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Saturday, June 19, 2010
Host club: 
Fort Myers Bike Polo

We are going to have another tournament. We had such a blast with our last tournament want to have another one. We don't plan on getting any sponsors. Just a $3 registration and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will split the cash. Our friend Newman moved to Portland and is coming back for a visit and wanted to get a polo meet set up. June 19th is the date. Get it off and make it. 11am registration. Last call for registration is at noon. If you are 5 minutes late you will NOT be able to register. Sorry in advance. First game at 12:30pm. Any grudge matches want to take place let me know and we can arrange it. Maybe a BBQ too?


Fort Myers Throw in Tournament Fort Myers, FL
United States

Signed up

Same courts?!

is fort myers doing the all florida this year?

it was brought up once before, but we don't really have the courts for that. we only have small tennis courts.

well we now can reserve any courts in fort myers. as long as it's owned by the city of fort myers.


small tennis courts are great, and that's what almost everybody in florida plays on.
the all florida would be in ft lauderdale every year if we held out for hockey courts.
!ft myers for all florida 2010!

x2, also the first ever was in orlando on tennis courts and remains to be one my favorites


tallahassee for 2011! for florida polo founders it'd be awesome to see ya'all host something!