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New Wool Hats for Winter '09

New Wool Hats for Winter '09

Look how cozy Zach looks in his matching hat and beard! I just finished sewing some lovely reversible woolly hats. There's a color to match every beard!
Check them out!

Britt has one. I have one (minus earflaps). You should have one too.

I was checking this out the other weekend ... pretty spiffy! i think i'll go see if any of them match my beard.

But... but... but how did you know my weakness was brown wool caps? Can we talk itchiness? Estimated itch-factor on a dome that sports little to no hair?
My wallet stands at the ready, fifo.

PS. "A color to match every beard." ha ha... ohhh it's true.

Very nice! I am puting your link on my Christmas list.

Thanks can't wait to get mine in the mail. It gets cold as shit in Minneapolis.

I'm interested, but how's this feel under a helmet? Seems like it has a low enough profile to still be comfortable under there...

Pullman/Moscow Bike Polo

Pullman/Moscow Bike Polo

just got mine yesterday and it fits great under a helmet! Get one!

hey fiona, i'm coming to NYC in December..save me a small one! I love my grey/yellow one, so may just have to branch out into other colours!


Your hats are awesome. I have a kind of big noggin, yet your hat is so comfy on it. Can't wait for the cold to really try it out.

get some to the west coast for the victoria tournament in dec! not that we really need warm wooly hats out here, but hey, they look spiffy!

serious best hat ever. fits amazingly and comfy and warm. many compliments on this bad boy already.
fiona = da bomb. ya'll need ta recognize!!!