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Durable fork for a keirin polo bike

Durable fork for a keirin polo bike

I am starting a build up on a keirin frame and need advice from the community. I'm looking to find a 1" threadless fork with cantilever posts that will accept a 700x32 tire (ideally under $120). Suggestions?

Thank you!

surly long haul trucker fork is the only 1" i can think of that has cantis.

I saw that (and the Crosscheck fork), do I need to worry about the fork snapping at the mid-blade eyelets?

Worth it.

I would just go with a fork off a hybrid. It'll be plenty durable. There aren't many options in 1 inch diameter.

The long haul trucker only comes in a 1 1/8 flavor. I think you are thinking about the Surly Cross Check. But I think it'd be the same as a fork off a hybrid, not particularly stronger. I'd worry more about the angle of the headtube and how that will effect handling with a new fork. The option to weld some canti posts on a track fork is always there. It would maintain the handling characteristics at the cost of durability.


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Olsen Aviles

oops, you're right, cross check not trucker.

also if you're going the route of welding i'd suggest more of a fixed frestyle fork like the lurker fork from grand royal over a true track fork for durability.

keirin frame... why? why not just flip that thing or build it up as a track bike and get something more reasonable for polo? one inch is a bottomless pitt. i wouldn't even fuck with it. i'm sure addison would let you borrow his old 700c bike with the 26" front wheel.

carve. smash. eat shit.

check out the all city big block fork, fits 32s and has held up reasonably well for me for a year @ 1" - you would be stuck w/ caliper brakes though.

Good lord man change your name already.
Also, forget the canti posts, just brace them on.
Big block fork+a little time at Blue City seems the best option.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

Big Block forks are 1 1/8"

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

YasMada wrote:

Big Block forks are 1 1/8"

unless they stopped producing it, it comes in 1 inch. i just check qbp and it's there, just on back order.

whoa, didn't know. looks like the 1" version is back in stock estimated February first. I was basing that on my Big Block that has a 1 1/8" heat tube.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.