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origin 8 fork


has anyone had any experiance with this fork?
it has a 393mm axel to crown and it has a 35mm rake so the geo looks good for polo
it has no brake mounting options but i can braze on what ever brake bits i need so thats not a issue.

you can get the origin 8 cromo lite disc fork with excellent dimensions as well. someone in LA broke theirs but at least 4 seattle players have been using this fork with no issues since.


Well i bought the fork i mentioned above and the toe overlap is quite extreme more like foot overlap, so i don't think it will work with my current setup (51cm scrambler with 700cx32 tires, 170mm crank arms, spd pedals) I've seen scramlers with short rakes forks before and haven't heard much about extreme toe overlap. Has anyone had any luck putting 26" wheels on the scrambler? I know it will lower bottom bracket height but pedal strike is probably less likely than wheel bite at this point.

Guy in our club runs a pake rum runner with a Fixcraft fork and 26x1.25 in the front. He seems to like it, but I think there is such a thing as too steep of a headtube angle even for bike polo.

No issues with pedal strike or toe overlap for him.

I think pedal strikes over toe-overlap is the lesser of two evils personally. I have a joust with 165 cranks and spds and I managed to pedal strike with that setup.


yeah, it drives me crazy to see bikes with two different sized wheels. I threw some 26" wheels front and rear with 1.5 tires and the clearance is perfect, the bike maybe a inch closer to the ground now and i dont seem to notice a difference just riding around.

I dont think that pedal strike is that much a issue now that we no longer play fixed with big ole platform pedals.