
1. HC Hilarious, Oulu
2. BÅU, Berlin/Turku/Oulu

(B-league was not played due to only one interested team)

Some video coverage from the tournament can be found from Oulu Bike Polo's YouTube channel