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Going Global : the future of bike polo

Judging by the press attention we get - at least one media outlet is on the court in London every sunday, trying to get to the core of this uber-cool new urban extreme activity - and by the increasing number of players and cities, I think that in a couple of years we'll see Bike Polo at the X-Games or some other highly marketable youth culture gathering.
I looked briefly into entering our team Zombie R.M.Y. into the ECMC Euro tournament next month, and it took only a couple of phone calls to find sponsors ready to fly us there and pay for the whole thing, without them even checking how good our level is (we're mediocre at best). There just seems to be a tremendous interest in the sport from all sides. (note: we're not going - the tournament is on a friday!)
The most likely thing is that a brand - say Red Bull or Boost Mobile or Doritos or Sparks - will start organising a country-wide championship...
What do you guys think?
If I knew how to post a poll these would be the questions:
A -Yes I am for this. We need team coaches too, and a corporate team bus with stickers and spare disc wheels in a trailer.
B -This should never happen. I am a true original free spirit, and Corporate America will not get a piece of me or my tattoos.
C -Bullshit, bike polo will never go big, even the best players can't play at a level that would interest the general public.
D -Sparks??! Did you say Sparks was sponsoring a tournament? I'm in.

I'm wondering where this thing will lead.  It sounds like it's exploding in Europe but it's far from exploding in my area.
As for growth, well, everything goes in waves, it has a ying and a yang.


so let everyone where your area is so we can flood it with polo-istas.  i could look for where you are but it seems easier at this hour to just nag.

Not to mention the Win and the Wang.
I'll be the wang.


I'm a B.  I'd never sell my tattoos.

D D D D D D D D D D D. Oh god jesus i pick D!!!!!

D as long as there's vodka in it, with a bloody chicklet chaser.how much do second hand tattoos go for anyway?   

replace sparks with good, non-fruity beverage (i.e. jameson) and I'm all for D.  I love D when there's whiskey involved.  ooooh yeah, D.




im for d if the is an equally attractive non alcoholic beverage, or eanab for short. hmmm what would be equally attractive as sparks, doug? any ideas?

y'all just wait until i pick you up in the jagermmeister private jet to play tournaments in dubai for entry into the saudi royal family...

i'm not for A but it'd be nice if i had a coach or someone who could watch me and my team play and give me some pointers.

on the other hand, everything i know about bike polo i taught myself, learned from watching others do it, or already knew from growing up playing soccer or from riding a bike 40+ hours a week. (team sports and bike skills) this generation of polo players will be the coaches i guess.

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

Y'all do know that Ben's (Schicago) whole retirement scheme relies on his becoming the first paid commissioner of the world hardcourt bike polo league, right? If we don't push the game into the media spotlight, poor Ben's gonna live out his golden years in a house made of cardboard bike boxes on Lower Wacker Drive.


Chicago Bike Polo 2003-2008

St Louis Bike Polo 2008-now


If by commissioner you mean I'd get to play all the time and still pay my bills, then yes. In fact I want us all to be commissioners. Because otherwise "commissioner" sounds boring and laden with responsibilities that don't have me with a mallet in my hand. 

Most major corporations aside, if someone(s) or some company(ies) wants to throw funds at building a league that will let us all do our thing as we choose, we should give it some consideration.


And just for the record folks, these are the golden years. 



I think the "enab" equivalent to sparks would be Lil Hugs

brought to you by Four, Red Bull and Carl's Jr (they pay me when I say that)

ben by the time we get paid for this, you will be 85, and the little ghetto kids you are trying to recruit will be too old to play. brian from ottawa will probably still be playing however.

I'm all for polo getting big as long as the spirit of the game is preserved. Getting paid might be many years down the road but if if we can get corporate hook ups to cover costs why not. You won't see me wearing a Coca Cola jersey but if Schwalbe want's to pay to have their banner up on the court it doesn't bother me.

The X games is a bit wanky but if it means a bike polo video game where I can finally beat Ballz Deep then I'm all in.


bawaharaharahar kenny, you are the funnest person in east van, especially on the bus to and from seattle and mostly between the two rides.  irving is close competition for funnest when we are there, but you rule north of the border.  except maybe fiona when she's around, i think she has us all beat. 

Roller derby. this sport has made some steps we might one day want to copy. maybe not now, but someday.

indoor courts. think about playing in hocky arenas on a reg basis

paid admission spectators. in NYC it is $20+ to see a match and they fill up

real sponsors. Season/League sponsors not just single events

inner league play. multiple set teams play through out the season

regional play. City winners play other city winners

championship play. Regional winners all match up to see whos the champ

and uniforms

but, as of right now, the roller derby girls in NY do not get paid.  



Doug D

Brooklyn, New York


Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

Windy City Rollers don't either, but I know what you mean about a model program. I've talked to the organisers out here for tips. It's good advice. They're not non-profit either, it's an L.L.C.

We tried to set up a bike polo halftime 6 months ago and it fell through because their insurance wouldn't go for it, even if we had our own, which makes no sense.


Do the roller derby girls get travel expenses paid if they go to other cities for competitions? Because....that would be pretty dope.

Does not apply at Los Marcos Madness


Does not apply at Los Marcos Melee

cheer for the flyers ken, that's all i can say.  think 'simon gagne'.  and truly people, bike polo has roller derby hands down.  even our men are sexier than their chicks. witness:TDP5a 

D would be tight

but fuck it, i vote A, we'll be on espn8, the ocho!

and fuck it again, i will be in a mach 3 commerical with tiger and henry, i shave everyday!

 Honestly, I would love to see the sport blow up. I'd love to be able to travel on someone else's dime. I would not love not being allowed to play in a tournament based on regulations that don't exist right now. This means I enjoy the fact that I could show up at a tourney and more than likely get picked up as a third. I want to be competitive but I want to have fun too.

I don't feel like I have a steady, reliable (travel-wise) team in Richmond. That might change, it might not. I would absolutely consider playing for another city if they asked me. If the sport blows up and Richmond is left in the dust it won't hurt my feelings cuz we will continue to play but you all know it's way more fun when RVA is in town. 

 In regards to the poll I think all four have positive sides.

A - would be nice to have plenty of ready-to-play spare gear and travel arrangments taken care of. eff the coach.

B - See aforementioned effing of the coach. Certain people can't see past their own ass though and that can hurt a team.

C - bike polo is already getting big and the only way the best players are going to entertain the crowd is if they shed some blood (If it bleeds it leads - Journalism 101) or develop special attack finishing moves.  

D - sparks is ok. Dunkin' Donuts would be better.




-Don't bring cake to a donut fight.-

Don't bring cake to a donut fight.

Ian, we always have a spot here in Ottawa for you. We are currently looking for a waterboy/equipment manager. How do you feel about cleaning my underwear and Robbies chamois? 


a terrible job, alexis soils his pants on the court constantly and robbie has no bladder control...

I'm a B person usually, but replace 'Sparks' with Pabst or White Castle, and I could be a D man.

{}------- lexington -------{}

{}------- lexington -------{}

We had a taste of the future at the London Tourney this weekend, and it's bright and BIG!
Brooks giving 93+ saddles to all the entrants was just a teaser of things to come I think.

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PARIS: http://panambikepolo.blogspot.com/