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Disk Wheels

Why do you guys use them, and how are you making them?

because there idots and they care more about style than function, except meg, she uses cloth tied between the spokes, wich doesnt have anywhere near as much drag and all the style.


They are used to protect your spokes from mallet strikes, to deflect balls better, as a display surface for your creativity, and to a lesser extent to dribble behind without the player on your non-mallet side being able to see the ball. If everyone on a team used same-colored ones, it'd be easier to find your team mates with your head down.

The best material is cloroplast. A brand name for corrugated plastic. It's what most large yard and fence political signs are printed on, so there is plenty available for free this year.


The wheel takes a whole lot less damage when disked.

From mallets or all types of damage.  I don't get many mallets in the spokes, but in a pile up I'll get in bike to bike impacts it'll get knocked wonky.  My rear wheel is in need of some attention after playing last night.


all types

someone created a pretty good how-to somewhere. link?

Uh, yeah, it's been on my site since the get go. http://www.hardcourtbikepolo.com/?page_id=56 right next to how to build a mallet. good way to get me to participate in this forum thingy Kev

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

that worked way faster than i was expecting.

So that we can make Ben H. look like a style-less, saucony wearing moron.

their primary use is to strenghten your forearms whilst driving over bridges on windy days


Love how, when riding on the street with a disked wheel, you can feel the change in air pressure every time a vehicle passes you. Or how you can be cruising along and a sudden but very slight gust change move your whole front end. wheee

Everybody seems to mention mallets in spokes, but nobody has mentioned yet that a nice hard slap shot can bend and break spokes as well. My front wheel has no disk, but it also has hardly any spoke tension left. Once I stop being lazy and tension it, I have some coroplast cut and ready to go on.

slapdick bike polo - washington dc

my bike fixes itself between polo matches, so i dont see the benifit of the disk
if your wheel is fucked and missing spokes then and only then can you bescored on threw the wheel. but ive never lost a game to it.

My wheel has all 32 spokes, but if you take a hard enough shot at the proper angle, you can get lucky and have the ball make it through.
But my wheel isn't 3 cross...

slapdick bike polo - washington dc

I dont think ive noticed any wind push during games... only on the way to polo does the wind mess with me a bit, and since i put a  disk on i haven't broken any spokes which is a for sure positive.
no dice nyc...MKE!

peeps who play with two disc wheels: that's gotta be a bitch if even the slightest breeze kicks up.

i use my polo bike to get to school aswell as polo so i only have a disc in the rear to hard to steer otherwise.

I've put many a ball through spokes, scored a few. Even through 36spoked wheels. I've broken spokes with a ball and had spokes broken, mostly snapped nipples.

I've used a disc a few times on the front and never really suffered any damage despite blocking hard shots with it. I'm gonna go for a disc front and back, that way my forearms will be MASSIVE from driving over the bridges on a windy day... Then I'll vomit on them so they're not so pretty and fashionable.

London, UK.

do you all use the heavy white horse polo balls in London?  i played with one of them yesterday in paris, it seems like they would take out a lot of spokes, especially off a slapshot. 

kev wrote:

do you all use the heavy white horse polo balls in London? i played with one of them yesterday in paris, it seems like they would take out a lot of spokes, especially off a slapshot.


Yes mate, our balls are harder than yours. 

London, UK.



i almost prefer when people take the disc thing less serious, and instead of coroplast or fancy plastic, they just use a pizza box or DHL envelope.

now that's class

One of the Ottawa players uses KISS album covers

nice. Has anyone thought of whether cutting holes in the discs would lessen the wind problem? Or would this damage the structural integrity such that they would be more of a hindrance than a help? Obviously you'd cut them to be smaller than a ball or mallet head, but if you put a good few in all the way around, like many of us do for mallets, it might help.

If you try puttin' holes in a corplast disc it'll prolly whistle and sound like a spaceship!

I'm trying to figure out how to do that exact thing for my mallet! I figure that if you cut holes on the sides the right shape they will whistle on hard shots - screaming mallets! but I haven't had any luck yet. Maybe I'll just install a cap gun inside so it bangs really loud ly instead...

You, my friend, are ready for Los Marcos.


Chicago Bike Polo 2003-2008

St Louis Bike Polo 2008-now


one can get ready for los marcos? fuck. i need to keep my job. now that i know there are things i can do instead of working i will probably be fired. thanks lucky, thanks for nothing.

ill make one with holes in and tell you if it worked well

I just played with a disc wheel (front and back) for the first time at the NSPI and I have no doubt that my spokes would have been destroyed by the end of that tourney without them.

If you'd stop putting your wheels in front of peoples shots you wouldn't have that problem. 

I've been meaning to disk my wheels, waiting to dumpster dive some corrugated plastic. No one in LA has polo disked wheels as far as i know