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Hey, everybody. I have new old stock mr. crud chain tensioners. Timmy from 818 polo said these might be useful for y'all, so here I am. two colors, $21 shipped depending on where you are. paypal: mmacedaspam@gmail.com

dcd mr. crud chain tensioner


race pile

sweet.. i just got one from tim 818

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That is definitely an OG part. I haven’t seen those in like ten years. If these will be available at the Pic Nic I will get one.

I had two of these on at least three different mountain bikes back when they were new. I remember wearing through the pulley on one of them I had it on there for so long, eventually replacing it with an orange roller from a chainguide or something. If I remember right it didn't do anything other than make my bike sound like a truck.

Its designed to be used with gears. Back in the day when your fully rigid bike would bounce down the mountain, this device kept the chain from falling off. I had one on my first mtn bike, and yes its loud as hell.

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Do you still have these?